Resilient Design for Waterfront Buildings: Prevent Another Great Flood of 350


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In our radically changing world, how can buildings and infrastructure be designed to both protect the environment and withstand it?

Focusing on implementing resilient design principles to develop upcoming projects that respect and respond to the environment around them is a great way to start.

Because protecting the living is just as important as protecting nature.

It’s time to look at the big picture. We are all connected, what we do in one part of the planet impacts other parts. As designers, Forms believe that we have a responsibility to protect both our client’s interests and the environment.

Why is resilience important?


With the entire population of Kerala (and most of India) living on the coast, it’s no surprise that sea level rise is and has been one of the highest profile environmental topics.

2018 is the hottest year ever on record, we all remember vividly what happened on 9th August 2018 and on the days followed. It was the worst flood in Kerala with 350 deaths reported all over the state, after the great flood of 99 when the Periyar River flooded in the month of July 1924.

In terms of resiliency, this means that environmental changes are impacting our state right now, not just in the future.

In the face of increasingly extreme weather conditions from the flood, to drought, to intense storms, resilient design principles guide a holistic approach that protects the client investment and the environment in any location around the world.

Preparedness, responsiveness and resilience have a lot in common.

As leading architects and engineers, implementing a resilient design enables ‘Forms Builders’ to prepare our clients with facilities and infrastructure that can respond and adapt to current and future conditions and events.

Sustainable design principles are inherent in the resilient design, as minimizing additional environmental impact and protecting our limited natural resources are tenets of the practice.

How do we implement a resilient design?

Concept of a new residential block in the new location. Buildings doodled on a real meadow

Projects designed with resiliency at the focal point involve close coordination between all architectural and engineering disciplines and feature a balanced, sustainable approach to mitigating future risks.

We recommend beginning the design process with a risk assessment, which helps clients and design teams evaluate the probability of a variety of future risks and establish corresponding design priorities. The design process should incorporate both layout and material safeguards against natural and manmade events.

Evaluating environmental risks and setting up client priorities during the discovery phase forms a strong foundation for a successful resilient project. For example, critical facilities such as hospitals, police stations, emergency centres, and military installations cannot lose power. We must place emphasis on the location, protection, and set up of building systems and generators.

Other ongoing projects may have different priorities for reasons ranging from function to location, such as a drought-prone region’s emphasis on minimizing water use and protecting freshwater resources.

In other words, resilient design of properties marries the best of common sense engineering with sustainability. ‘Resilience’ wasn’t yet a buzzword in the architecture and engineering community for the longest time, and there were no standards for resilient design, yet today well-executed resilient principles should become our top priority.

The focus should be on sustainable design objectives from the beginning, with a vision to exemplify the highest and best practices of coastal design that are sustainable and practical.

According to the Resilient Design Institute (RDI), there are certain principles that need to be followed to realize a resilient building structure.

  1. Resilience transcends scales– Strategies to deal with resilience apply at scales of individual properties, communities, and bigger regional and ecosystem scales; in addition, they apply at different time scales, from immediate to long-term.
  2. Resilient systems provide for basic human needs– These consists of potable water, sanitation, energy, livable conditions (temperature and humidity), lighting, safe air, occupant health, and food; these ought to be equitably distributed.
  3. Diverse and redundant systems are inherently more resilient– Numerous diverse communities, ecosystems, economies, and social systems will respond better to interruptions or change, making them inherently more resilient. Whereas sometimes in conflict with efficiency and green building priorities, redundant systems for such requirements as electricity, water, and transportation, improve resilience.
  4. Simple, passive, and flexible systems are more resilient– Such systems are a lot more resilient than complex solutions that may break down and need ongoing maintenance. Versatile solutions are able to adapt to ever-changing conditions both in the short- and long-term.
  5. Durability strengthens resilience– Strategies that increase the durability will enhance resilience. Durability involves not solely building practices but also building design (beautiful buildings will be maintained well and last longer), infrastructure, and ecosystems.
  6. Locally available, renewable, or reclaimed resources are more resilient– Relying on copious local resources, such as solar energy, annually replenished groundwater, and local food provides bigger resilience than dependence on nonrenewable resources or remote resources from far away.
  7. Resilience anticipates interruptions and a dynamic future– Adaptation to a dynamic climate with higher temperatures, intense storms, sea level rise, flooding, drought, and conflagration is a growing necessity, whereas non-climate-related natural disasters, such as earthquakes and solar flares, and anthropogenic actions like terrorism and cyberterrorism, also demand for resilient design. Responding to change is an opportunity for a great variety of system enhancements.
  8. Find and promote resilience in nature– Natural systems have evolved to attain resilience; we are able to enhance resilience by relying on and applying lessons from nature. Schemes that protect the natural environment enhance resilience for all living systems.

  9. Social equity and community contribute to resilience– Strong, culturally diverse communities where people know, respect, and take care of each other will fare better during times of stress or disturbance. Social aspects of resilience are often as important as physical responses.
  10. Resilience is not absolute– Recognize that progressive steps can be taken and that total resilience in the face of all situations is not possible. Implement what is viable in the short term and work to achieve greater resilience in stages.

