New Interior design trends of 2019


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With New year comes new beginnings in everything be it our life, our ventures then why not in interior designing of our home. 2019 seems to be the most promising year for people who are planning to try out new designs onto their interiors. There are many new designs that can applied in your interiors to make them look outstanding.

Interior trends 2019

In 2019 can see some new trends and some old trends making a come back with a modern twist. We can go through these trends one by one:


One such interior decor that have made its comeback with a modern twist is none other that the Terrazzo flooring tiles. Mainly used for flooring rooms, this is also used for wallpapers and carpets now.
Best villa builders choose Terrazzo tiles for flooring as this gives the floors an outstanding finish.

Kitchen with a classic touch

Similar to all the other changes in trends, kitchen trends have also changed. More lavish details like wire mesh, authentic period hardware, and honed surfaces etc. Most completed Villas projects come with kitchens that are designed in such a way that it gives a classic appearance to it.

Embrace the curvey

Curvy furniture are again a comeback trend with a modern outlook. For instance curved or rounded back chairs gives a chic look to your living room.

Mixing metals Age

Mixing of metals and other textured materials are another new trend that we get to see in 2019. For example more rich upholstery materials like velvet used together with comfortable wools as contrasting effect.

Get Envy with green

Another upcoming trend of this year is the use of Green color. Known as the soothing, elegant color. Add green to your rooms and give them a more refined look to your rooms.

Keeping Natural

The most popular trend that can be seen in 2019 is the use of organic shapes for furnitures and other interior decor works. Geometric lines have been transformed to more softer shapes.

Contrast Neutrals

A high contrast neutrals is another important trend that can be seen in 2019. Using neutrals is already a hit, But the use of light neutrals with dark one’s is the current in-trend choice of most of the builders and developers when it comes to designing the interior of their homes.

Bold colors

Bored of the beige interiors. Try bold colors , multiple patterns for designing your rooms. This will definitely bring life to your previously dull looking rooms.Ongoing and New Villa Projects focus on designing interior of their homes with bold colors than the usual dull colors to attract the customer choice.

The Artisanal link

Many people go for artisanal designs when it comes to designing their interior. From handmade hangings to beautifully hand crafted cushions are some of the interior knick knacks which gives an artisan’s touch to your home. Try placing some handicraft items in and around your home to create the magic of artisanry.

Pattern play

There have been an increase in the use of patterns everywhere in home decor. Be it matching pattern or the use of mix and match pattern. Its pattern play everywhere in your home!

Decorative Mirrors

One of the upcoming trends of 2019 in interior designing are the decorative mirrors. Place small mirrors in your room or in the corridors. This can make your room look more chic.

Oversized headboard

New design trends are not bound to living rooms, corridors etc alone but also for bedrooms. Oversized headboard with beautiful and simple motifs have become the top interior decor style in bedrooms of many homes this year.

Distinctive shelves

Another trend in the interior decor is the unique shelves that can be placed in the dining room or on the wall next to the Kitchen corridor or in the living room. These unique shelves can be an added creative feature to your home.

Sustainable Fabrics

Use of sustainable fabrics are another trend in interior decor. From furniture upholstery to tapesaries, people choose to design interior of their homes with sustainable fabrics.

Personal Touch

New trend not only means trying out uptodate tricks but it also means adding a special final touch – yours. Accessorize the interior of your home with things that remind you of the wonderful times of your life.

Hence these are the 15 trends in Interior designing in 2019, that you can try at your home.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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Most people when they think about buying a home they have to go through many hurdles. To know whether the home is designed as per you aesthetics, whether it is child friendly, or whether the home is safe for you and your belongings. But what many us often neglect is that whether our home is pet friendly. Especially people who love having a pet at their home should never let this slip from their mind. Because if you wish to own a gorgeous pet or in other words own a true friend in animal make sure that your home is pet friendly or else your cute pet be it a a dog or cat will flee from you the moment it feels unwelcome at home.Builders in Thrissur are coming up with homes which are not only customer friendly but also pet friendly as well. These are some of the ways to make your home friendly for pets. They are:

Always go for fur free fabrics

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Imagine your sofa upholstery fabric is velvet and have a large friend always roaming around your home there is high chance for you pet to climb on it. And if it climbs on a velvet fabric next time you sit on it then the sofa will be full of your furry friends hair. It can be dangerous if it is accidently swallowed by the you or you family. So get leather or synthetic fibers for your sofa. This way your best buddy can enjoy a good evening with you.

Furniture not toy for your furry friend

Builders in Thrissur

Everybody loves to have wooden furnitures that are compact and look stylish when kept in a corner or centre of your room. Your excited puppy will see it as its teething toy. So make sure you keep metallic furnitures instead of usual wooden furniture . This will make your pet stay away from the furniture from teething them. Best villas in thrissur have homes that are already furnished using metallic furnitures which makes their home stand out from others and also gives its customers the benefit of doubt on whether they are safe for pet or not.

