13 Tips to Make Home Child Friendly

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When you buy a home for you and your family lots of factors are taken into consideration. Like whether it has spacious rooms, modular kitchen, interior designed according to your taste. But there is a very important factor that needs to be focused which is to make your home child friendly. You might be happy to spend more time with your partner and not ready for a kid right now. But future is not predictable and we have to be ready for the same. When we know that our family might grow bigger and beautiful. Make sure your home is also prepared well. Builders and developers in Thrissur provide its customers with child friendly homes. There area few tips we can follow to ensure that our home is child friendly. They are:

Make silly your family

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Making your home child friendly means taking your child’s silly ideas and adding them to the decor of the home to create an amusing atmosphere for your kids and guests. For example, having a small wallpaper of your kid’s favourite animal or tree. After all everyone needs something in a silly way in his/her life and kids are no exception.

Get kids involved in interior designing

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Get your kid involved in interior designing discussions. Allow them to choose the most quirky things to design for instance a set of cushions with the favorite cartoon characters in the living room or their playroom. Also allowing them to select accessories for decorating will encourage them to think creatively and also make them feel important.

Create kids space

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Your kid as fast moving as you are with your thoughts. Just like to be motivated by reading books, encourage your kids to read which is life long gift for them. Create a separate space for your children where they can enjoy reading in their free time. You can place a bean bag or any soft seater along with a compact bookshelf where in your kid can take a book, sit, read and learn. Ongoing and New villa projects in Thrissur focus on creating best child friendly homes.

Give your child his/her own space

A child needs his/her space to be creative in life. Don’t control your child’s creativity. This can discourage them from doing something that is interesting to them. Allow your child to design her room. For example, allow them to draw and paint their room according to their likes. You can also keep separate boxes for their toys, crafts, dresses etc.

Make them adapt nature into their spaces

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Placing plants in your home not only is a great source of fresh air but its also a permanent source of positivity in life. Like your living rooms and other rooms, kids room can also have plants that they can water everyday. You can go to nearest garden center and buy a pot together. If you want to save your pockets buy a terracotta pot that can be painted and decorated by your kid. Popular builders in Thrissur town provides its buyers with homes that are close to nature.

Motivate outside play

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Today’s generation prefers to sit inside their home and play video games. As parents it is your responsibility to motivate your kids to play outside. To make this happen create an atmosphere where kids are pulled from inside to the backyard of your house. You can add some tiny swings, a makeshift climbing walls etc. This is possible if you have more space But if you have less space try placing black boards so that kids can play crosses or anything they want. Best villa builders in Thrissur ensures that there is a play area for kids within their home.

Creative storage spaces

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Clutter makes a home look disinterested. Even if you have kids their toys will be everywhere. Not that its bad but you can organise clutter and make them look interesting. To avoid overflowing spaces in your kid’s room you can build a creative storage space where they can store their toys and games. You can also place empty baskets in the corner where your child can keep his toy cars, building blocks set in those boxes.

Build a tent or fort

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Every Child loves to hide from his mother or father and play his games. Just for fun and to spend his time enjoying his imaginary home. Buy or build makeshift tent or fort and place few cushions inside them where your kid can spend his day or night in an imaginary fort or tent all for themselves. Villa builders in Thrissur provides their customers with spacious homes were you can build a makeshift tent or fort for you kid.

Say a word

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All your kid needs is an encouraging word from you at the end of the day. Instead of saying it all out loud you can add some kid-friendly word art to motivate your kid. This way your child will love to be in his/her room. And when they wake up in the morning they can get their instant motivation from those word art posters.


Kids like to draw, paint and create their own masterpieces and they like to share their works with the world. Encourage their talent by adding their few masterpieces in large frames. Big frames are ideal to hang pictures as they can be replaced whenever you want. You can keep their painting and other works in the living room display area for your guests to see and appreciate your kid’s talent.

Stain-repellent fabric

Children are messy and there is no end to it. No matter how careful you are, your toddlers will rub his/her fingers on the sofa or the /she might wipe their face with your linen curtains. Use stain-repellent fabrics for your sofa and your curtains. This way you can clean your sofa and curtains when you feel its dirty. Prominent builders in Trichur provides homes with stain repellent fabric curtains and sofa.

Color kid-friendly

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VApart from keeping all the toys organised, embracing their creations etc. You can also color your kid’s room and other areas of the home where they play with amazing colors like pink,blue,yellow etc. This way their rooms will be lively and bright. For example if you paint the wall of your kid’s wall with a mix of pink,blue, white and yellow your kid will definitely love it.


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Every kid will be naughty and they keep on running and playing in and around the house and them getting hurt because of that is inevitable. So last but not least, do keep a kid-friendly first aid kit handy at your home. You never know when your kid will get hurt and will need first aid.

Hence these are some of the tips to make you home kid-friendly which you need to keep in mind while buying a home. In future these tips will help all the prospective home buyers to make their homes kid-friendly and cool place for their kids to live. Encourage your kid’s creativity from his/her home as its home where you learn the basics of everything in life.

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