How to make your home New year ready

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With new year around the corner, everything is new in your life. From new dresses to new utensils we want everything afresh. Even our homes can be decorated in a new way to welcome another bright year ahead. And with a New year comes new creative decorating ideas. Some designs to watch for in 2019 are:

Craftsman Lighting Fixtures


Most people who are buying homes from different properties in thrissur focus more on natural elements than expensive ones because they prefer natural space for themselves rather than a tech savvy space. This includes lighting of your home. Include artisan lighting fixtures to make your home naturally bright.

Create a Natural Ambience


People prefer using natural elements like copper,stone, granite compared to the most sophisticated materials to decorate homes. By adding a touch of copper or granite the ambience of your home will be serene and also little bit of organic touch to it.

Velvet Furnishings


A home without furniture is something we cannot imagine to be true. Many types of fabrics are used in our sofa seaters but this New year try velvet fabric on your sofa seater to make it look stylish and neat. The Furnished homes of ongoing villa projects in trichur come with beautiful velvet sofa seaters which are comfortable and elegant.

Floral patterns for walls


Decorating walls of your home is something one cannot skip on. Especially with beautiful wallpapers. Imagine using Floral design on your wall,it will be a soothing visual treat. Developers in Thrissur suggests the Use of floral designed wallpapers on the walls of any room of your home to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Copper Accents


Early 2018’s we had the trend of using Rose gold for rooms. In 2019 we will see the use of Copper accents to the rooms to make it feel earthly. With copper and the mixture of other metals, copper accented walls are one of the upcoming trends followed by Ongoing and completed villas in trichur.

Lavish Color palette

Rich color palette are used for decorating the walls beautifully and bring out the beauty of the usually dull furniture. You can use dramatic red, bold yellows and organic greens to paint your walls to make it look stunning and to give your room a rich look.

Designing the decor using Brass accent

For designing the interior decor people are going for brass instead of nickel and steel. Because brass is more delicate and warm. They are also good alternatives for Steel accent.

Use of Black & White in Decor


Use of Black & White for the interior decor has become more common phenomenon nowadays. The contrast appeal of these colors have made the designers want to experiment the color combination more often.

Millennial pink or blushing pink Decor

Millennial pink more commonly known as blushing pink is widely used in the Home decor and Fashion. But the year 2019 will see more creative use of this color in the interior decor. As it helps in creating more space in your room.

Use of Red in interior Decor


Apart from other warm colors red is the most fiery and warmest color as well. The use of red in interiors have made the home look more inviting. Amongst the red color family, tonal red is the color that has a complementing and contrast affect on the interior.

Blend of shapes and patterns

Shapes and patterns have been the architect’s best friend. The geometric patterns have been part of the interior designing for homes in thrissur for long now but in the year 2019 we will see the new version of the pattern designing with the use of bold colors. This way your home will look updated to a new transformed home.

Concrete Accents


The concrete accents are in use for interior decor of most the homes in the completed Villas projects thrissur. In 2019 we can see more of concrete accents in most of the homes. Best villas in Thrissur have designed their interior spaces like Kitchen tops and sinks mostly using the concrete accents.

Vintage lighting

Beautiful lights that has an antique touch to it are used by many people to give their home a vintage feel. In 2019 we will see the use of beautiful antique lightings which were quite a popular trend in earlier centuries like 18th century.

Hence these are some of the ways to make your home New Year ready and make it look futuristic.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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Most people when they think about buying a home they have to go through many hurdles. To know whether the home is designed as per you aesthetics, whether it is child friendly, or whether the home is safe for you and your belongings. But what many us often neglect is that whether our home is pet friendly. Especially people who love having a pet at their home should never let this slip from their mind. Because if you wish to own a gorgeous pet or in other words own a true friend in animal make sure that your home is pet friendly or else your cute pet be it a a dog or cat will flee from you the moment it feels unwelcome at home.Builders in Thrissur are coming up with homes which are not only customer friendly but also pet friendly as well. These are some of the ways to make your home friendly for pets. They are:

Always go for fur free fabrics

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Imagine your sofa upholstery fabric is velvet and have a large friend always roaming around your home there is high chance for you pet to climb on it. And if it climbs on a velvet fabric next time you sit on it then the sofa will be full of your furry friends hair. It can be dangerous if it is accidently swallowed by the you or you family. So get leather or synthetic fibers for your sofa. This way your best buddy can enjoy a good evening with you.

Furniture not toy for your furry friend

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Everybody loves to have wooden furnitures that are compact and look stylish when kept in a corner or centre of your room. Your excited puppy will see it as its teething toy. So make sure you keep metallic furnitures instead of usual wooden furniture . This will make your pet stay away from the furniture from teething them. Best villas in thrissur have homes that are already furnished using metallic furnitures which makes their home stand out from others and also gives its customers the benefit of doubt on whether they are safe for pet or not.

Clean flooring

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You go for walking with your furry friend during a rainy muddy day and the moment your pet comes inside the home it starts playing with its muddy paws and there! your beautiful tile becomes dirty and also dented. Avoid putting tiles that are easily scratchable or dentable. Use ceramic tiles for flooring and not hardwood tiles. Premium builders in trichur suggests the use of ceramic tiles and other non dentable tiles for flooring which will good finish to the floor and will be safe for your pet as well.

