9 Points on why you should own eco-friendly Houses in Thrissur

Having a new home is something all human being thrive for. Even in the case of every living species, a secure permanent place is something they love to have all the time. However, there are few who still don’t have their own home or most, unfortunately, few of those who lost their home in any natural calamities. For example, those who hit by the recent Kerala flood. There are many still living in shelter homes and rescue camps since either the house is destroyed or it completely took away by the flood. Even many building developers in Thrissur went bankrupt. These are the times we can’t complain much but feel sorry for ourselves. However. What we can do is to prevent such a situation and go green all the way.

Having an eco-friendly home will secure you from natural calamities to a certain extent and will provide many other living species a hope to settle at one place and make it home. Since deforestation and illegal way of building new homes and factories can cause big calamities and we just experienced it. Hence here we are pointing out a few points which will come handy to find an eco-friendly home near to you or anywhere you need.

Here are few points which you can consider while looking for a new home

  1. Environment-friendly
  2. Being eco-friendly is the most important factor to find a home now. Having a home surrounded by buildings and traffic nuisances will take your peace away. Whereas when you are surrounded by trees and plants will provide you with fresh air and a peaceful environment. You can find many eco-friendly Properties in Thrissur who can provide you with houses which are environment-friendly.

  3. Pet-friendly homes
  4. Having a pet in your home will help you to nurture nature in its true form. An animal lover will naturally have care for the environment which will help to protect the environment. Hence find out a home where the pet is allowed so that whenever you want a pet, society should turn down their head. Pets basically connect us with the environment and that connection encourages us to explore more about how nature works and what we are doing wrong. There are Ongoing and New Villa Projects in Trichur which is pet-friendly as well as environment-friendly.

  5. A society with better infrastructure
  6. Rather than looking for a swimming pool or gym, look for a better infrastructure area where gardens, play area for kids and a good amount of area reserved for trees and plant. This will help to have a better and peaceful environment and will provide a cool environment throughout the year. Most of the other societies facing extreme weather changes and feel suffocated due to poor infrastructure and ignoring environments.

  7. The society with better waste management
  8. The society with who don’t have waste management is polluting the city. When there is no proper waste mechanism, people tend to throw wastes at public locations and it becomes excessive waste which eventually pollutes the city and makes way for new diseases. Even delegating the local team for waste disposal is not sufficient since waste disposal not properly managed by them. Having your own waste management system will make sure the least waste coming out of your society.

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  9. Rainwater Reservoirs
  10. Most of the Builders in Thrissur Town do not have rainwater reservoir. Being one of the top rain collecting states in India, Kerala losing a lot of its water in the Arabian sea. The benefit of society’s own rainwater reservoir is to preserve fresh water from rain and filter and use it for daily usage. However, lack of rainwater harvesting system loses us a lot of free water and they ended up being part of the Arabian sea. In order to avoid such losses, find premium properties in Thrissur with rainwater reservoir.

  11. Blo-Gas Plant
  12. Although we have ultra modern villas at Thrissur, none of them actually contributing to the environment correctly. In fact, they are adversely affecting our natural resources by the excess usages of modern electronic equipment. The sad part is none of us don’t really care about it. On the verge of setting up our basic needs, we are ignoring the basic environmental structure for a few little comforts we are gaining.

    Biogas plant does contribute to our planet in a good way by supporting the waste management and making cooking gas from the waste we are producing. This will help to reduce the waste going out of our society since we are recycling the majority of wastage in Bio Gas plant. However, plastic waste still exists as it cannot be used in the biogas plant. Imagine if all the Properties in Thrissur does have bio-gas plant and proper waste management system, Thrissur would consider being a waste-free city.

  13. Solar Energy
  14. Thrissur does have a lot of big societies with even 1000 people residing. Bigger the society it has, the bigger need for energy and a bigger way of wasting it. However, the other point is, the bigger the society is, bigger chances of energy resources. Most of our city electricity is purely dependent on Kerala electricity. However, we are yet to adapt to solar energy for a long term. Societies who have higher area coverage, can install solar grids on top of their society or anywhere where sun lights hit the maximum. Installing solar energy will give us a lifetime less energy consumption and less relay on Kerala electricity board. This will be a huge impact if all homes in thrissur adapt solar grids. However, it will be costly for individuals to fit solar, hence it is more convenient for big societies who have area and money to install it.

  15. Walk or do Cycling that a ride
  16. Most of us are enjoying the new technologies and motors what gives us almost everything at the doorstep. Even when there is a need for a journey, they use motor vehicles. The hardest part is even for less than 1 KM journey a lot of us using motorbikes rather than our legs. This is indeed a serious issue on our health as well as for the environment.

    Using motorbike or any other vehicle is convenient for anybody, however, when it used for unnecessary use such as a trip for 1 KM as such, is letting yourself into danger health issues in future considering, how less active you are.

    Using vehicles for short trips does affect our environment in terms of air, and noise pollution as well as resource reduction. As we know, petroleum products are extracted from the earth in the form of fuel. These fuel does take years and years to generate and excessive use of these products decreasing the remaining fuel under the earth crust. Hence using cycle ride or walk for short distance does improve your health and it makes environment and atmosphere clear. And calm. Hope our residence in Trichur villas and houses in Trichur do realize these points and take it up further. Because protecting our environment is indirectly protecting mankind.

  17. Plant Trees

Often the trend in Thrissur is that when building any society, a lot of plants are cut down and no initiative has taken to plant new ones by the builder or the society members. We have seen the side effect of cutting down trees through Kerala flood. Hence it is important for our society to plant trees to balance the ecosystem for a good environment-friendly life. Most of the societies without any plant are more suffocated with high temperature compare those societies who have planted trees. This is because of the imbalance of oxygen and lack of shadows that provided by trees. Let’s hope upcoming villa projects in Thrissur give priority to the environment.

The environment is as important or more important than a man-made home, especially when mankind survival depends upon the environment. When more and more environment is being neglected, crucified or ignored, that or more impact it will give back to us. Recent Kerala flood does provide us more insight that, whatever we build of developing when nature decides, it can wash away everything within seconds. The only way to escape from such calamities is to be nature-friendly and initiate environment action when you see something not going well. Because when nature lashes out, we can’t do anything but to suffer. Hope you will keep these points in mind when searching for premium luxury villas in Thrissur.

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