Home hacks that you can try


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Maintaining a home is a tough task, from cleaning to cooking and to maintenance becomes one hell of a job. But with little bit of hacks here and there your home can look totally different and creative. Prominent builders and developers suggests little hacks that you can try to make your home unique.>

Hacks that you can try

These are some of the hacks that you can try often to make your home look different:

From Magazine holders to space saving storage

Storage issues are one of the major day to day concerns when it comes to cleaning of your home. At times it is difficult to get sufficient plastic bins to store your things. But with a few magazine holders one can arrange and store their things perfectly.

Clean blender with dish soap

Blenders are one important cooking tool which is used for various recipe preparations. Once you use them it is essential to clean them properly for proper maintenance. Clean the blenders with dish soap. This will help in maintenance of the tool.

Line the caulked area with painters tape

To make your window or tub look more presentable use painters tape. This will make the little messy lines of the window look perfect and presentable.

Little hole in the bottom of the trash bin

Maintaining a proper trash bin is one hell of a task. It can be overloaded and become a sticky mess. But with little hole in the bottom of the bin can avoid the bin from becoming sticky.

Prevent doors from getting locked with a rubber band

Doors with automatic lock feature is the current trend. Most completed Villas come with doors with automatic locks and many people prefer these types of doors. But the immediate problem they face is the door getting locked by slight carelessness. Use a flexible rubber band and loop it around the doorknob, twist it and ensure that it is pressed into the door and loop the other end on the other side of the knob.

Use LED lights to illuminate the kitchen cabinets

To brighten the kitchen cabinets you can fix LED bulbs. This will help in illuminating the dark kitchen cabinets. Instead of installing over pricy bulbs, LED bulbs will help in illuminating the countertops and upto the budget. Most contemporary villas come with LED lights already fixed in the kitchen cabinets.

Clean the blind with towel-wrapped tongs

Dusting the blinds is essential especially in places that are prone to gusty winds which can bring lots of dust and if you have blinds on the window then cleaning it is a tough task. But with dish towels wrapped around either side of the pair of tongs will help in cleaning the blinds easily.

Put masking tape before nailing the walls

When you want to hang something on the wall and planning to make hole on the wall for the same ensure that you place a masking tape before you plan to make a hole. This will help in preventing future cracks and flake/dust caused from nailing the walls.

Keep the door from hitting the wall by covering the knob with the tennis ball

There are situations where the some people find it difficult to open the door knob properly. To avoid damage of the knob due to the rash use you can make a slit on the tennis ball and cover the door knob with it to ensure smooth opening of the door.

Hang paintings to the hinges to conceal the unsightly alarm

Alarm system is something one cannot avoid with. But you also don’t want to make it obvious that you have an alarm system, so to conceal the hinges you can paintings which will make the space look beautiful and also doesn’t make it obvious to people that you have a alarm setting.

Organize the pot and pan lids with a rack

Organizing the pot and pan lids is a tough task and to make this task easy, you can use vertical wired magazine rack to keep them organised on the inside of the cabinet door.

Remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste

Furnitures are prone to scratches, especially when you have a kids at home. Most of us always have trouble in removing these scratches and for this you can use small pea-sized amount of paste/gel to remove the scratches.

Use mason jars to store excess paints

After the painting of your home is completed, storage of excess paints is next step. For this storage facilities is something essential and this is when mason jar comes in handy. Pour the excess paint in the jar and screw the lid tight and there one stop solution for excess paint storage.

Importance of Home loans


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When it comes to buying a home, one has to go through lots of processes and one of the most important of all is the home loans. The driving force of every indian residential estate, home loans are the essential factor.

Why is a home loan important?

It is very difficult for people to actually get a hang of their finances. Especially when it comes to buying a home. Home loans helps in fulfilling the luxurious needs. But getting a home loan is tough task.

Factors responsible for getting a secure home loan are:

Monthly/Annual income

The amount of loan that has to be taken as loan depends on the monthly/annual earnings with which you can pay for the loan amount. If your earning is sufficient and you have the payment capacity, then you are eligible to get a loan.

Repayment capacity

Similar to borrowal, the repayment of the loan amount also depends on your earnings.

Documents required to apply for a loan are:

Identity proof

The first and foremost important document needed for applying loan is the ID proof without which the loan will not be sanctioned.

Residence proof

Another document is the residence proof. When you apply for a loan it is mandatory for the person to submit his/her ID proof to ensure that he/she is a resident in the country.