Clean flooring

Builders in Thrissur

You go for walking with your furry friend during a rainy muddy day and the moment your pet comes inside the home it starts playing with its muddy paws and there! your beautiful tile becomes dirty and also dented. Avoid putting tiles that are easily scratchable or dentable. Use ceramic tiles for flooring and not hardwood tiles. Premium builders in trichur suggests the use of ceramic tiles and other non dentable tiles for flooring which will good finish to the floor and will be safe for your pet as well.

Ultimate playzone for your pet

Builders in Thrissur

Normally we don’t think about having a separate space for our pets to play and roam around. They play on our sofa and in and around our rooms and at the end of the day our home is a mess. Ensure that your pet has its own space to roam around and play. This way your home is neat and tidy. Contemporary villas in thrissur have separate space at indoors for your pet to play

Spotless Kitchen

Builders in Thrissur

We tend to keep the doggy food and container openly in our kitchen without realising the fact that our furry friend can just barge in and climb on the kitchen counters to have food and water. This will make your kitchen dirty. At the same time if you place the doggy food container and water in a corner of the kitchen your pet can come have its food and water whenever it wants without your kitchen being dirty.

Furry Walls

Builders in Thrissur

When you are planning to bring home a pet make sure that even the walls are painted pet proof. You can give satin or semi-gloss to your walls. Because
highly textured walls are attracted by friend’s furrs even if it is not scratching itself on the wall. Best villa builders in thrissur provides its customers with homes that have satin finished walls which are both beautiful in appearance and also pet safe.

Comfortable sleep setting for your pet

Builders in Thrissur

If you can have a good comfortable mattress for yourself so can your pet. Afterall your big friend will need to lie on a more comfortable space after its
daily run and activities. And if your pet’s sleeping space is small and congested it will obviously grab your spot on the bed.

Mudroom space

Builders in Thrissur

Just imagine the scenario where your puppy goes to play outside in an open field and the moment it gets back home it will just want to pounce on your sofa. And if this happens your whole living room becomes muddy. So in order to avoid such situations provide you pet with an entryway door and and entrance space for it to dry off and then clean its feet before it enters the living room.

Window treatments

Builders in Thrissur

Any pet would love to peek out of the window and enjoy the sunny day outside. Imagine if your furry friend who wants to view through the window is no able to do so because the covering/blinds of the window is blocking its view. To ensure your pet’s view is not interrupted use lightweight fabrics or sheer materials as blinds of the window. This will make your big friend happy.

Dog proof Trash cans

Builders in Thrissur

Most of the animals especially pet animals love to invest in the trash that you throw away. And at time we are so negligent to just close our bins that the pets just throw the waste all around your room. But this can be avoided by keeping trash cans that can be open with a click of your feet and after the trash is thrown it closes automatically.

Keep dangerous plants away

Builders in Thrissur

People love to keep plant indoor basically in their rooms, kitchen etc. Be it herbs or other plants in general you ensure that is safe for you and your family. Similarly ensure these plants that you keep are safe for your pet. Because a slight allergy can put your pet in distress. So steer clear from harmful plants.

Healthy chew toys

Builders in Thrissur

Chew toys are always the favorites of pet animals especially puppies. They also have a habit chewing anything and everything which can be quite dangerous. Ensure your puppy a healthy chew toy that it can enjoy throughout the day.

Remove dangling wires

In most of the homes dangling wires are a cause of concern to your safety. When it comes to your pet it is even more dangerous as they have the habit of chewing things. An accidental chew of the dangling wire can even put your pet’s life in danger.

Great outdoor

Builders in Thrissur

Have you ever imagined how much outdoor space your pet requires to enjoy its day ? Most of us have always jumped the gun and assumed that our pet requires only a limited space. But this is not true pets need vast outdoor space for them to play limiting the space will suffocate it. So ensure sufficient outdoor space for your pet. This will make them cheerful and homely. Contemporary designed villas in thrissur come with great outdoor spaces with beautiful gardens where your pets can have a wonderful day by roaming around or simply relaxing by viewing the greenery in peace

Hence, these are some of the ways by which we can make our home pet friendly. People who are planning on having a pet of their own must ensure that there will be sufficient safety, space, etc for your furry friend to feel lively and homely.