Ultimate playzone for your pet

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Normally we don’t think about having a separate space for our pets to play and roam around. They play on our sofa and in and around our rooms and at the end of the day our home is a mess. Ensure that your pet has its own space to roam around and play. This way your home is neat and tidy. Contemporary villas in thrissur have separate space at indoors for your pet to play

Spotless Kitchen

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We tend to keep the doggy food and container openly in our kitchen without realising the fact that our furry friend can just barge in and climb on the kitchen counters to have food and water. This will make your kitchen dirty. At the same time if you place the doggy food container and water in a corner of the kitchen your pet can come have its food and water whenever it wants without your kitchen being dirty.

Furry Walls

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When you are planning to bring home a pet make sure that even the walls are painted pet proof. You can give satin or semi-gloss to your walls. Because
highly textured walls are attracted by friend’s furrs even if it is not scratching itself on the wall. Best villa builders in thrissur provides its customers with homes that have satin finished walls which are both beautiful in appearance and also pet safe.

Comfortable sleep setting for your pet

Builders in Thrissur

If you can have a good comfortable mattress for yourself so can your pet. Afterall your big friend will need to lie on a more comfortable space after its
daily run and activities. And if your pet’s sleeping space is small and congested it will obviously grab your spot on the bed.

Mudroom space

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Just imagine the scenario where your puppy goes to play outside in an open field and the moment it gets back home it will just want to pounce on your sofa. And if this happens your whole living room becomes muddy. So in order to avoid such situations provide you pet with an entryway door and and entrance space for it to dry off and then clean its feet before it enters the living room.

Window treatments

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Any pet would love to peek out of the window and enjoy the sunny day outside. Imagine if your furry friend who wants to view through the window is no able to do so because the covering/blinds of the window is blocking its view. To ensure your pet’s view is not interrupted use lightweight fabrics or sheer materials as blinds of the window. This will make your big friend happy.

Dog proof Trash cans

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Most of the animals especially pet animals love to invest in the trash that you throw away. And at time we are so negligent to just close our bins that the pets just throw the waste all around your room. But this can be avoided by keeping trash cans that can be open with a click of your feet and after the trash is thrown it closes automatically.

Keep dangerous plants away

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People love to keep plant indoor basically in their rooms, kitchen etc. Be it herbs or other plants in general you ensure that is safe for you and your family. Similarly ensure these plants that you keep are safe for your pet. Because a slight allergy can put your pet in distress. So steer clear from harmful plants.

Healthy chew toys

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Chew toys are always the favorites of pet animals especially puppies. They also have a habit chewing anything and everything which can be quite dangerous. Ensure your puppy a healthy chew toy that it can enjoy throughout the day.

Remove dangling wires

In most of the homes dangling wires are a cause of concern to your safety. When it comes to your pet it is even more dangerous as they have the habit of chewing things. An accidental chew of the dangling wire can even put your pet’s life in danger.

Great outdoor

Builders in Thrissur

Have you ever imagined how much outdoor space your pet requires to enjoy its day ? Most of us have always jumped the gun and assumed that our pet requires only a limited space. But this is not true pets need vast outdoor space for them to play limiting the space will suffocate it. So ensure sufficient outdoor space for your pet. This will make them cheerful and homely. Contemporary designed villas in thrissur come with great outdoor spaces with beautiful gardens where your pets can have a wonderful day by roaming around or simply relaxing by viewing the greenery in peace

Hence, these are some of the ways by which we can make our home pet friendly. People who are planning on having a pet of their own must ensure that there will be sufficient safety, space, etc for your furry friend to feel lively and homely.

Safety items you should have at your home

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When you buy a home apart from all the necessary items for your home it is essential to ensure that you have some safety items at your home. Because you never know when there will be an accident or hazard and when you will need a safety equipment. So make sure you have the necessary safety equipment handy at your home. According to popular  builders and developers in Trichur, here are some of the safety items one should keep in count at their home. They are:

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  • Fire extinguisher

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The first thing you should have at home in case of emergency is a fire extinguisher. Not every time you will get the chance to use your blanket to stop the fire. An extinguisher will help you with this. For instance an unexpected fire accident wakes you up in the middle of the night a fire extinguisher can help you extinguish the fire in seconds. So first equipment you need to have in the safety items is a good fire extinguisher.

  • First-Aid kit

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Once the fire extinguisher is made sure in your list of safety items next thing in the list should be a first-aid box/kit. Especially if you have a child at you home you top priority should be having a first-aid box as you never know when he/she will get hurt and if you have first-aid kit handy then all is well! Also the having a first-aid kit is equally good for your other family members as well because an accident is something which can happen with anyone. So second item to be added to the checklist is a First-aid kit.

  • Smoke alarm

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Another item to kept in your home is a proper smoke detecting alarm. Make sure the smoke alarm is set at home in such a way that you are able to get a quicker signal of any sort of smoke. For example, if you are having smoke due

to say a short circuit at your home and you are unaware about the problem the smoke alarm can alert you with it loud noise. But if you prefer soundless alarm then connect  the alarm with your smartphone and there ! you will get instant alert in your fingertips. Either way you can ensure the safety of yourself and your belongings. Smoke alarm checked! Most Villas in Thrissur have smoke alarm or detecting equipment already built in them.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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Similar to smoke alarm or detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are also an important safety item which helps in checking the levels of toxins present in your home. The detector warns you about excess harmful toxin levels in your home and it alerts you with the same without any delay. Premium villas in Thrissur come with carbon monoxide detectors in-built in their homes.