Latest salary slip

Apart from the resident proof and ID proof, the person who is applying for the loan has to produce his salary slip.

Income tax return proof

Every citizen of the country has to pay their tax returns. It is also important for the person to submit the copy of the same during applying for the loan.

Collateral security

Another important formality when it comes to applying for loan is the collateral security. For any amount to be withdrawal you need one or the other document to be kept on a guarantee that the amount will be repaid by the person without fail.

Benefits of Home loan

There are various benefits of home loan they are as follows:

Tax benefits

To encourage more people to buy homes , government of India has been providing tax benefits. An individual is eligible to claim the tax only after the completion of the construction of his/her home.

No prepayment charges

Unlike other loans there are no payment penalties towards the home loan. But in case of surplus finance, one can pay the loan amount and lower your burden.

Balance transfer facility

In case of home loan you have facility to transfer the amount of home loan to another lender if he/she gives the loan in less rate.

High repayment tenure

Unlike other loan payment tenures, the tenure of the home loan repayment is extended upto 30 years.

Monthly installments rent payment

In the current scenario of increase in the expenses, it is better to pay the rent in installments.

Loan facilities provided by Forms

Many builders and developers are basically don’t assist the customers when it comes to loan facilities. But the most trusted builder, Forms provides its customers help with loan assistance. There are some factors to be considered by the home loan lender are:

  1. The calculation of the loan eligibility:Home loan lenders calculate the eligibility differently for instance HFSC and banks have their way of calculating. They calculate the the loan amount based on the available source of income of the customers.
  2. Familiarity of the lender is another factor considered by the loan provider. After taking into consideration of all other non-financial factors another most important thing is the familiarity of the loan provider.
  3. Another factor to consider is the fixed loan rates and floating rates. Most of the loans are of fixed rates. But in current scenario the rates are much likely to vary so floating rate are the best option.

Rental service

For rental services you can invest in the most prominent builders and developers. Forms builders helps in identifying the right tenants and negotiating the rentals according to the repayment capacity of the tenant.

Why Forms?

One of the best builders and developers, Forms is the most trusted and experienced in the field. Their core values are Continual improvement, professionalism, commitment and dedication, excellence, and customer satisfaction. They always give priority to customer preferences. There are many ventures of Forms, they are divided into 3 categories:

  1. New Project
  2. Ongoing projects
  3. Completed projects

Forms builders focus three styles of home. They are contemporary designed Villas, Luxury villas and Premium villas.

15 Low cost home Ideas


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Buying/building home is everybody’s dream. Apart from the choice for simple homes, low cost homes is another option they go for. With scarcity of necessary resources, money people are forced to go for low cost home ideas. Here are some of the low cost home ideas:

Soothing wall colours

Normally people go for vivid and trendy colours. If you prefer a low cost idea then go for colors that are neutral like pink, grey or blue.

Retro furniture

When it comes to designing living room generally people go for modern furnitures, you can place a retro model furniture . This too is similar to today’s modern furniture but was famous back in the 70’s. Most premium villas come with retro model furnitures which gives the home a beautiful finish.


Another low cost home ideas is the concept of minimalism. Bold contrast paired with the aesthetic looks makes your home look more simple. For instance you can add a wallpaper as the backdrop of your living room. Popular builders and developers go with concept of minimalism to attract their customers.

Eye catching house plants

Gorgeous plants place in the corners of your living room is another way of low cost home idea that is healthy as well. A beautiful vase kept in your living rooms are good for attracting people’s attention and also for your good health.

Countryside decor

When you go for decorating your home go for less expensive and elegant touch. Natural wood,soft fabrics and organic colors will give your home more natural look. Contemporary villas are designed in such a way that it has an elegant touch to it and at the same time less costly for your pockets.

Creative walls

Designing the walls creatively is another low cost home idea. Give your walls plain color and add a beautiful stencilled motif and there! the wall is wonderful, creative and simple at the same time.

On-off murals

Creative decoration of your room can be done many ways. For instance you can create a simple mural painting on the wall that can both beautify the wall as well as bring a perfect feel to your room.


Another low cost home ideas is the patterns, the patterns can be used extensively for the decor. For example you can give fabrics with multiple patterns for your furniture or curtains. This will make your room look different. Best villa builders go for low cost designing for their homes to make their homes budget friendly.