8 Factors to keep in mind while buying a Dream home


To own a dream home in your native place that too a dream home is something that everybody wishes for. I was also hoping to own a dream home in my native place Thrissur. Known as the land of pooram there is high scope for Real estate in Trichur. Nowadays there are many real estate ventures in Thrissur. So the task before me was a difficult one. There were many pointers that I had to keep in mind while choosing the right builder and developer. They are:

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1. In Budget

When you plan to buy a home first thing that comes to your mind is the budget. Whether the coat of the home is within your estimated budget. I too had an estimated budget and wanted my dream home to cost within the set budget. It was quite a posh area and most of the builders and developers in Thrissur suggested that my dream home can cross my estimated budget.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

2. Customer friendly builders

After getting my home within my set budget next thing that worried me was whether the builders take my opinions and suggestions regarding how I want my home to be. Most of the builders in Thrissur will have their own set ideas that they input toward their work.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

3. Experienced Builders

One can identify whether the architects are experts in their field based on their work pattern and working ideologies. Many builders have less experience compared to others. It is very difficult to work with inexperienced builders or if they don’t meet your requisites.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

4. Choices among homes

Many properties in Thrissur have very limited choices when it comes to Villas, flats etc. They will have only certain types of home. Today’s generation of people prefers more in life.

5. Interior and Exterior designing

Buying a home doesn’t end with just buying your dream home. It is also about your home being spacious and also having a comfortable interior. Many completed villa projects have spacious villas but it might not be comfortable no matter how hard you try.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

6. After Move-in services

Before moving into your home it is essential to ensure that there is after sale services like repairs and maintenance of electrical supplies, plumbing fixtures, periodical inspection of lifts and other services. Some builders have a very strange policy of letting its client pay for all the services.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

7. Home care services

Most builders close their sale after selling the homes to the client. Most building and developing companies have a policy of move on from one client sale immediately after their flat are purchased to another new sale. Even if we request for their home care services after buying our home they won’t budge.

8. Good Location

A good location for your dream home is the most important thing you focus on at the end of the day apart from all the other factors. If all the basic amenities like grocery stores, hospital are nearby its a perfect location. And if you have kids make sure the location of your home is nearby their school.

Why choose Forms builders?

Keeping all the above-mentioned pointers in mind, I went through several brochures and websites. Finally decided that Forms will be a perfect choice. The reason I choose them was that Forms builders convinced me that “your dream home within your budget is our promise”. And it was worth my investment. They make sure that expenditure of buying a home is within your estimated budget. There are facilities like:

  • EMI based homes
    Where You can buy a home by paying the whole cost of your house in monthly installments.
  •  Area calculation
    we can calculate the area where we are planning to build our home and if you want to convert it into a villa you can calculate the conversion expense and pay the amount accordingly.
  • Home loan eligibility
    You can get homes if you have an eligible home loan. Preference is given to floating loan.

Another important factor is that Forms builders have expert architects and engineers who are best in creating beautiful homes. I was awestruck with their brilliance and their dedication towards customer satisfaction. All their homes are made by architects, engineers who have expertise in their field. They have the best architect designed villas at Thrissur.

Forms builders mainly focus on villas and they have different choices based on the preferences of the people like:

  • Luxury villas with a blend of luxury and comfort,
  • Premium villas that are ready to occupy,
  • Contemporary villas with all the facilities from good flooring to modular kitchen and
  • The Ultra modern villas with extra modern touch etc.

    Each type of villa is unique in terms of its design and construction. Their completed projects of villas in Thrissur have customized interiors and exteriors of homes according to customer preference. They are classy and elegant at the same time. Not all builders not even the best builders in Thrissur town assures you with both before and after move-in all the services like:

  • Repairs and maintenance needed for electrical connection, For example, if there is any faulty line that is interrupting your electrical services
  • Plumbing fixtures in your home like leak problems with the taps, Flush problem etc.
  • Other finishing items like installing new locks, install new switch plates and other devices.

But Forms builders ensures its customers with all these services and also periodical inspection of lifts etc.. Trust me I am more than satisfied with their move-in services. They also believe in making the client’s need as their priority. Their Housekeeping section provides clients with works like:

House cleaning

In case you’re planning to move in with your family and if the home is not clean you can call the housekeeping and inform them and they will make sure your house is cleaned.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Pest control

Mosquitos and bugs are found everywhere. But when it becomes nuisance calling for pest control is the best. If you have pest control nearby then it is a bonus.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


When you move in you make sure to check the plumbing of your home. But even then there can be a sudden stoppage of water flow through the pipe. You can call the housekeeping section and get your problem solved.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Electrical maintenance

Electricity is the one thing that you cannot take any risk. So if there is a slight electric problem make sure to rectify the maintenance by informing the service personnel.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


If any furniture has to be repaired in your home you can call the housekeeping section and your carpentry work will be done.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Location of the villas is another aspect that Forms builders have given importance to. They have chosen places that are near to the town. Not too near the hustle and bustle of the city.  Also, the basic amenities like groceries, hospitals and educational institutions like schools and colleges are nearby.

