Buying a home or building one can be stressful which is equivalent to your ideal budget. Kerala known for its beautiful and ideal locations for people to spend their vacations has become an optimum place for Real estate development. Thrissur, known as the land of pooram and cultural capital of Kerala has become one of the most sort after place amongst other places for all the premium builders to begin their real estate ventures.

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Who is the best?

When it comes to choosing the right interior designer for decorating your home make sure that you consult with an expert as only a professional interior designer can help in knowing what needs to be added to each and every part of your home and how to beautify it more. Best builders in Thrissur town and their interior designers provide more client-oriented services by keeping in mind the opinions of their clients in designing the interior of the home.

Types of interior designing

There many types of interior designing. Here is a list of few interior designing styles:

Contemporary Interior designing in villas

The Contemporary style of designing the interior of a home is something which is constantly evolving and reflecting the latest trends in them. People go for the contemporary style of designing as they like to adapt to new trends rather than being stuck in the past. Contemporary villas at Thrissur is what more people prefer as they are constructed and designed to assure people that they are protected from climatic adversities like for instance floods.

independent villas in thrissur

Modern influence in interior designing of villas

By modern influence, we mean that the designs are inspired from the modern era when the interior of a home was designed in such a way that it made homes look more classy, elegant, and simple. Even today many villas in Thrissur have been inspired by modern designs and have incorporated them in their villas which make them unique and stylish. Using of pastel colors and adding tiny but grand details in the interior can make a home look one of a kind.

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Interior designing in Luxury Villas

Anybody who prefers a palatial home with more space to move around and those who have enough financial source will opt for the luxury villas in Thrissur. Designing the interiors of a luxurious villa is huge task when compared to a normal home as there is lot space in every part of the house and it has to ensure that they cover all the parts of the home. You can use metallic elements and make your home look more classy. For instance, adding glass doors to your washrooms or any other part of your home to make them look fancier.

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Monochromatic Interior decor

The Monochrome or monochromatic design is nothing but using of a single color palette in various shades. For example, if we use a pale shade of grey for our walls we can add a dark shade of grey on the cupboards to give it a contrast yet stylish look to the interior of our home.

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2018 trends in Interior designing

Interior designing trends are going through a variety of changes. Perception of a beautiful home differs from person to person. In Thrissur and other places in Kerala, interior designing has evolved in the past few years and expectations of the people have changed from ancient royal designs to a fusion of ancient and latest designs together. But with climate situation being the top priority, people prefer more environment-friendly homes.

independent villas in thrissur

Go Green homes

In a time when adverse climatic conditions are huge concern among the people who are looking for homes builders and developers in Trichur are focussing on go green as their prime motto and as part of this initiative, they are developing homes surrounded with more greenery and nature-friendly. This applies to the interior of the home as well. List of  go green ideas that can be followed in the interior designing of a home :

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Living area

The Living area is the part of your home where you would spend your morning time reading newspaper along with a hot cup of tea and also for watching tv in the nighttime. It is ideal to place few compact flower vases in the living area especially in the visible corner that makes your living area more rejuvenating and interesting. This will encourage people to spend more time in your living area.

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Internal courtyard

Internal courtyard is not a recent trend in homes of Thrissur and other parts of Kerala but more of a common phenomenon. Since the time of the royal period, there used to be an internal courtyard in Nalukettu style. Now, most of the premium villas at Thrissur are recreating the famous Nalukettu style internal courtyards where you can laze around and enjoy a beautiful rainy day as people even now love nadumuttam or internal courtyards and spend most of their time there. Blending the nalukettu style internal courtyard with new designs the villa builders and developers give beautiful visual treats and at the same time real health goals.

independent villas in thrissur

Temperature controlling window screens

When you are planning to use window screens in your home use light colored screens which will help in controlling the room temperature and make your room, living area cool. Ready to occupy villas in Thrissur provide you with beautiful and nature-friendly homes.

independent villas in thrissur

Green Kitchen

After living room when you go towards the kitchen near its entrance you can keep mini herb vases which can be also used for daily cooking. You can also paint part of the kitchen with pastel shades of green which will make you feel fresh and also you will be able to cook your food more healthy.

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Dining Area

Once you are done with Kitchen, focus on your dining area where you eat and serve food to your guests who come to your home. You can always place a herb bowl filled with mint to make people who come to the dining area including yourself feel soothing and lets you enjoy your food time.

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No matter how hard you work and roam around elsewhere at the end of the day bedroom is the first place you want to be in just to have your own time and take a much-needed break from your daily routine. It would be ideal to have your bed facing the window so that your sleep will be peaceful. You can also add window screens to your room to make your room cool.

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When somebody comes to your home to meet you after refreshments the first thing he or she asks is for the washroom and if you have kept your washroom neat and also have added some extra bit of finishing touches like orchids on the windowsill will make your bathroom more nature-friendly. Next time you buy a home make sure to keep these pointers in mind and make your home a wonder world.

independent villas in thrissur

Hence many ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur are competing themselves by providing customers with its best-designed homes and encouraging more and more people to buy homes from them. They provide customized interior designs based on the preferences of the client and in coming years more builders and developers will showcase their creativity in their craftsmanship and use new designing technology and transform interior designing into the next level.

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