  • Contact list of Emergency numbers

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Apart from the equipments for safety one should also have emergency contacts as part of other items. Because emergency doesn’t come with prior notification If it has to happen it will happen and that too unexpectedly. During such uncalled situations if you have emergency numbers of you parents, doctors, poison control etc no matter what the situation is you will have it in control.

  • Deadbolt locks

Builders in Thrissur Town

Locks are another important part of safety items that you need give more focus on when you buy or build a home for you. A proper lock is what secures your safety and of you belongings as well. Fix a deadbolt lock on your door which is more durable and strong. So fifth and the most important item to be included in the safety items is deadbolt locks. Many Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur have these deadbolt locks on their front doors.

  • Wi-fi Thermostat

Builders in Thrissur Town

Having a wi-fi thermostat at your home is good for saving your energy costs, maintaining the heating and cooling system  and by keeping track of your energy use. It is safe for your home heating control even when you are away from home. Almost all the completed Villas projects in Trichur have wi-fi thermostat in already installed in them.

  • Disaster management kit

Builders in Thrissur Town

Most important item to include in your safety item is a complete disaster management kits. Especially with the current adverse climatic situation every household should include a disaster management kit which includes:

  • Non-perishable food for you and your family for atleast 3 days.
  • Water a gallon for a few days.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • An extra cell phone battery.
  • Candles and safety matches.
  • A battery powered radio for getting weather updates
  • Sensor lights

Builders in Thrissur Town

Motion sensor lights are another item to be included in your safety items list. These lights can help you in two way,one for you to find your way in the night and two, for keeping a check on unnecessary intruders. Sensor light works like a pro when an intruder is breaking into your home it automatically the light light burns bright and you get instant alert of the intruder.

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters

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Installing ground fault circuit interrupters will help you to safeguard against the electric hazards caused by the electric circuit coming in contact with water. This can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom and if possible laundry room. Make sure you have GFCI in your home. Most premium builders in thrissur have ground fault circuit interrupters installed in kitchen or in the outdoors of the garage.

  • Window guards

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Normal windows are not enough for saving your child from a fall or from intruders. Fix window guard along with your window to make it double secure. Window guards allows you child to hold  on to it to avoid the fall and also steers the intruders away. Premium builders in Trichur come with already built window guards in their homes.

  • Home security system

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Home security systems like burglar alarm system, cctv cameras etc are essential for security of a home. With proper burglar alarm you can automatically know about the unnecessary intrusions. Make sure you install a good quality home security system to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. In built home security system is common in most of the independent villas in Thrissur.

  • Sprinkler systems

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Having a sprinkler in your home is the best way to safeguard you from emergency situations like sudden short circuit, fire etc. it automatically sprinkles water to subside the intensity of the accident and you can move to a safe place with the sprinklers alerting you while your home is been taken care of by the fire fighting department regarding unexpected fire or the electricity department in case of short circuits.

  • Socket covers for plug sockets

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When you have a baby that too a little naughty one keeping socket covers in plug sockets is optimum. Because there is a high chance for kids to play with the uncovered sockets and if accidentally he/she puts their finger in it there is a chance of electric shock as electricity is constantly running through the interior of the socket even if its unused.

Hence these are some of the safety items every home should be stocked with. And people who buy new homes should ensure that they have these safety equipments in handy as you never know when a crisis arise and you will need these items. Because we all know that danger comes uninvited and unexpectedly.

3 Instant Tips to make your Villa Interesting

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Homes or villas are the places that usually people take as a place for relaxing. The major three tips that can mimic to make your villa interesting are; planning for outdoor dining rooms, making outdoor fireplaces, and building charming rock walls. Now, let’s see three of them in detail.

<>Premium Villas Images of Trichur

Premium Villas Images of Trichur

Outdoor dining rooms

It is quite natural that people living in a fast-paced Hi-Tech world choose to build their dream heaven without that can possibly reconnect with nature and social life. For this the best ways to bring your home a backyard Oasis, perfect for a night party or as a relaxation mini area. We, Forms builders offer premium luxury villas in Thrissur. We build experienced architect designed villas at Thrissur, therefore, offering you every chance to customize the properties in Thrissur by preparing your stylish dining rooms outdoor. While choosing the most luxurious products for your new villa, we, Forms builders, best builders in Thrissur brings the indoors outside without pleasing dining area design. Whether elegant or rustic, no matter the design pattern you choose. But always bring home the best in the market and the best for your mind, after all, it is built for you and family. Therefore your outside dining area should be with the same level of gorgeousness and comforts as those you set inside.

There are wide options for choosing your dining tables. You can consider the opting glass, wood, concrete etc. Anything that suits the space can be taken in. Remember, this is a place that you dream to set some dinner parties for your friends and relatives. So avoid unnecessary decoration patterns those which exhaust too much of your available space.

