How to make your home New year ready

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With new year around the corner, everything is new in your life. From new dresses to new utensils we want everything afresh. Even our homes can be decorated in a new way to welcome another bright year ahead. And with a New year comes new creative decorating ideas. Some designs to watch for in 2019 are:

Craftsman Lighting Fixtures


Most people who are buying homes from different properties in thrissur focus more on natural elements than expensive ones because they prefer natural space for themselves rather than a tech savvy space. This includes lighting of your home. Include artisan lighting fixtures to make your home naturally bright.

Create a Natural Ambience


People prefer using natural elements like copper,stone, granite compared to the most sophisticated materials to decorate homes. By adding a touch of copper or granite the ambience of your home will be serene and also little bit of organic touch to it.

Velvet Furnishings


A home without furniture is something we cannot imagine to be true. Many types of fabrics are used in our sofa seaters but this New year try velvet fabric on your sofa seater to make it look stylish and neat. The Furnished homes of ongoing villa projects in trichur come with beautiful velvet sofa seaters which are comfortable and elegant.

Floral patterns for walls


Decorating walls of your home is something one cannot skip on. Especially with beautiful wallpapers. Imagine using Floral design on your wall,it will be a soothing visual treat. Developers in Thrissur suggests the Use of floral designed wallpapers on the walls of any room of your home to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Copper Accents


Early 2018’s we had the trend of using Rose gold for rooms. In 2019 we will see the use of Copper accents to the rooms to make it feel earthly. With copper and the mixture of other metals, copper accented walls are one of the upcoming trends followed by Ongoing and completed villas in trichur.

Lavish Color palette

Rich color palette are used for decorating the walls beautifully and bring out the beauty of the usually dull furniture. You can use dramatic red, bold yellows and organic greens to paint your walls to make it look stunning and to give your room a rich look.

Designing the decor using Brass accent

For designing the interior decor people are going for brass instead of nickel and steel. Because brass is more delicate and warm. They are also good alternatives for Steel accent.

Use of Black & White in Decor


Use of Black & White for the interior decor has become more common phenomenon nowadays. The contrast appeal of these colors have made the designers want to experiment the color combination more often.

Millennial pink or blushing pink Decor

Millennial pink more commonly known as blushing pink is widely used in the Home decor and Fashion. But the year 2019 will see more creative use of this color in the interior decor. As it helps in creating more space in your room.

Use of Red in interior Decor


Apart from other warm colors red is the most fiery and warmest color as well. The use of red in interiors have made the home look more inviting. Amongst the red color family, tonal red is the color that has a complementing and contrast affect on the interior.

Blend of shapes and patterns

Shapes and patterns have been the architect’s best friend. The geometric patterns have been part of the interior designing for homes in thrissur for long now but in the year 2019 we will see the new version of the pattern designing with the use of bold colors. This way your home will look updated to a new transformed home.

Concrete Accents


The concrete accents are in use for interior decor of most the homes in the completed Villas projects thrissur. In 2019 we can see more of concrete accents in most of the homes. Best villas in Thrissur have designed their interior spaces like Kitchen tops and sinks mostly using the concrete accents.

Vintage lighting

Beautiful lights that has an antique touch to it are used by many people to give their home a vintage feel. In 2019 we will see the use of beautiful antique lightings which were quite a popular trend in earlier centuries like 18th century.

Hence these are some of the ways to make your home New Year ready and make it look futuristic.

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