Where is the best locality for your house?

A house has many factors that you can change after a period of time like the paint, tiles, appliances, etc.. but the location of your villa won’t always change, now would it?

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I agree there are many villa projects in Thrissur, which makes it hard for you to purchase a villa the budget, color, size, location, quality and status of the builders all count, but among all these factors location is the only factor that would always be a factor that would bother you at present and future.

The competition of real estate in Thrissur has become so wild, that there is construction of new villa projects in Thrissur at each and every corner, so why would location matter? If there are so many villas in Thrissur then maybe you can take your time and buy one letter on, that’s what you feel right? Unfortunately, that feeling is a bit wrong.

With more people to buy villas compared to the villas for sale, you might have to wait for a long time if you don’t take a swift action to buy a good villa, at a good location or else you would probably have to compromise with your wants and eventually end up in a villa you never wished for.

These are the factors one must consider about the location where their house would be located:-


Make sure you find a location that provides you easy access to your office. Let’s just say no one wants to be late for work every day, neither do they want to wake up at 4:00 am just to reach at a time for work. So consider a location that can help you reach work on time without problems like traffic or blocks.


Even if you choose a location close to your office make sure that the route to your office is easy to travel by, make sure it does not be much crowded on the road. Even the smallest of traffic jam can make you late for work, so make sure to avoid such crowded areas.


Many Builders in Thrissur suggest that, ration is important but the source (market/ shop) counts more. You must make sure that markets and shops are in walkable distance, you know guests may pop up anytime to see your new home, it may be harsh to make them wait for food. Apart from food, medicines, groceries, hardware, textiles and other services must also be available.


I would not build my house next to a jail unless I want to expect a stranger to knock on my door late night, neither would I wish to have a house next to a zoo and expect a tiger to be on my yard. Take a safe location. Security is something that is important, having a hospital and a police station within 4km will do fine. A security person “who works” for the lane or area can provide you with a minimum security you need.

Factors for the future

An area can matter your choice. You would prefer to take a house that will be good for the future, many social malls, shops, and firms may start in days ahead, which will be profitable for you as it will eventually increase the price of your house.

Make sure you ain’t buying a house property at a polluted area unless you want to be sick or love pollution like Delhi. With global warming a real issue I assure you that the pollution will not get any better, but at least you can choose a place that offers you some good place to breathe.

Make sure that other infrastructures like an airport and the highway are nearby because at least once in your life you would have to visit the highway or the airport unless you owe a private plane and runway on your backyard. Too close to the highway may provide you with air pollution and being close to the airport noise pollution effects you.

Personally, Forms Builders provide you ready to occupy villas in Thrissur at the best locations available.

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