15 Low cost home Ideas

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Buying/building home is everybody’s dream. Apart from the choice for simple homes, low cost homes is another option they go for. With scarcity of necessary resources, money people are forced to go for low cost home ideas. Here are some of the low cost home ideas:

Soothing wall colours

Normally people go for vivid and trendy colours. If you prefer a low cost idea then go for colors that are neutral like pink, grey or blue.

Retro furniture

When it comes to designing living room generally people go for modern furnitures, you can place a retro model furniture . This too is similar to today’s modern furniture but was famous back in the 70’s. Most premium villas come with retro model furnitures which gives the home a beautiful finish.


Another low cost home ideas is the concept of minimalism. Bold contrast paired with the aesthetic looks makes your home look more simple. For instance you can add a wallpaper as the backdrop of your living room. Popular builders and developers go with concept of minimalism to attract their customers.

Eye catching house plants

Gorgeous plants place in the corners of your living room is another way of low cost home idea that is healthy as well. A beautiful vase kept in your living rooms are good for attracting people’s attention and also for your good health.

Countryside decor

When you go for decorating your home go for less expensive and elegant touch. Natural wood,soft fabrics and organic colors will give your home more natural look. Contemporary villas are designed in such a way that it has an elegant touch to it and at the same time less costly for your pockets.

Creative walls

Designing the walls creatively is another low cost home idea. Give your walls plain color and add a beautiful stencilled motif and there! the wall is wonderful, creative and simple at the same time.

On-off murals

Creative decoration of your room can be done many ways. For instance you can create a simple mural painting on the wall that can both beautify the wall as well as bring a perfect feel to your room.


Another low cost home ideas is the patterns, the patterns can be used extensively for the decor. For example you can give fabrics with multiple patterns for your furniture or curtains. This will make your room look different. Best villa builders go for low cost designing for their homes to make their homes budget friendly.

Framed mirrors

The mirrors are an added beauty to your space. Especially framed mirrors that is available in different shapes and sizes. They can not only enhance the space of your room but can also make the framed mirrors a perfect display.

Photo frames

One of the easiest low cost home ideas is the personalising the space of your home using photo frames. For instance you can create a family gallery by displaying the pictures of your loved ones.

Be crafty

Being crafty doesn’t end with displaying paintings etc on the walls but also thinking out of the box for example, frame the wallpaper design and hang it on the wall. This will be combination of both simple and out of the box at the same time.

Bold colors

Another low cost home idea is using bold colors. Use of vibrant bold colors with the mix of patterns and texture to make your home beautiful.

Book racks

Books are great companions that lasts for life. And the best way to ensure that they are preserved is by maintaining a beautiful shelves where you can place your books in such a way that you can build your own library at home.

Bright lights

Most people go for luxurious lights for hanging them either in their living room or hallways. Instead to make low cost home earthly copper floral lamps or rustic brass chandeliers can be hung in the hallways or in the living room.

Rustic elements

Another simple way to make low cost home is to include rustic elements like a wooden clock or a metallic frame mirror in your space to make your home trendy at the same time low cost.

Update old fixtures

The most easy way to make low cost home is the updation of old fixings like old door knobs,drawer pulls etc.

Hence these are some of the low cost home ideas that you can follow and make your home beautiful in a less expensive way.

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