Mixed materials are too much in the market this year. Therefore try choosing some copper chairs featuring a wooden table with concrete designs invaded in it. If your plan of reserving your area for a future long late night dinner party, then choose chairs like wicker adorned having fabric touch cushions. If the table you imagine to set as a simple provider to hold for people to take a bite from it and jump into the pool, then more sleek and ultra minimal style would be more than enough. Make your outdoor area as comfortable and appealing as your indoor area. Developers in Thrissur avoid old tables for furniture. Add garden chair cushions with large chairs to make them more comfortable. Append a pair of outdoor armchairs and a coffee table for relaxing in.

While opting for an outdoor dining area ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur considers lots of factors. Planning a door ideally from the kitchen will make it easy for transporting dishes and food in and out. Also, consider natural factors like wind and sun while planning with outdoor dinings. Consider privacy if you are living in a neighbourhood area. Choose flexible designs for furniture and chairs to fit for every age groups. Teak and powder coat steel is best suited for such furnishings because they are weather resistant and low maintenance.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fixing an authentic outdoor fireplace in your home is better than living in a normal house. Fueling the fire with the outdoor room boom fireplaces continue to grow in popularity. Not just fire pits in their outdoor living rooms, homeowners of houses in Thrissur are now demanding fireplaces in their house. Independent villas in Thrissur create a certain ambience that surrounds an outdoor fireplace. This will be a relaxing area for guests which encourage conversation and sooth the soul. To avoid costly mistakes be sure to educate yourself on the proper construction techniques.

Shivering in the cold wind during the winter season, the furthest innovation from you mind would be to add a fireplace as an accessory. This becomes a star feature when your guests admire you for it. But before that, you have to keep in mind about the right fireplace design to match the overall design, going in the same line till the end. Rather than just facilitating a feature to your home, it should add something in addition to your design. There are places where you can make decisions about the type of materials used to build the fireplace, extending to the size required.

Do you wish for a place in the centre where people can roast wieners and mores? Or you need a place where everyone can sit around and sing a melody with a guitar? Do the climatic conditions in your location needs more importance in providing heat than just a design? These all are the important facts to be considered before starting the construction. Designs vary from a fire pit to a dedicated fireplace build with a sound surrounding designs with stones and rock. Thus the actual need is in the minds of the owner. Villas in Kerala choose the best that suits your imagination.

Charming Rock Walls

Choosing a stone that does the double duty is a wise option. That is serving as a garden border or patio and extra backyard seating. Cast concrete blocks are good to look uniform around a patio. Building a retaining wall with stone will help to level your landscape. Luxury villas in Thrissur use manufactured blocks to make sure the wall is the exact height for levelling and also these walls have easy-fit grooves. Mortared walls can withstand for long years and holds the stone together to maintain its strength. Homes in Thrissur chooses a mortar with a dark grey pigment.

To get the look of a stone wall stone-veneer panels to offer an easy way. This natural stone enables you to transform an exposed foundation, concrete, bare cinder block, or framed walls in one weekend.

Rock walls came up One smart option is to build a stone wall that does double-duty, serving as a patio or garden border and extra backyard seating. Another choice is using the stone to build a retaining wall to help level your landscape. Roger likes to use manufactured block to make sure the wall is the exact height for levelling. Plus, these blocks have easy-fit grooves.

A flagship trend in modern villas. They had their history in colonial structures and now sneaking into a future design this trend are adopted by most of the Thrissur builders. Common walls are plain and offer the same finishing and design throughout the walls. But the difference seen is huge if we slightly change the texture of the walls by adding rock tiles or even designer rocks available in the market. Another positive impact of this is an all-new weather-locked system with equal protection and a covering from any form of environmental conditions. Generally, rocks are able to withstand any weather conditions like it doesn’t fade its colour in sun nor wash away in heavy rain, even it does not get polluted with any environmental gases normally. If you construct a hilly backyard, that would be ideal for customizing the walls thereby using stones or pebbled.

Everything you design is of beauty. Because ultimately, it is your choice to build your kingdom. Come to visit our contemporary villas in Thrissur to get an idea of our creativity.

12 Amazing Tips To Paint Your Villa With A Perfect Coat

contemporary villas in thrissur

Customizing your premium villas in Thrissur is one of the best experiments you can do with confidence. Without worrying about dedication expected from workers, you can directly blame yourself for flaws as well as finishing. You can get expert advice from ultra modern villas in Thrissur. Painting your home by yourself rejuvenates mind and fun overloaded. Also be it an inexpensive way of converting room from gloom to bright designs. This doesn’t require too much expertise in the field. All you need is some preparation, a patience to conclude the process, some materials used for the painting. It might not be a success for the beginners. But for sure, after a small portion, you will start loving it. In this blog we have discussed about some steps used by houses in Thrissur to paint villas:

Tip 1-Initial planning

Well, don’t jump into the sea before you master swimming. Start with a plan in hand. Cover your furniture with paper, clothes or even try moving them to a safe zone.
Remember to start from the ceiling to eventually reach walls.

Tip 2- Taking care of walls

While reaching to walls, fix all the cracks and jerks happened to it. On the other hand, if you just paint those surfaces, that will just be a short-time beauty leading to major cracks in near future. Don’t compromise with the quality you assure to your walls. A lot of fixing elements like sand and other reagents are readily available in the market to fix the wall cracks and readily adhere the the paint. You can search through the ultra modern villa images in Thrissur to have a small idea on the latest trends.