Hence, In my opinion, when you are planning to buy your dream home choose the right builder. And I would like to recommend Forms builders because they have the best villas in Thrissur among all the other popular builders you can find. I can assure you that it be well worth your money and wait. So grab the opportunity of getting yourself a dream home for life.


luxury villas in thrissur

“A home is where one starts from” everyone wants to have a house they wish for, house with the best facilities available and the best materials used to create a new villa project in Thrissur.

<>luxury villas in thrissur

Ready to occupy villas in Thrissur are available in the market, Thrissur real estate has boosted up these days that there is much property for sale in Thrissur. The construction of these new villas, flats, and properties have attracted more buyers.

With these many buyers in the market, one cannot just simply build same kinds of villas around the area, even though if all the villas have luxury products and modern technologies still either the budget or the design may not suit the same to all the individuals. So associated with the taste and preference of other individuals, one must construct a villa.

Best villas in Thrissur offer you many facilities, to have a beautiful house and a much better family time. A unique house with all the quality facilities and well maintained are the factors that determine if your house is actually your dream house or not.

The following is the top 9 Qualities of an ideal villa:

1) Well Ventilated

luxury villas in thrissur

The more ventilated office will provides much airflow inside your house. Fresh air can provide you with a better chance with a cool and excellent ambiance, problems like suffocation or eat will not exist. Today, the air inside is more polluted than air outside. Therefore a good ventilation system will help to expel pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and foul whiffs such as body odour. A good ventilation will help to reduce the risk caused by condensation. If your indoors are paired with bad ventilation then you are in a danger to cause allergies, headaches, asthma, rashes, and sinusitis. This all health issues can be regulated with the help of a good ventilation system. Ready to move villas in Thrissur take proper care for ventilation facilities. It is advisable to have well-ventilated rooms in the home as well as the workplace.

2) Ergonomic Design

luxury villas in thrissur

Ask your architecture to provide you with an ergonomic design because overall design is the most important aspect to be noticed if you are planning to buy a ready to occupy villa in Thrissur. By having a well planned ergonomic design in terms of landscaping, architecture, interior design, furnishing etc contemporary designed villas in Thrissur would be spacious and will look huge, this will build an overall atmosphere and experience of living in luxury villas in Thrissur. Make sure to appoint an experienced architecture, so that you get an exact and well-planned work. Our Trichur luxury villas are truly a display to behold with a singular character expressing itself in the overall pleasing structure.

3) Quality Proof Material

A quality proof material can provide you with a better chance, to have a suitable and durable house. If you use a cheap quality material for your house eventually your house may start breaking and look pale after a period of time. By using more quality materials you can have a better chance to have a really durable house for a long time. It will stand tall for a much longer period with the same quality as before.

4) 10-12 Feet Tall Roof

Nowadays all the house have a roof height of 10-12 feet. If you have a house with the roof height of 10-12 feet, your house will look adequate. Lesser than 10 feet your house may look small and if it’s more than 12 than it will look over capacious. Other than its outfit features, tall roofs are good in considering natural systems like prevention of overheating, remove stale air etc.

5) Spacious Living Room.

luxury villas in thrissur

In most houses in Trichur living room is at the heart. Having a spacious living room can provide you with a better chance to accommodate your sofa set and your dining table. Not only furnishings but also living rooms are the open space to accommodate your guests and the place to spend time with the family. Having a spacious living room can provide you with a beautiful look for your house. A living room should be spacious clean and tidy, as it would be the first room your guests would see.

6) Kitchen

Make sure you have a spacious kitchen to accommodate all your vessels, accessories, utensils and other kitchen appliances. As the kitchen is a place to bake and make all those delicious food, so if you have a full packed kitchen with a little space it won’t help you or provide you with a good ambiance. In today’s world, everyone’s day starts and ends within the kitchen, so it is necessary to make it even larger for smooth goings. Builders in Thrissur highly concentrate on kitchen plans because it is well notified by the customers especially women.

7) Quality Fitting And Maintenance

luxury villas in thrissur

You can use a quality fitting tile, bricks, slab, and many other options if you wish. If you use quality fitting for your house, there are fewer chances for those products to pop out or get loose which provides you with a professional finishing and better durability. The standard of maintenance is the most concern of the best villa builders in Trichur. Forms builders thoroughly understand the commitment of time, energy and funds which it takes to maintain luxury villas in Thrissur.

8) Location

With all the above facilities satisfying villa may appear dull due to lack of quality location. Majority of customers are looking for a calm and peaceful environment to stay and rest comfortably whenever they want. If you have a well-packed pocket then it is advisable to choose a location near peaceful and beautiful rice fields, on elevated mountain areas, near beaches, and coastlines, the area nearly on a hillside or cliff side.