Framed mirrors

The mirrors are an added beauty to your space. Especially framed mirrors that is available in different shapes and sizes. They can not only enhance the space of your room but can also make the framed mirrors a perfect display.

Photo frames

One of the easiest low cost home ideas is the personalising the space of your home using photo frames. For instance you can create a family gallery by displaying the pictures of your loved ones.

Be crafty

Being crafty doesn’t end with displaying paintings etc on the walls but also thinking out of the box for example, frame the wallpaper design and hang it on the wall. This will be combination of both simple and out of the box at the same time.

Bold colors

Another low cost home idea is using bold colors. Use of vibrant bold colors with the mix of patterns and texture to make your home beautiful.

Book racks

Books are great companions that lasts for life. And the best way to ensure that they are preserved is by maintaining a beautiful shelves where you can place your books in such a way that you can build your own library at home.

Bright lights

Most people go for luxurious lights for hanging them either in their living room or hallways. Instead to make low cost home earthly copper floral lamps or rustic brass chandeliers can be hung in the hallways or in the living room.

Rustic elements

Another simple way to make low cost home is to include rustic elements like a wooden clock or a metallic frame mirror in your space to make your home trendy at the same time low cost.

Update old fixtures

The most easy way to make low cost home is the updation of old fixings like old door knobs,drawer pulls etc.

Hence these are some of the low cost home ideas that you can follow and make your home beautiful in a less expensive way.

Resilient Design for Waterfront Buildings: Prevent Another Great Flood of 350


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In our radically changing world, how can buildings and infrastructure be designed to both protect the environment and withstand it?

Focusing on implementing resilient design principles to develop upcoming projects that respect and respond to the environment around them is a great way to start.

Because protecting the living is just as important as protecting nature.

It’s time to look at the big picture. We are all connected, what we do in one part of the planet impacts other parts. As designers, Forms believe that we have a responsibility to protect both our client’s interests and the environment.

Why is resilience important?


With the entire population of Kerala (and most of India) living on the coast, it’s no surprise that sea level rise is and has been one of the highest profile environmental topics.

2018 is the hottest year ever on record, we all remember vividly what happened on 9th August 2018 and on the days followed. It was the worst flood in Kerala with 350 deaths reported all over the state, after the great flood of 99 when the Periyar River flooded in the month of July 1924.

In terms of resiliency, this means that environmental changes are impacting our state right now, not just in the future.

In the face of increasingly extreme weather conditions from the flood, to drought, to intense storms, resilient design principles guide a holistic approach that protects the client investment and the environment in any location around the world.

Preparedness, responsiveness and resilience have a lot in common.

As leading architects and engineers, implementing a resilient design enables ‘Forms Builders’ to prepare our clients with facilities and infrastructure that can respond and adapt to current and future conditions and events.

Sustainable design principles are inherent in the resilient design, as minimizing additional environmental impact and protecting our limited natural resources are tenets of the practice.

How do we implement a resilient design?

Concept of a new residential block in the new location. Buildings doodled on a real meadow

Projects designed with resiliency at the focal point involve close coordination between all architectural and engineering disciplines and feature a balanced, sustainable approach to mitigating future risks.

We recommend beginning the design process with a risk assessment, which helps clients and design teams evaluate the probability of a variety of future risks and establish corresponding design priorities. The design process should incorporate both layout and material safeguards against natural and manmade events.

Evaluating environmental risks and setting up client priorities during the discovery phase forms a strong foundation for a successful resilient project. For example, critical facilities such as hospitals, police stations, emergency centres, and military installations cannot lose power. We must place emphasis on the location, protection, and set up of building systems and generators.

Other ongoing projects may have different priorities for reasons ranging from function to location, such as a drought-prone region’s emphasis on minimizing water use and protecting freshwater resources.

In other words, resilient design of properties marries the best of common sense engineering with sustainability. ‘Resilience’ wasn’t yet a buzzword in the architecture and engineering community for the longest time, and there were no standards for resilient design, yet today well-executed resilient principles should become our top priority.

The focus should be on sustainable design objectives from the beginning, with a vision to exemplify the highest and best practices of coastal design that are sustainable and practical.

According to the Resilient Design Institute (RDI), there are certain principles that need to be followed to realize a resilient building structure.

