8 Factors to keep in mind while buying a Dream home

To own a dream home in your native place that too a dream home is something that everybody wishes for. I was also hoping to own a dream home in my native place Thrissur. Known as the land of pooram there is high scope for Real estate in Trichur. Nowadays there are many real estate ventures in Thrissur. So the task before me was a difficult one. There were many pointers that I had to keep in mind while choosing the right builder and developer. They are:

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1. In Budget

When you plan to buy a home first thing that comes to your mind is the budget. Whether the coat of the home is within your estimated budget. I too had an estimated budget and wanted my dream home to cost within the set budget. It was quite a posh area and most of the builders and developers in Thrissur suggested that my dream home can cross my estimated budget.

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2. Customer friendly builders

After getting my home within my set budget next thing that worried me was whether the builders take my opinions and suggestions regarding how I want my home to be. Most of the builders in Thrissur will have their own set ideas that they input toward their work.

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3. Experienced Builders

One can identify whether the architects are experts in their field based on their work pattern and working ideologies. Many builders have less experience compared to others. It is very difficult to work with inexperienced builders or if they don’t meet your requisites.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

4. Choices among homes

Many properties in Thrissur have very limited choices when it comes to Villas, flats etc. They will have only certain types of home. Today’s generation of people prefers more in life.

5. Interior and Exterior designing

Buying a home doesn’t end with just buying your dream home. It is also about your home being spacious and also having a comfortable interior. Many completed villa projects have spacious villas but it might not be comfortable no matter how hard you try.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

6. After Move-in services

Before moving into your home it is essential to ensure that there is after sale services like repairs and maintenance of electrical supplies, plumbing fixtures, periodical inspection of lifts and other services. Some builders have a very strange policy of letting its client pay for all the services.

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7. Home care services

Most builders close their sale after selling the homes to the client. Most building and developing companies have a policy of move on from one client sale immediately after their flat are purchased to another new sale. Even if we request for their home care services after buying our home they won’t budge.

8. Good Location

A good location for your dream home is the most important thing you focus on at the end of the day apart from all the other factors. If all the basic amenities like grocery stores, hospital are nearby its a perfect location. And if you have kids make sure the location of your home is nearby their school.

Why choose Forms builders?

Keeping all the above-mentioned pointers in mind, I went through several brochures and websites. Finally decided that Forms will be a perfect choice. The reason I choose them was that Forms builders convinced me that “your dream home within your budget is our promise”. And it was worth my investment. They make sure that expenditure of buying a home is within your estimated budget. There are facilities like:

  • EMI based homes
    Where You can buy a home by paying the whole cost of your house in monthly installments.
  •  Area calculation
    we can calculate the area where we are planning to build our home and if you want to convert it into a villa you can calculate the conversion expense and pay the amount accordingly.
  • Home loan eligibility
    You can get homes if you have an eligible home loan. Preference is given to floating loan.

Another important factor is that Forms builders have expert architects and engineers who are best in creating beautiful homes. I was awestruck with their brilliance and their dedication towards customer satisfaction. All their homes are made by architects, engineers who have expertise in their field. They have the best architect designed villas at Thrissur.

Forms builders mainly focus on villas and they have different choices based on the preferences of the people like:

  • Luxury villas with a blend of luxury and comfort,
  • Premium villas that are ready to occupy,
  • Contemporary villas with all the facilities from good flooring to modular kitchen and
  • The Ultra modern villas with extra modern touch etc.

    Each type of villa is unique in terms of its design and construction. Their completed projects of villas in Thrissur have customized interiors and exteriors of homes according to customer preference. They are classy and elegant at the same time. Not all builders not even the best builders in Thrissur town assures you with both before and after move-in all the services like:

  • Repairs and maintenance needed for electrical connection, For example, if there is any faulty line that is interrupting your electrical services
  • Plumbing fixtures in your home like leak problems with the taps, Flush problem etc.
  • Other finishing items like installing new locks, install new switch plates and other devices.

But Forms builders ensures its customers with all these services and also periodical inspection of lifts etc.. Trust me I am more than satisfied with their move-in services. They also believe in making the client’s need as their priority. Their Housekeeping section provides clients with works like:

House cleaning

In case you’re planning to move in with your family and if the home is not clean you can call the housekeeping and inform them and they will make sure your house is cleaned.

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Pest control

Mosquitos and bugs are found everywhere. But when it becomes nuisance calling for pest control is the best. If you have pest control nearby then it is a bonus.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


When you move in you make sure to check the plumbing of your home. But even then there can be a sudden stoppage of water flow through the pipe. You can call the housekeeping section and get your problem solved.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Electrical maintenance

Electricity is the one thing that you cannot take any risk. So if there is a slight electric problem make sure to rectify the maintenance by informing the service personnel.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


If any furniture has to be repaired in your home you can call the housekeeping section and your carpentry work will be done.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Location of the villas is another aspect that Forms builders have given importance to. They have chosen places that are near to the town. Not too near the hustle and bustle of the city.  Also, the basic amenities like groceries, hospitals and educational institutions like schools and colleges are nearby.

Hence, In my opinion, when you are planning to buy your dream home choose the right builder. And I would like to recommend Forms builders because they have the best villas in Thrissur among all the other popular builders you can find. I can assure you that it be well worth your money and wait. So grab the opportunity of getting yourself a dream home for life.

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