9) Staff & services

Without a qualified and dedicated staff to run the facilities a luxury villa is not true luxury. This is necessary to create the environment effortless relaxation which is the hallmark of a good guest experience. Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur is staffed with housekeepers and maids, chefs, villa manager, handymen and landscapers, securities, drivers, fitness trainers, spa therapists etc. The staff must be devoted to the care and the satisfaction of the guests to avail the best possible stay. The staffs must be friendly and personable in communication to the guests and assiduous in their work. They should communicate well with the guests in their preferred language or in common language English.

Forms builders are the ultimate solution provider in the building industry who maintain uniformity and constant improvement in quality. With higher environment friendliness in construction for houses in Thrissur, we ensure higher value for money for the customers. Our mission is to provide quality beyond the expectation of our customer. Thrissur is well famous for Thrissur Pooram, owning a land or villa in the land of Thrissur make you celebrate each and every moment of your life. With an experience of over 25 rewarding years our incomparable works. Our high-quality material clinging to the time frame is the proven formula of our reputation. Refer this blog in detail if you are planning to buy a villa in the God’s own country, Kerala.

How To Choose A Good Sofa For Your Villa

architect designed villas in trichur

Sofas are the essential part of all living rooms. No house won’t be there without a single sofa. Sofas should be chosen first before all decorations. Decorations can be made around the pattern matching with sofa. As inspiration for a room showpiece sofa in a vibrant luxury fabric. A colourful sofa is the focal point of the room.

<>architect designed villas in trichur

Beautiful ongoing flats in Thrissur favours sofa matching the wall to unify the room and make the room look larger. This has become a creative idea for a harmonious colour scheme. But this is actually not much favourable. Because if you are buying a sofa considering the wall then changing wall colour in future could be complicated. Choosing any other decor will be beneficial in the case of selecting a sofa. This is the major reason why neutral sofa colours are the most popular in most homes

The most common approach is to choose a sofa that complements the other decor and is not the centre of attention nor camouflaged into the wall colour. This is why neutral sofa colours are the most popular in most homes in Thrissur.

architect designed villas in trichur

Which colour is best for your sofa?

After deciding the colour, next plan is to decide the theme that is light or dark. A right sofa colour has a big effect on the floor. Traditionally sofa is large and most fabric they have the ability to absorb light. It can even make the room considerably darken. A dark sofa in a dark room will disappear into the room. Villas in Kerala provides a metal or light wood legs to create visual space between the sofa and the floor. Or using lighter rugs under the front of sofas can separate the dark colours and make the sofa colour pop. For kids and pets, light sofas are a perfect choice and washable slipcovers are a stylish compromise for such sofas.

As sofa trends change over the years neutral sofas are easy to decorate around. Beige, taupe, cream, and grey are the common options for neutral sofa fabrics. Without adding new colours a textured beige fabric with flecks of monochromatic colour can create interest among sofas in Thrissur villa projects. Grey colour is considered as sophisticated, comfortable, cool or crisp. With stylish and attractive pattern neutral sofas quietly complement all other decors.

architect designed villas in trichur

How to add finishing touch to your sofa?

Don’t feel obligated to purchase a matching love seat when you buy a new sofa. A set of upholstered chairs are best to compliment the new sofa. A set of chairs give more opportunities to add colour from your colour palette and more options for furniture placement. When coordinating new sofa with your room decor Thrissur villas always emphasize pillows and throws as the finishes.

Types Of Sofas

# Sectional Sofa

It is a multi-piece sofa with three or five pieces arranged in a number of configurations. Due to the rapid growth of sectionals there are many styles, designs and materials to choose from. Some are large while some are small which fix large and small rooms as well. L-shape and U-shape are the two common configurations preferred by Thrissur builders in sectional sofas.

History of the sectional sofa

In the 1950’s the sectional sofa became popular and evolved into its present form and in the arrival of mid-century furniture design, the sectionals were built in the Victorian era. The sofas in the early Victorian era were primitive that is pushed to form a larger sofa.

# Chesterfield

It is known for quilted or tufted style. Only on the back and arms, some have tufted with designs while others include it on the seating bench section as well. With current sofa trends homes in Thrissur continues to be a popular style nowadays.

Origin of the Chesterfield

It is believed to be a sofa licensed by Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the 18th century.

# Lawson-style sofa

Comprised of pillows separate from the frame its signature design element sofa style is designed for comfort. To create softer and more cushioned sofa with large cushions are the reasons why luxury villas in Thrissur use this design. Recently it is a popular sofa design available in varying sizes, shapes, and colours. This has the technology to move the large pillows around for ultimate comfort.