  1. Resilience transcends scales– Strategies to deal with resilience apply at scales of individual properties, communities, and bigger regional and ecosystem scales; in addition, they apply at different time scales, from immediate to long-term.
  2. Resilient systems provide for basic human needs– These consists of potable water, sanitation, energy, livable conditions (temperature and humidity), lighting, safe air, occupant health, and food; these ought to be equitably distributed.
  3. Diverse and redundant systems are inherently more resilient– Numerous diverse communities, ecosystems, economies, and social systems will respond better to interruptions or change, making them inherently more resilient. Whereas sometimes in conflict with efficiency and green building priorities, redundant systems for such requirements as electricity, water, and transportation, improve resilience.
  4. Simple, passive, and flexible systems are more resilient– Such systems are a lot more resilient than complex solutions that may break down and need ongoing maintenance. Versatile solutions are able to adapt to ever-changing conditions both in the short- and long-term.
  5. Durability strengthens resilience– Strategies that increase the durability will enhance resilience. Durability involves not solely building practices but also building design (beautiful buildings will be maintained well and last longer), infrastructure, and ecosystems.
  6. Locally available, renewable, or reclaimed resources are more resilient– Relying on copious local resources, such as solar energy, annually replenished groundwater, and local food provides bigger resilience than dependence on nonrenewable resources or remote resources from far away.
  7. Resilience anticipates interruptions and a dynamic future– Adaptation to a dynamic climate with higher temperatures, intense storms, sea level rise, flooding, drought, and conflagration is a growing necessity, whereas non-climate-related natural disasters, such as earthquakes and solar flares, and anthropogenic actions like terrorism and cyberterrorism, also demand for resilient design. Responding to change is an opportunity for a great variety of system enhancements.
  8. Find and promote resilience in nature– Natural systems have evolved to attain resilience; we are able to enhance resilience by relying on and applying lessons from nature. Schemes that protect the natural environment enhance resilience for all living systems.

  9. Social equity and community contribute to resilience– Strong, culturally diverse communities where people know, respect, and take care of each other will fare better during times of stress or disturbance. Social aspects of resilience are often as important as physical responses.
  10. Resilience is not absolute– Recognize that progressive steps can be taken and that total resilience in the face of all situations is not possible. Implement what is viable in the short term and work to achieve greater resilience in stages.

Smart pieces of modern engineering & the magic of a truly smart home

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Have you ever forgotten something at home and had to go back in to get it, only to realize later that you’ve forgotten to take something else?

We know the feeling, a little too well. Running back home, opening those double locked doors and searching everywhere (and we mean…EVERYWHERE!) for your smartphone or car keys is the most annoying thing ever!

In those moments, every single one of us would have wished at least once for someone to remind us to take it with us in the first place. Even better, if the things itself could make some kind of a notification sound so that we won’t keep forgetting.

What if all those little and big devices in your life could connect to the internet?

And we don’t just mean computers and smartphones, but everything; clocks, car keys, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils, you name it.

And what if all those devices could communicate to each other, send you information, and take your commands?

No, It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s a key component of home automation and smart homes.

With the Internet of Things taking over our lives, automation has made lives simpler and homes smarter. Smart homes are the building blocks to smart cities and a much secure lifestyle.

So what is IOT to be exact?

Getting straight to the point, It is a connected home technology that is designed to automate functions and grant you control over your premium properties.

This home control mechanism gives you the access to control the security of your house. It depends heavily on mobile application control which can be integrated with the security systems installed. You can set the time schedule, and the rest is automated and based on your personal preferences, thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home.

And the cherry on top being the alerts to events that you might want to know about right-away while you are gone, like water leaks and unexpected access to your home etc.

From window shades to pet feeders, you get to control items around the house with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). If you’re thinking that this is not something that you can try because you’re worried about the expenses, you couldn’t be more wrong. While some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive, others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money. Some of these smart devices come inbuilt when you buy new ready to occupy villas. But there are always options to do this affordably if you know which ones to get and where to look for.

Here are some of the smart devices that still belong to the affordable category, that you can check out.

Smart Thermostat

It’s winter and you need to cozy up and keep warm when you are home. Want to keep your home cozy and still save money? Then a smart thermostat may be the answer. Getting complete control on your home heating isn’t just a huge win for convenience. You can save a lot of money by heating your home efficiently, and there’s no better feeling than popping the heating on during your commute and arriving at a warm house. Nowadays most ultra modern villas have these babies installed for the ultimate comfort.

