Where is the best locality for your house?

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A house has many factors that you can change after a period of time like the paint, tiles, appliances, etc.. but the location of your villa won’t always change, now would it?

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I agree there are many villa projects in Thrissur, which makes it hard for you to purchase a villa the budget, color, size, location, quality and status of the builders all count, but among all these factors location is the only factor that would always be a factor that would bother you at present and future.

The competition of real estate in Thrissur has become so wild, that there is construction of new villa projects in Thrissur at each and every corner, so why would location matter? If there are so many villas in Thrissur then maybe you can take your time and buy one letter on, that’s what you feel right? Unfortunately, that feeling is a bit wrong.

With more people to buy villas compared to the villas for sale, you might have to wait for a long time if you don’t take a swift action to buy a good villa, at a good location or else you would probably have to compromise with your wants and eventually end up in a villa you never wished for.

These are the factors one must consider about the location where their house would be located:-


Make sure you find a location that provides you easy access to your office. Let’s just say no one wants to be late for work every day, neither do they want to wake up at 4:00 am just to reach at a time for work. So consider a location that can help you reach work on time without problems like traffic or blocks.


Even if you choose a location close to your office make sure that the route to your office is easy to travel by, make sure it does not be much crowded on the road. Even the smallest of traffic jam can make you late for work, so make sure to avoid such crowded areas.


Many Builders in Thrissur suggest that, ration is important but the source (market/ shop) counts more. You must make sure that markets and shops are in walkable distance, you know guests may pop up anytime to see your new home, it may be harsh to make them wait for food. Apart from food, medicines, groceries, hardware, textiles and other services must also be available.


I would not build my house next to a jail unless I want to expect a stranger to knock on my door late night, neither would I wish to have a house next to a zoo and expect a tiger to be on my yard. Take a safe location. Security is something that is important, having a hospital and a police station within 4km will do fine. A security person “who works” for the lane or area can provide you with a minimum security you need.

Factors for the future

An area can matter your choice. You would prefer to take a house that will be good for the future, many social malls, shops, and firms may start in days ahead, which will be profitable for you as it will eventually increase the price of your house.

Make sure you ain’t buying a house property at a polluted area unless you want to be sick or love pollution like Delhi. With global warming a real issue I assure you that the pollution will not get any better, but at least you can choose a place that offers you some good place to breathe.

Make sure that other infrastructures like an airport and the highway are nearby because at least once in your life you would have to visit the highway or the airport unless you owe a private plane and runway on your backyard. Too close to the highway may provide you with air pollution and being close to the airport noise pollution effects you.

Personally, Forms Builders provide you ready to occupy villas in Thrissur at the best locations available.

Impressive Feature Wall Ideas For Your New Home

Are you planning to give lots of colours to your home? Or are you in search of giving your walls that beautiful, lively, unique look? Featured walls are the best for your home, packed with lots of advantages for your beautiful home and your pocket. You can even try this on any one room and if it works, you can fill every room of your home the colours of happiness. This is the best way to bestow your rooms with quick creativity and personality. You can even change them as season change. How beautiful it would be, right? Decor your wall with that not-much-expensive and slightly garish wallpaper that you love, not blowing out your budget.. And if you find your walls need some other design, change it with minimum scrapping and expense. Premium builders in Trichur knows well how to add beauty to your walls with these feature wall ideas

Feature wall has the potential to add depth and interest to any room. If the room is small and have low ceilings you can adapt wallpapers of dark colour and complex patterns that appears an overwhelming room. Many of the ongoing villa projects in Trichur are onto this new trend. When you think of feature wall the first thing that comes into your mind would be a large red painted wall. But this is not the only option with featured wall. It can live beyond your expectations! Those walls were out of fashion at once, but now has got into the trends of new home decor ideas that people love for villas in Trichur.

Marble Wallpapers to luxuriate your walls..