History of the Lawson Sofa

This is relatively a new design created for financier Thomas W. Lawson in the early 20th century.He later designed a sofa that was modern in design and comfortable.

# Mid-Century modern

Since 1940 mid-century modern furniture ruled supreme. Now it is making a come back and seems that it will stay as it has now passed the test of time. This style is all about minimalist design and clean lines. This is good looking and provides a more comfortable way of sitting. When coupled with right home decor it will look fabulous.

# Contemporary Mid-century Modern Sofa

The term modern sofas are the common term used to refer to contemporary mid-century modern furniture. Mid-century modern furniture is different from contemporary furniture. Contemporary is based on a particular design style used for the current furniture like contemporary camelback or contemporary chesterfield.

# English Sofa

In relation to a high back, the English sofa is known for low arms. It is cushioned all over including arms with tight upholstery. So low as to appear to be armless some English rolled arm sofas have arms.

# Bridgewater Sofa

Comfortable and casual is what a Bridgewater is. The arms are lower than the sofa back and are slightly rolled to the side. This style fits for most features of the room and is seldom going to be the standout feature of the room.

# Camelback

The camelback sofas descend in a continuous line into the arms of the sofa. Designs are also provided with two arches on the back. This is also recognized for exposed wood legs and also exposed wood on top of the back and arms. Contemporary camelback sofa designs are more comfortable.

# Cabriole

With continuous design element, the arms of Cabriole sofa are often curved inward creating a long line from arm to arm. These sofas are more often substitute ornate for more comfortable features such as more cushion throughout. They are known for an exposed wood trim along the top of the back and arms. Contemporary cabriole sofas in the classic cabriole design without the wood trim are also available in the market.

# Chaise Lounge

They are still popular in today’s massive master bedroom suites. As it found as a patio furniture item typically found poolside the chaise lounge is extremely popular.

# Sleeper Sofas

Ranging from pull-outs to futons to daybeds there are many sleeper style sofas. Different categories of sleeper sofas are:

Pull-Out Sofa Bed

pull out sofa bed is the most popular form of the sleeper sofa. They are readily improved from twenty years ago. These well-designed beds of houses in Trichur offers a great sleeping solution for guests.
The speciality of this sofa is that the sofa back remains upright while the sleeping surface folds under the belly of the sofa from where it is stored and pulled out.


It is a sofa/bed combo. To create a large, flat, cushioned sleeping surface the back of the sofa can be folded downward. It is the couch made up of pieces that rearrange into a large flat sleeping surface with mattress comprised of the sofa cushion.

Convertible Sofa

A convertible sofa doesn’t have a mattress. Depending on the quality of a mattress this makes more comfortable than a pull-out bed.

Day Bed

Daybed can be a great place to kick your feet up for a nap. It looks similar to a chaise lounge except the daybed has backs on each side. The only drawback is that they don’t accommodate tall people unless you don’t mind resting your legs elevated.

Bunk Bed Sleeper

This is not a common sofa design it is a clan to a concept of sofa. For most houses in Thrissur, kids love this mostly because they love heights as well as anything that transforms. It is a great solution for cabins and vacation homes and also where extra sleeping accommodations are needed for kids.

3 Instant Tips to make your Villa Interesting

Premium Villas Images of Trichur

Homes or villas are the places that usually people take as a place for relaxing. The major three tips that can mimic to make your villa interesting are; planning for outdoor dining rooms, making outdoor fireplaces, and building charming rock walls. Now, let’s see three of them in detail.

<>Premium Villas Images of Trichur

Premium Villas Images of Trichur

Outdoor dining rooms

It is quite natural that people living in a fast-paced Hi-Tech world choose to build their dream heaven without that can possibly reconnect with nature and social life. For this the best ways to bring your home a backyard Oasis, perfect for a night party or as a relaxation mini area. We, Forms builders offer premium luxury villas in Thrissur. We build experienced architect designed villas at Thrissur, therefore, offering you every chance to customize the properties in Thrissur by preparing your stylish dining rooms outdoor. While choosing the most luxurious products for your new villa, we, Forms builders, best builders in Thrissur brings the indoors outside without pleasing dining area design. Whether elegant or rustic, no matter the design pattern you choose. But always bring home the best in the market and the best for your mind, after all, it is built for you and family. Therefore your outside dining area should be with the same level of gorgeousness and comforts as those you set inside.

There are wide options for choosing your dining tables. You can consider the opting glass, wood, concrete etc. Anything that suits the space can be taken in. Remember, this is a place that you dream to set some dinner parties for your friends and relatives. So avoid unnecessary decoration patterns those which exhaust too much of your available space.