Smart Light Bulbs

Remember the days when we used to think ‘The Clapper’ was the most high-tech way of turning on lights? Thankfully, that didn’t last long. Now, we have eco and budget-friendly bulbs available in the market that have us clapping for an entirely different reason. Some smart LED light bulbs can even change their colors to mimic a sunrise or sunset, in addition, to complete control over light intensity, dimming options, remote access, and money savings. Smart light bulbs are common in premium luxury villas around the globe.

Did you know you can program some of these lights to turn into a specific colour if you get a text or call from a particular someone? How cool is that?

Fitness Bands

Not a necessity, however, some of these can be linked to your house and can be programmed to do some interesting things. For example, you can integrate it so that when you wake up it will turn on the downstairs lights and start brewing coffee. Of course, this is in addition to the common uses like heart rate monitoring, weight tracking and overall fitness monitoring. Need more reasons to buy one?

Portable Speakers

Great for listening to music and available in a plugged or unplugged version, the smart portable speakers provide improved audio with its inbuilt speakers as well as up to 6 hours of battery life. It’s a no-brainer update for those who want their music with them anywhere they go. They add such a posh feel to any contemporary villas.

New Interior design trends of 2019


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With New year comes new beginnings in everything be it our life, our ventures then why not in interior designing of our home. 2019 seems to be the most promising year for people who are planning to try out new designs onto their interiors. There are many new designs that can applied in your interiors to make them look outstanding.

Interior trends 2019

In 2019 can see some new trends and some old trends making a come back with a modern twist. We can go through these trends one by one:


One such interior decor that have made its comeback with a modern twist is none other that the Terrazzo flooring tiles. Mainly used for flooring rooms, this is also used for wallpapers and carpets now.
Best villa builders choose Terrazzo tiles for flooring as this gives the floors an outstanding finish.

Kitchen with a classic touch

Similar to all the other changes in trends, kitchen trends have also changed. More lavish details like wire mesh, authentic period hardware, and honed surfaces etc. Most completed Villas projects come with kitchens that are designed in such a way that it gives a classic appearance to it.

Embrace the curvey

Curvy furniture are again a comeback trend with a modern outlook. For instance curved or rounded back chairs gives a chic look to your living room.

Mixing metals Age

Mixing of metals and other textured materials are another new trend that we get to see in 2019. For example more rich upholstery materials like velvet used together with comfortable wools as contrasting effect.

Get Envy with green

Another upcoming trend of this year is the use of Green color. Known as the soothing, elegant color. Add green to your rooms and give them a more refined look to your rooms.

Keeping Natural

The most popular trend that can be seen in 2019 is the use of organic shapes for furnitures and other interior decor works. Geometric lines have been transformed to more softer shapes.

Contrast Neutrals

A high contrast neutrals is another important trend that can be seen in 2019. Using neutrals is already a hit, But the use of light neutrals with dark one’s is the current in-trend choice of most of the builders and developers when it comes to designing the interior of their homes.

Bold colors

Bored of the beige interiors. Try bold colors , multiple patterns for designing your rooms. This will definitely bring life to your previously dull looking rooms.Ongoing and New Villa Projects focus on designing interior of their homes with bold colors than the usual dull colors to attract the customer choice.

The Artisanal link

Many people go for artisanal designs when it comes to designing their interior. From handmade hangings to beautifully hand crafted cushions are some of the interior knick knacks which gives an artisan’s touch to your home. Try placing some handicraft items in and around your home to create the magic of artisanry.

Pattern play

There have been an increase in the use of patterns everywhere in home decor. Be it matching pattern or the use of mix and match pattern. Its pattern play everywhere in your home!

Decorative Mirrors

One of the upcoming trends of 2019 in interior designing are the decorative mirrors. Place small mirrors in your room or in the corridors. This can make your room look more chic.

Oversized headboard

New design trends are not bound to living rooms, corridors etc alone but also for bedrooms. Oversized headboard with beautiful and simple motifs have become the top interior decor style in bedrooms of many homes this year.

Distinctive shelves

Another trend in the interior decor is the unique shelves that can be placed in the dining room or on the wall next to the Kitchen corridor or in the living room. These unique shelves can be an added creative feature to your home.

Sustainable Fabrics

Use of sustainable fabrics are another trend in interior decor. From furniture upholstery to tapesaries, people choose to design interior of their homes with sustainable fabrics.

Personal Touch

New trend not only means trying out uptodate tricks but it also means adding a special final touch – yours. Accessorize the interior of your home with things that remind you of the wonderful times of your life.

Hence these are the 15 trends in Interior designing in 2019, that you can try at your home.