Marble wallpapers are all time favourite while going for home decor ideas. This is the huge trend for new homes now and will remain the same for a while. The huge benefit is that it is easy to peel-on-peel-off making the installation and replacement an easy procedure without much cost. You can simply go for another design if you are bored of the wallpaper pattern. You can cut down the expense for a big renovation project or installing real marble with marble wallpaper. Never off-the trend, these marble wallpapers provide a class to your interiors and your guest, a marvellous experience. Many of the Premium villas in Trichur has now adapted this idea for their walls to give their home that classic look.

Timber Panelling to give that neat look..

Add charm, rustic and endearing quality to your room with wooden panels. This is the best choice for your bedrooms to make it enchanting and warm incorporating wooden accents to your walls. Wood wall panelling will add up a unique style that is both mesmerising and captivating that can act as both modern and contemporary decors. Wooden accent walls are the best way to add character to your space. You can run it vertically or horizontally considering your wall length and size. This is so simple to install and can paint any colour according to your choice. There are lots of contemporary villas in Thrissur and other places in Kerala that gives that class look for homes using wood panels.

Cork Feature Wall to be on the trend..

Once you see a home decorated with cork feature, you’ll get on-board with it. This feature is highly utilitarian, not only due to its beautiful look but the functionality it serves. Cork wall is the best to pin things, hang memories of your family. It is also ideal for a home office. Cork is usually a warm material, you’ll need to balance it with some cool colour textures. If you are applying cork feature in large doses, do not forget to surround it with crisp white or cooler tone to make sure that your room is well balanced.

Large Scale Art to beautify your walls..


Do you have a little more in your pocket to make your walls alluring? Go for large-scale  art instead painting the whole wall. This is the best way to add up a distinct room that has a beautiful focal point. Though a good gallery on walls is never dead, large-scale art walls has grown its popularity in these years. This is pinned as one of the biggest trends of 2018 by Pinterest. Large-scale art works well on every room and every style and this is why luxury villas in Thrissur is in love with this feature wall idea.




The 3 Factors to Consider When Planning Your New Home


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The three main factors that are to be considered while thinking about a new home. The three main components are:

  1. Budget
  2. Size
  3. Quality

The three main factors that are essential for building a new home is money, size and its quality. The initial meetings are mostly concerned about determining the available resources and and its effective utilization.

Navigating Budget, House Size, and Quality :

A new home is our big dream in all the sense, its designing and building  is very complicated and after all it is very straightforward… A house cannot be a dream home unless you fully understand the client’s needs and desires. Every luxury home should be unique and comfort to its occupants. When designing a new home for the desired clients, try to start with asking a lot of questions that will enable you in delivering the exact one. We must listen to their needs, understand their wants, and help to translate those into a design and well structured plan. After collecting all the details about the customer requirements create a priority list, which helps to determine the right size and level of quality needs to include.

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Focus on Quality More than the House Size…

To get the fine quality build the front side of the home with stone bricks and arched windows. Quality is a major factor in building a new home, which is underpinned by many standards and regulations. The specific standards are done to consolidate the requirements that lead to good quality in planning and building regulations across all tenures. Quality is an important factor that concerns the technical performance and the that are required inside the home. The final quality on building and construction completely concerned with the clients. Through using finest quality materials it enhances a sense of well-being and enable healthy lifestyles thereby creating extreme delight. Quality creates a value and a benefit for all involved in the process, which includes occupants, representatives and a development team to complete the overall project.

Enjoy Your House :

Always be bother about your new home, it will improve your mood and daily efficiency. Every home designs should focus on day-to-day aspects of everyday life. A warm welcoming frontage designs will make you pleased with the designs. Always keep a place to put keys, mail, sunglasses, hats, sports equipment, coats and gloves. The perfect arrangement of all the facilities. I promise that by not having these items clutter your kitchen counters, it will improve your mood and overall beauty of the new home.

These are the  important factors to be considered in maintaining a new home.

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