Mixed materials are too much in the market this year. Therefore try choosing some copper chairs featuring a wooden table with concrete designs invaded in it. If your plan of reserving your area for a future long late night dinner party, then choose chairs like wicker adorned having fabric touch cushions. If the table you imagine to set as a simple provider to hold for people to take a bite from it and jump into the pool, then more sleek and ultra minimal style would be more than enough. Make your outdoor area as comfortable and appealing as your indoor area. Developers in Thrissur avoid old tables for furniture. Add garden chair cushions with large chairs to make them more comfortable. Append a pair of outdoor armchairs and a coffee table for relaxing in.

While opting for an outdoor dining area ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur considers lots of factors. Planning a door ideally from the kitchen will make it easy for transporting dishes and food in and out. Also, consider natural factors like wind and sun while planning with outdoor dinings. Consider privacy if you are living in a neighbourhood area. Choose flexible designs for furniture and chairs to fit for every age groups. Teak and powder coat steel is best suited for such furnishings because they are weather resistant and low maintenance.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fixing an authentic outdoor fireplace in your home is better than living in a normal house. Fueling the fire with the outdoor room boom fireplaces continue to grow in popularity. Not just fire pits in their outdoor living rooms, homeowners of houses in Thrissur are now demanding fireplaces in their house. Independent villas in Thrissur create a certain ambience that surrounds an outdoor fireplace. This will be a relaxing area for guests which encourage conversation and sooth the soul. To avoid costly mistakes be sure to educate yourself on the proper construction techniques.

Shivering in the cold wind during the winter season, the furthest innovation from you mind would be to add a fireplace as an accessory. This becomes a star feature when your guests admire you for it. But before that, you have to keep in mind about the right fireplace design to match the overall design, going in the same line till the end. Rather than just facilitating a feature to your home, it should add something in addition to your design. There are places where you can make decisions about the type of materials used to build the fireplace, extending to the size required.

Do you wish for a place in the centre where people can roast wieners and mores? Or you need a place where everyone can sit around and sing a melody with a guitar? Do the climatic conditions in your location needs more importance in providing heat than just a design? These all are the important facts to be considered before starting the construction. Designs vary from a fire pit to a dedicated fireplace build with a sound surrounding designs with stones and rock. Thus the actual need is in the minds of the owner. Villas in Kerala choose the best that suits your imagination.

Charming Rock Walls

Choosing a stone that does the double duty is a wise option. That is serving as a garden border or patio and extra backyard seating. Cast concrete blocks are good to look uniform around a patio. Building a retaining wall with stone will help to level your landscape. Luxury villas in Thrissur use manufactured blocks to make sure the wall is the exact height for levelling and also these walls have easy-fit grooves. Mortared walls can withstand for long years and holds the stone together to maintain its strength. Homes in Thrissur chooses a mortar with a dark grey pigment.

To get the look of a stone wall stone-veneer panels to offer an easy way. This natural stone enables you to transform an exposed foundation, concrete, bare cinder block, or framed walls in one weekend.

Rock walls came up One smart option is to build a stone wall that does double-duty, serving as a patio or garden border and extra backyard seating. Another choice is using the stone to build a retaining wall to help level your landscape. Roger likes to use manufactured block to make sure the wall is the exact height for levelling. Plus, these blocks have easy-fit grooves.

A flagship trend in modern villas. They had their history in colonial structures and now sneaking into a future design this trend are adopted by most of the Thrissur builders. Common walls are plain and offer the same finishing and design throughout the walls. But the difference seen is huge if we slightly change the texture of the walls by adding rock tiles or even designer rocks available in the market. Another positive impact of this is an all-new weather-locked system with equal protection and a covering from any form of environmental conditions. Generally, rocks are able to withstand any weather conditions like it doesn’t fade its colour in sun nor wash away in heavy rain, even it does not get polluted with any environmental gases normally. If you construct a hilly backyard, that would be ideal for customizing the walls thereby using stones or pebbled.

Everything you design is of beauty. Because ultimately, it is your choice to build your kingdom. Come to visit our contemporary villas in Thrissur to get an idea of our creativity.

The Real Estate Price Game.

Real Estate in Thrissur

Real estate in Thrissur is one of those business that will never face any economic crises, with the everlasting and ever increasing of land and property rates.

<>Real estate in Thrissur

We all know that, an old thing may not cost much compared to the price when you bought it, but in the case of properties in Thrissur its totally different, as Thrissur is a developing city in Kerala you don’t have to think twice before investing in land or property at all.

Let’s say you bought houses in Thrissur and then years pass by and you wish to sell the property to shift to a new villa project in Thrissur itself.

Indeed the new villa will cost you more compared to the old one you bought years ago, now according to the time value of money the price of your old house would have a much better rate compared to the time you bought it, as land value always increases and is found to be one of the most profitable investment in the market.