How to make your home New year ready

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With new year around the corner, everything is new in your life. From new dresses to new utensils we want everything afresh. Even our homes can be decorated in a new way to welcome another bright year ahead. And with a New year comes new creative decorating ideas. Some designs to watch for in 2019 are:

Craftsman Lighting Fixtures


Most people who are buying homes from different properties in thrissur focus more on natural elements than expensive ones because they prefer natural space for themselves rather than a tech savvy space. This includes lighting of your home. Include artisan lighting fixtures to make your home naturally bright.

Create a Natural Ambience


People prefer using natural elements like copper,stone, granite compared to the most sophisticated materials to decorate homes. By adding a touch of copper or granite the ambience of your home will be serene and also little bit of organic touch to it.

Velvet Furnishings


A home without furniture is something we cannot imagine to be true. Many types of fabrics are used in our sofa seaters but this New year try velvet fabric on your sofa seater to make it look stylish and neat. The Furnished homes of ongoing villa projects in trichur come with beautiful velvet sofa seaters which are comfortable and elegant.

Floral patterns for walls


Decorating walls of your home is something one cannot skip on. Especially with beautiful wallpapers. Imagine using Floral design on your wall,it will be a soothing visual treat. Developers in Thrissur suggests the Use of floral designed wallpapers on the walls of any room of your home to make it more appealing and beautiful.

Copper Accents


Early 2018’s we had the trend of using Rose gold for rooms. In 2019 we will see the use of Copper accents to the rooms to make it feel earthly. With copper and the mixture of other metals, copper accented walls are one of the upcoming trends followed by Ongoing and completed villas in trichur.

Lavish Color palette

Rich color palette are used for decorating the walls beautifully and bring out the beauty of the usually dull furniture. You can use dramatic red, bold yellows and organic greens to paint your walls to make it look stunning and to give your room a rich look.

Designing the decor using Brass accent

For designing the interior decor people are going for brass instead of nickel and steel. Because brass is more delicate and warm. They are also good alternatives for Steel accent.

Use of Black & White in Decor


Use of Black & White for the interior decor has become more common phenomenon nowadays. The contrast appeal of these colors have made the designers want to experiment the color combination more often.

Millennial pink or blushing pink Decor

Millennial pink more commonly known as blushing pink is widely used in the Home decor and Fashion. But the year 2019 will see more creative use of this color in the interior decor. As it helps in creating more space in your room.

Use of Red in interior Decor


Apart from other warm colors red is the most fiery and warmest color as well. The use of red in interiors have made the home look more inviting. Amongst the red color family, tonal red is the color that has a complementing and contrast affect on the interior.

Blend of shapes and patterns

Shapes and patterns have been the architect’s best friend. The geometric patterns have been part of the interior designing for homes in thrissur for long now but in the year 2019 we will see the new version of the pattern designing with the use of bold colors. This way your home will look updated to a new transformed home.

Concrete Accents


The concrete accents are in use for interior decor of most the homes in the completed Villas projects thrissur. In 2019 we can see more of concrete accents in most of the homes. Best villas in Thrissur have designed their interior spaces like Kitchen tops and sinks mostly using the concrete accents.

Vintage lighting

Beautiful lights that has an antique touch to it are used by many people to give their home a vintage feel. In 2019 we will see the use of beautiful antique lightings which were quite a popular trend in earlier centuries like 18th century.

Hence these are some of the ways to make your home New Year ready and make it look futuristic.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Builders in Thrissur


Most people when they think about buying a home they have to go through many hurdles. To know whether the home is designed as per you aesthetics, whether it is child friendly, or whether the home is safe for you and your belongings. But what many us often neglect is that whether our home is pet friendly. Especially people who love having a pet at their home should never let this slip from their mind. Because if you wish to own a gorgeous pet or in other words own a true friend in animal make sure that your home is pet friendly or else your cute pet be it a a dog or cat will flee from you the moment it feels unwelcome at home.Builders in Thrissur are coming up with homes which are not only customer friendly but also pet friendly as well. These are some of the ways to make your home friendly for pets. They are:

Always go for fur free fabrics

Builders in Thrissur

Imagine your sofa upholstery fabric is velvet and have a large friend always roaming around your home there is high chance for you pet to climb on it. And if it climbs on a velvet fabric next time you sit on it then the sofa will be full of your furry friends hair. It can be dangerous if it is accidently swallowed by the you or you family. So get leather or synthetic fibers for your sofa. This way your best buddy can enjoy a good evening with you.