Tip 3- Tools to paint edges

Sharp and cutting edges demand more careful approach than normal walls and flat surfaces. A slight drop can degrade the whole design you prepared. Cover the nearing components prone to paint splash.
Don’t use paint rollers dipped too much in paint. And not all painting tools are general tools. Special tools are designed to paint in special places upon special structures. All the best villas in Thrissur are taken special care on these aspects.

Tip 4- Use paintbrush and paint rollers instead of traditional tools

Don’t just use some traditional painting tools alone. Include your tool collection with new tools that would enhance the precision in final touch. Meanwhile, take notice of your paint roller and brush not to immerse too much paint as it can spill on the floor or at undesired places. Keep the balance in mixing the paint and dipping in it.
If you think of buying those tools are expensive, go on to the nearest rent shops. Of course, you can choose from the best tools for a reasonable rate. This need not be considered as expensive since you don’t pay for labour cost.

Tip 5- Avoid lap marks, roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge

To avoid ugly stripes caused due to uneven layers of paint, Thrissur builders maintain a wet edge so that each stroke of your roller concurs the previous stroke before the paint can begin to dry. Start near the corner and run the roller up and down the full height of the wall to maintain a wet edge. To even out thick spots or runs move backward wherever necessary. When it becomes half loaded reload the roller to avoid the chance of becoming dry.

Tip 6- For a consistent colour mix several cans of paint

The difference may be noticeable if you open a new can in the middle of a wall. Even for the same colour texture will be slightly different for different cans. So mixing colours will eliminate this kind of issues. The mixing process of painting is termed as boxing. Rather than a roller tray homes in Thrissur use large buckets and roller screen for covering large areas. Roller with the screen is much faster than using a roller tray. Immerse the roller into the paint bucket to roll it along the screen until it stops soaking.

Tip 7- Cut the tape loose for a perfect edge

Tape can be removed from the wall once the paint is dry. Sometimes removal of tape wipes pieces of dried paint off the wall so it is necessary to cut it loose before you pull it off from the wall. Villas in Kerala uses a sharp box cutter or knife to slice through the film at least after 24 hours from painting. One major fact to be considered while pulling is to pull tape at a 45-degree angle as you cut the paint.

Tip 8- First paint the trim then the ceiling and walls

When painting room experts usually follow a certain order. Firstly, they trim the paint, then ceilings, and then the walls. Due to this, it is easy to tape off the trim than to tape off the walls. Neatness is not required to paint the trim just centralize on getting a smooth finish on the wood. Trim paint can be covered while painting even it gets onto the wall. Properties in Thrissur paint the ceiling and walls once they finish with trim painting.

Tip 9- Prime and texture wall patches to avoid a blotchy finish

The colour is uniform but not consistent for freshly painted walls, often looks mottled. This mainly exists over the holes and clefts you mended with a stuffing compound. The permeable fillers consume the paint by dulling the surface left over. A primer coat takes it to eliminate texture and flashing differences also it protects from being dull.

Tip 10- Clean dirty surfaces so the paint can form a strong bond

Before painting clean all dirty areas. Painting over the oily and dirty surface will easily chip off. Clean grimy areas with a heavy-duty cleaner intended for pre-paint cleaning. To improve the bond of the new paint they work well to clean painted, varnished or enamelled surfaces.
Rub on the cleaner in a circular motion using a dust-free cloth. Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur fill the nicks and holes after they clean the surface and sand them smooth before cleaning. While cleaning be sure to wear eye protection masks and rubber gloves. Now, cleaners are available at homes centers and paint stores.

Tip 11- Roll paint along the edges for consistent texture

Edges will be painted using a different texture than the surrounding paint. Brush on the paint and immediately roll it out before the paint dries to ensure the finished can go with a 3-in roller with a nap of same thickness of the roller used for the rest of the walls. Before moving on to the next section finish brushing on the paint and rolling it out in one area.

Tip 12- The final touch

The ultimate happiness you see in the mirror is when you feel the finishing touch perfectly done. Afterall you know you don’t possess professionalism in painting, you do it without flaws, everyone admires your job, you feel above the clouds. Having a final touch is a careful process yet a completion of every work. If committed some negligible mistakes, here you have a chance to increase its perfection through a final touch reaching each and every corner for a misdeed. The final design is all yours. See the wonderful talent on the walls and ceilings of homes in Trichur.

How much do you expect to spend for your interior?

premium properties in thrissur

Soon after receiving your new villa/apartment key, your focused concern would be for sure on how to blend the built structure with a stunning interior. Patterns are numerous in ‘google image search’. But satisfaction lies in what you consider the best for your own home. There are many interior designing firms and freelancers readily available, but choosing the best for your property is based on 3 main figures :

<>premium properties in thrissur

  • Does the design fit into the budget?
  • Are we spending on worth the money?
  • Are the designs well suited for our building-structure?

Be conscious of the designers you approach and the money you spend on them. We, builders in Thrissur have all for your budget dreams.

How to reach a conclusion on your budget?