The following are the reasons that catapulted Thrissur real estate business in this modern era:-

Location, address is one of the first thing people ask you to know where you live. These days areas have more importance than the type of house you have, some areas grows as a status for being high, low or medium standard of living. Unfortunately this is the truth “ It’s the location that makes people, not people who make the location”.

With the availability of markets, hospitals, schools and many other infrastructure affect the current price of your land. These infrastructures may change according to the wants and needs of the people, so will those infrastructures close or shift to another place in a period of time, so make sure to consider your location as a factor.

Convenience, many customers act upon their convenience, employment opportunities, schooling, work and all these factors indeed, but a ready to occupy house would cost more compared to a house under construction. So make sure to upgrade or update your house, this will surely affect your land price and eventually offer you a better price. You can buy a single storey house and later on convert it into a double storey which will only increase the price of your property.

Inspection reports, before buying a property maybe your buyer may ask for a inspection report, you only see this happening is hot estate markets where the buyers are usually very demanding and ask for a house that is safe and well equipped. So having a good inspection report can provide you with a better rate for your land.

Ever had an annoying neighbour who always had their eye on your house and the faults that happen, so if you wish to leave the neighbourhood make sure you address them as nice and friendly neighbours to you as interested buyers, because these days good neighbours are hard to find.

Having good neighbours may not increase the rate of your property but can increase the chances for sale and if you find that your buyers are more interested to buy your house, this can allow you with a chance to increase the land price a bit more.

These are some of the factors that could affect the price rate of your land, so if you are interested in any premium villas in Thrissur, I suggest you to contact Forms Builders they can provide you with the best villas in thrissur.

Impressive Feature Wall Ideas For Your New Home

Are you planning to give lots of colours to your home? Or are you in search of giving your walls that beautiful, lively, unique look? Featured walls are the best for your home, packed with lots of advantages for your beautiful home and your pocket. You can even try this on any one room and if it works, you can fill every room of your home the colours of happiness. This is the best way to bestow your rooms with quick creativity and personality. You can even change them as season change. How beautiful it would be, right? Decor your wall with that not-much-expensive and slightly garish wallpaper that you love, not blowing out your budget.. And if you find your walls need some other design, change it with minimum scrapping and expense. Premium builders in Trichur knows well how to add beauty to your walls with these feature wall ideas

Feature wall has the potential to add depth and interest to any room. If the room is small and have low ceilings you can adapt wallpapers of dark colour and complex patterns that appears an overwhelming room. Many of the ongoing villa projects in Trichur are onto this new trend. When you think of feature wall the first thing that comes into your mind would be a large red painted wall. But this is not the only option with featured wall. It can live beyond your expectations! Those walls were out of fashion at once, but now has got into the trends of new home decor ideas that people love for villas in Trichur.

Marble Wallpapers to luxuriate your walls..


Marble wallpapers are all time favourite while going for home decor ideas. This is the huge trend for new homes now and will remain the same for a while. The huge benefit is that it is easy to peel-on-peel-off making the installation and replacement an easy procedure without much cost. You can simply go for another design if you are bored of the wallpaper pattern. You can cut down the expense for a big renovation project or installing real marble with marble wallpaper. Never off-the trend, these marble wallpapers provide a class to your interiors and your guest, a marvellous experience. Many of the Premium villas in Trichur has now adapted this idea for their walls to give their home that classic look.

Timber Panelling to give that neat look..

Add charm, rustic and endearing quality to your room with wooden panels. This is the best choice for your bedrooms to make it enchanting and warm incorporating wooden accents to your walls. Wood wall panelling will add up a unique style that is both mesmerising and captivating that can act as both modern and contemporary decors. Wooden accent walls are the best way to add character to your space. You can run it vertically or horizontally considering your wall length and size. This is so simple to install and can paint any colour according to your choice. There are lots of contemporary villas in Thrissur and other places in Kerala that gives that class look for homes using wood panels.

Cork Feature Wall to be on the trend..

Once you see a home decorated with cork feature, you’ll get on-board with it. This feature is highly utilitarian, not only due to its beautiful look but the functionality it serves. Cork wall is the best to pin things, hang memories of your family. It is also ideal for a home office. Cork is usually a warm material, you’ll need to balance it with some cool colour textures. If you are applying cork feature in large doses, do not forget to surround it with crisp white or cooler tone to make sure that your room is well balanced.

Large Scale Art to beautify your walls..


Do you have a little more in your pocket to make your walls alluring? Go for large-scale  art instead painting the whole wall. This is the best way to add up a distinct room that has a beautiful focal point. Though a good gallery on walls is never dead, large-scale art walls has grown its popularity in these years. This is pinned as one of the biggest trends of 2018 by Pinterest. Large-scale art works well on every room and every style and this is why luxury villas in Thrissur is in love with this feature wall idea.