Home hacks that you can try

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Maintaining a home is a tough task, from cleaning to cooking and to maintenance becomes one hell of a job. But with little bit of hacks here and there your home can look totally different and creative. Prominent builders and developers suggests little hacks that you can try to make your home unique.>

Hacks that you can try

These are some of the hacks that you can try often to make your home look different:

From Magazine holders to space saving storage

Storage issues are one of the major day to day concerns when it comes to cleaning of your home. At times it is difficult to get sufficient plastic bins to store your things. But with a few magazine holders one can arrange and store their things perfectly.

Clean blender with dish soap

Blenders are one important cooking tool which is used for various recipe preparations. Once you use them it is essential to clean them properly for proper maintenance. Clean the blenders with dish soap. This will help in maintenance of the tool.

Line the caulked area with painters tape

To make your window or tub look more presentable use painters tape. This will make the little messy lines of the window look perfect and presentable.

Little hole in the bottom of the trash bin

Maintaining a proper trash bin is one hell of a task. It can be overloaded and become a sticky mess. But with little hole in the bottom of the bin can avoid the bin from becoming sticky.

Prevent doors from getting locked with a rubber band

Doors with automatic lock feature is the current trend. Most completed Villas come with doors with automatic locks and many people prefer these types of doors. But the immediate problem they face is the door getting locked by slight carelessness. Use a flexible rubber band and loop it around the doorknob, twist it and ensure that it is pressed into the door and loop the other end on the other side of the knob.

Use LED lights to illuminate the kitchen cabinets

To brighten the kitchen cabinets you can fix LED bulbs. This will help in illuminating the dark kitchen cabinets. Instead of installing over pricy bulbs, LED bulbs will help in illuminating the countertops and upto the budget. Most contemporary villas come with LED lights already fixed in the kitchen cabinets.

Clean the blind with towel-wrapped tongs

Dusting the blinds is essential especially in places that are prone to gusty winds which can bring lots of dust and if you have blinds on the window then cleaning it is a tough task. But with dish towels wrapped around either side of the pair of tongs will help in cleaning the blinds easily.

Put masking tape before nailing the walls

When you want to hang something on the wall and planning to make hole on the wall for the same ensure that you place a masking tape before you plan to make a hole. This will help in preventing future cracks and flake/dust caused from nailing the walls.

Keep the door from hitting the wall by covering the knob with the tennis ball

There are situations where the some people find it difficult to open the door knob properly. To avoid damage of the knob due to the rash use you can make a slit on the tennis ball and cover the door knob with it to ensure smooth opening of the door.

Hang paintings to the hinges to conceal the unsightly alarm

Alarm system is something one cannot avoid with. But you also don’t want to make it obvious that you have an alarm system, so to conceal the hinges you can paintings which will make the space look beautiful and also doesn’t make it obvious to people that you have a alarm setting.

Organize the pot and pan lids with a rack

Organizing the pot and pan lids is a tough task and to make this task easy, you can use vertical wired magazine rack to keep them organised on the inside of the cabinet door.

Remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste

Furnitures are prone to scratches, especially when you have a kids at home. Most of us always have trouble in removing these scratches and for this you can use small pea-sized amount of paste/gel to remove the scratches.

Use mason jars to store excess paints

After the painting of your home is completed, storage of excess paints is next step. For this storage facilities is something essential and this is when mason jar comes in handy. Pour the excess paint in the jar and screw the lid tight and there one stop solution for excess paint storage.

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