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Have you ever forgotten something at home and had to go back in to get it, only to realize later that you’ve forgotten to take something else?

We know the feeling, a little too well. Running back home, opening those double locked doors and searching everywhere (and we mean…EVERYWHERE!) for your smartphone or car keys is the most annoying thing ever!

In those moments, every single one of us would have wished at least once for someone to remind us to take it with us in the first place. Even better, if the things itself could make some kind of a notification sound so that we won’t keep forgetting.

What if all those little and big devices in your life could connect to the internet?

And we don’t just mean computers and smartphones, but everything; clocks, car keys, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it.

And what if all those devices could communicate to each other, send you information, and take your commands?

No, It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.

With the Internet of Things taking over our lives, automation has made lives simpler and homes smarter. Smart homes are the building blocks to smart cities and a much secure lifestyle.

So what is IOT to be exact?

Getting straight to the point, It is a connected home technology that is designed to automate functions and grant you control over your premium properties.

This home control mechanism gives you the access to control the security of your house. It depends heavily on mobile application control which can be integrated with the security systems installed. You can set the time schedule, and the rest is automated and based on your personal preferences, thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home.

And the cherry on top being the alerts to events that you might want to know about right-away while you are gone, like water leaks and unexpected access to your home etc.

From window shades to pet feeders, you get to control items around the house with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). If you’re thinking that this is not something that you can try because you’re worried about the expenses, you couldn’t be more wrong. While some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive, others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money. Some of these smart devices come inbuilt when you buy new ready to occupy villas. But there are always options to do this affordably if you know which ones to get and where to look for.

Here are some of the smart devices that still belong to the affordable category, that you can check out.

Smart Thermostat

It’s winter and you need to cozy up and keep warm when you are home. Want to keep your home cozy and still save money? Then a smart thermostat may be the answer. Getting complete control on your home heating isn’t just a huge win for convenience. You can save a lot of money by heating your home efficiently, and there’s no better feeling than popping the heating on during your commute and arriving at a warm house. Nowadays most ultra modern villas have these babies installed for the ultimate comfort.

Smart Light Bulbs

Remember the days when we used to think ‘The Clapper’ was the most high-tech way of turning on lights? Thankfully, that didn’t last long. Now, we have eco and budget-friendly bulbs available in the market that have us clapping for an entirely different reason. Some smart LED light bulbs can even change their colors to mimic a sunrise or sunset, in addition, to complete control over light intensity, dimming options, remote access, and money savings. Smart light bulbs are common in premium luxury villas around the globe.

Did you know you can program some of these lights to turn into a specific colour if you get a text or call from a particular someone? How cool is that?

Fitness Bands

Not a necessity, however, some of these can be linked to your house and can be programmed to do some interesting things. For example, you can integrate it so that when you wake up it will turn on the downstairs lights and start brewing coffee. Of course, this is in addition to the common uses like heart rate monitoring, weight tracking and overall fitness monitoring. Need more reasons to buy one?

Portable Speakers

Great for listening to music and available in a plugged or unplugged version, the smart portable speakers provide improved audio with its inbuilt speakers as well as up to 6 hours of battery life. It’s a no-brainer update for those who want their music with them anywhere they go. They add such a posh feel to any contemporary villas.

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