1.Size of the flat/house

Cost of furnishing a flat/villa has the direct dependency on the size of the number of rooms, kitchen, associated rooms, living room, dining room etc. These are the influential parts.  

Accommodating more than what it can, would bring a congested appearance throughout. It is not necessary to stuff too many things inside just because you are ready to spend too much money on interior design. Choose from best villa builders in Thrissur.

2.Know the purpose

Be sure about your purpose, if you opt to lease your house for rent, focus less on interiors. No one other than the real owner will maintain the house in a satisfactory manner. If it is for rent, most economical and money-saving designs are only needed to build interiors. You can upgrade when you decide to shift there for a permanent residence.

3.Refer your friends

When you see more completed works, you get an idea of what to do with your property. It should not be exactly like how other’s design. If they have chosen their best convenient design, for sure that won’t work out on your house. Some designers take you to their completed projects to convince you on their dedicated and innovative designs.

4.Professional assistance

A lot of emerging and well-established firms are already working on such projects. You can choose them accordingly. Premium designers hang onto expensive patterns where you will struggle to support your pockets in the long run. Allow the company to take the sketch of the house, let them do their design patterns most matching, modern builders provide Virtual Reality technology to enhance the feel of viewing it as if from inside the house. Developers in Thrissur can help you out with this

5.How big is your pocket?

With the development of each step in the design process, you must cross check with your budget, in case you go out of cash, it will be reflected in your design. Once if the design has started to implement, further changes are unfavorable and undesired to hold by the designers. Just because they may not be able to modify an already opted design due to your financial crisis, will reflect its uneven finishing touch at the end. However, the company refuses to take its responsibility.

There are three budgets for interior designing :

  • Low budget

Ranges from 3 to 4 lakhs according to your choice. The area covered is kitchen furnishing, 3 door wardrobe for 3 rooms. Both bottom head and top head are furnished in this package. In addition to that some basic materials like detergent holder, dustbin, baskets, waste bin are given with needs. At the same time, you can add your custom matched materials too.

  • Medium budget

Here the total budget would be ranging from 5 to 8 lakhs. You get your kitchen, bedrooms, living room, dining room covered in the package with the most attractive looks. At the same time, if you are ready to spend more, designers might opt to choose high standard materials or extend the work to other areas too. We have architect designed villas in Thrissur.

This is a good deal of money as you don’t spend too much or not reluctant to spend too low. Most clients ask for a medium range of interior designs.

  • Premium budget

High range houses those cross 75 lakhs, will not be an issue for the owner to spend 10 lakhs for interior works. Also, from the designer’s point of view, they get a profitable business and show more dedication to the work in order to add one more golden feather to their crown. Designers set up meetings with the owner for detailed reviews, where owners can choose from too many numbers of best designs. A lot of more spaces are covered in this. If the owner is ready to spend even more, designers take the golden chance to extend their designing works to each corner of the building. We have luxury villas in Thrissur where you can choose the unique designs.

If you get a clear picture of the total budget then let’s go round with the latest design trends of 2018:

  • Color blocks and paint effects

Say hello to creating shapes with color and say goodbye to painting your walls with solid color. Stencils, ombre walls etc are its rising popularity. Combining grey with watery blues and muted pinks to provide an appearance of being diffused by a subtle haze. For a new and sophisticated modern elegance, it’s better to keep slim black outlines in furniture and lighting.

  • Bring a green touch

As per the trend of 2018, green obsession is still going strong. Succulents and textured plants is a great way to bring greenery to your home. Banana leaf covered pattern adds texture to living room interiors. To maximize the effect you can also install banana leaf wallpaper.

  • Style it dark

In most houses in Thrissur designers set the world of interiors with black. 2K18 ranges with shades from sumptuous dark blue to rich jewel tones. Now, black took their place over furniture, fixtures, prints, walls, and finishes. The majority have been misled by a thought that black will make the room look smaller but the fact is that pairing black with light colors will enhance the overall size and appearance of the space.

  • Darker Kitchens

From cabinets, countertops, to kitchen islands most contemporary kitchens have been realized in white in mid-80’s. But 2018 trends reconsider darker hues for many kitchen options.  Incorporating wood tone kitchen cabinets many homes in Trichur adds natural hues to the kitchen. Thrissur villas add bold depth colors to make the kitchen the center of attraction. To hide the flaws brought about by day to day use, a brighter color is a wise choice.

  • Rethink your breakfast zone

As kitchen counters are doing a double role in preparing meals and serving meals, best villa projects in Thrissur shift informal dining rooms making way for larger combinations of kitchens. By combining the dining room and kitchen together will not only saves the place but also makes preparing and serving food much easier.

Forms builders are one among the best Trichur builders which pursue as one of the best builders in Kerala. They maintain consistency and continual improvement in the quality in their completed villa projects in Thrissur. When you think about a heaven where you wish to be, Forms, builders and developers in Thrissur lead you perfectly by knowing your tastes and likes.

Villas – The Latest Trend In Kerala

Villas in thrissur town

Waking up with the chirp of birds succeeded by a morning walk, a calm meadow for yoga and recreation…dip yourself inside the blue pool, sit in your pushback and read the newspaper under the sunroofs or terrace… All these are a dream for today. Increased living standards and lifestyle moved more people to shift from rural backgrounds to urban residencies. As a result, the trend of Villas gained a hype among the builders in Thrissur.

<>Villas in thrissur town

Forms Builders, one among the major trendsetter in the market is one of the best builders and developers in Thrissur are dedicated to constructing Premium villas in Thrissur.

Villa Design – Categories

There are broadly three categories for the villa design based on the financial, spatial, locality-based aspects.

The main variation in the price is depended on these above.

  • Economy class :

It is a well-preferred villa design. With more number of middle-class families in the state, it is natural to focus on economy class villas. When people need a good structure showcasing their standard and are out of huge earnings prefer this class villa. These villas might not reside in a prominent or populated location in a city.

Also, relieving from the busy work schedules of the day, a place to rest without the city rush or noise, more people prefer this.

  • Average class :

Mostly preferred villa design category in which you get all that you need on spending an average price range in the market. Along with some modern structures and designs, you also get stylish furnishing and interior design. Roofing is also maintained as top in class. Most people belong to this class and are reluctant to look at the downward amenities and considers too high to shift to luxury.

Constructing independent houses with a compound wall of privacy and lawns of beauty are all the best part of these houses.

There are options to upgrade your fitting with some extra fittings or modify your kitchen or bathrooms with most modern appliances being your choice.

  • Luxury class :

As the name suggests, such designs offer more complex and unimaginable designs with a collaboration of various structural and design patterns taken from parts of the world. Being the premium villa makers in Thrissur, we provide the ultra modern luxury villas with a host of skilled architects and professionals working the whole day for new innovations throughout.

There are a lot of amenities that are offered as a compliment to the luxury villas in Thrissur choosers. It comes with most luxurious custom designs and superior quality building materials ensuring the complete protection of your heaven to withstand any weather conditions. Imported marbles, high-end countertops, top branded kitchen and home appliances with spatial interior highlighted to a specific theme which can be an optional choice for the owner to implement his/her own interests in molding the house to a complete satisfactory place to live in.

Latest Interior Design Trends In Villas

Every person on the face of the earth will surely dream of a beautiful home. Some had succeeded in achieving the dream while others have to be depressed of this pleasure. Interior design is what equally matters along with the exterior structure of the properties in Thrissur. To do the decor of the property and interior design, some have the financial stability of hiring the professionals while a few have to depend on their own ideas to do the same as they are not blessed much. Here are a few simple and pocket-friendly latest interior design trends of 2018 that you can follow.

  • Watercolor walls

The interior design trends for 2018 has welcomed the pattern of watercolor on the walls, an irregular mixture of watercolors as on the drawing paper, are being used to paint the wall. To bring a new element to the room it is a great abstract way of painting the wall.

  • Earthen Charms

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The soothing and calming backdrop and floor, earthen colors are very much in trend these years. In India the temperature stays quite high in most part of the year, earthen colors and materials would impart a calming effect and soothing to the eyes.

  • Metallic Hue

Using metallic hue in the interior decor is a very prominent interior design trend of 2018. High-glossy and super shiny metallic frames are used as door frames or windows in several houses in Thrissur. Cooktops, tabletops, or even metallic appliances and equipment are in high demand in this year, thus discarding the use of traditional ones.

  • Blue is the new black

Blue is the color persistently seen in every modern homes in Thrissur. Any shade of blue is very much in trend even in the wall color. Blue is enriched with many shades like baby blue, powdery blue, navy blue, and sky blue. Blue does not look monotonous like most other colors on the wall and this makes blue so much loved and popular amongst interior designers and decorators in this year.

  • Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are widely used by home decor item brands and interior designers. Since they are vibrant and colorful they are always loved by users of different homes in Trichur. You can go with cushion covers that have tropical prints if your planning to give a trendy makeover to your existing property. Bring the curtains birdy, leafy, colorful floral prints to curtains. These transformational changes being in-expensive is its best part.

Advantages of constructing Villas in Thrissur Town

  • Better quality of life

Time taken to complete villa projects in Thrissur are considerably too fast to complete than apartments. Moreover, from the point of view from owner’s choice, they love to lead a life in villa than having it in an apartment.

  • An inclined degree of freedom

Various resources like water, garden, land everything resides with the owner, feeling a complete superiority over his property. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose your mode of customization wherever you wish to. Some of the Thrissur villas are improving the gardens, roofs and other ozone-friendly environments to stay cool.

  • Future expansion

You can always expand your compound in accordance with the availability of space. Future can simply change your home with your innovations.

  • Privacy and Security

One of the primary benefits of staying in a villa is all about privacy. Villas in Thrissur have separated properties with private space of land. So, you need not worry about your guest, make them entertain them without the crowd of shared pools or lounges or those other noises. Ultimately, this is the best place of peace.

  • Income

In the end, if the owner dream of an income from his property, he/she can build more heights and lease them out for interested parties. The city being always a ‘wanted-place’, there won’t be any scarcity of people looking for living space on rent.

This blog will be easier for you to go with the one that will be most suitable for you. Trends will go on changing every year. So choosing one which is inexpensive is always the best choice. So that you can easily get rid off old one and take up the new. Forms builders are one of the most prominent builders in Thrissur. We are a well-dedicated team. Make a contact with us and enjoy the bonding with your dream home builder.