Furniture not toy for your furry friend

Builders in Thrissur

Everybody loves to have wooden furnitures that are compact and look stylish when kept in a corner or centre of your room. Your excited puppy will see it as its teething toy. So make sure you keep metallic furnitures instead of usual wooden furniture . This will make your pet stay away from the furniture from teething them. Best villas in thrissur have homes that are already furnished using metallic furnitures which makes their home stand out from others and also gives its customers the benefit of doubt on whether they are safe for pet or not.

Clean flooring

Builders in Thrissur

You go for walking with your furry friend during a rainy muddy day and the moment your pet comes inside the home it starts playing with its muddy paws and there! your beautiful tile becomes dirty and also dented. Avoid putting tiles that are easily scratchable or dentable. Use ceramic tiles for flooring and not hardwood tiles. Premium builders in trichur suggests the use of ceramic tiles and other non dentable tiles for flooring which will good finish to the floor and will be safe for your pet as well.

Ultimate playzone for your pet

Builders in Thrissur

Normally we don’t think about having a separate space for our pets to play and roam around. They play on our sofa and in and around our rooms and at the end of the day our home is a mess. Ensure that your pet has its own space to roam around and play. This way your home is neat and tidy. Contemporary villas in thrissur have separate space at indoors for your pet to play

Spotless Kitchen

Builders in Thrissur

We tend to keep the doggy food and container openly in our kitchen without realising the fact that our furry friend can just barge in and climb on the kitchen counters to have food and water. This will make your kitchen dirty. At the same time if you place the doggy food container and water in a corner of the kitchen your pet can come have its food and water whenever it wants without your kitchen being dirty.

Furry Walls

Builders in Thrissur

When you are planning to bring home a pet make sure that even the walls are painted pet proof. You can give satin or semi-gloss to your walls. Because
highly textured walls are attracted by friend’s furrs even if it is not scratching itself on the wall. Best villa builders in thrissur provides its customers with homes that have satin finished walls which are both beautiful in appearance and also pet safe.

Comfortable sleep setting for your pet

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If you can have a good comfortable mattress for yourself so can your pet. Afterall your big friend will need to lie on a more comfortable space after its
daily run and activities. And if your pet’s sleeping space is small and congested it will obviously grab your spot on the bed.

Mudroom space

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Just imagine the scenario where your puppy goes to play outside in an open field and the moment it gets back home it will just want to pounce on your sofa. And if this happens your whole living room becomes muddy. So in order to avoid such situations provide you pet with an entryway door and and entrance space for it to dry off and then clean its feet before it enters the living room.

Window treatments

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Any pet would love to peek out of the window and enjoy the sunny day outside. Imagine if your furry friend who wants to view through the window is no able to do so because the covering/blinds of the window is blocking its view. To ensure your pet’s view is not interrupted use lightweight fabrics or sheer materials as blinds of the window. This will make your big friend happy.

Dog proof Trash cans

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Most of the animals especially pet animals love to invest in the trash that you throw away. And at time we are so negligent to just close our bins that the pets just throw the waste all around your room. But this can be avoided by keeping trash cans that can be open with a click of your feet and after the trash is thrown it closes automatically.

Keep dangerous plants away

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People love to keep plant indoor basically in their rooms, kitchen etc. Be it herbs or other plants in general you ensure that is safe for you and your family. Similarly ensure these plants that you keep are safe for your pet. Because a slight allergy can put your pet in distress. So steer clear from harmful plants.

Healthy chew toys

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Chew toys are always the favorites of pet animals especially puppies. They also have a habit chewing anything and everything which can be quite dangerous. Ensure your puppy a healthy chew toy that it can enjoy throughout the day.

Remove dangling wires

In most of the homes dangling wires are a cause of concern to your safety. When it comes to your pet it is even more dangerous as they have the habit of chewing things. An accidental chew of the dangling wire can even put your pet’s life in danger.

Great outdoor

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Have you ever imagined how much outdoor space your pet requires to enjoy its day ? Most of us have always jumped the gun and assumed that our pet requires only a limited space. But this is not true pets need vast outdoor space for them to play limiting the space will suffocate it. So ensure sufficient outdoor space for your pet. This will make them cheerful and homely. Contemporary designed villas in thrissur come with great outdoor spaces with beautiful gardens where your pets can have a wonderful day by roaming around or simply relaxing by viewing the greenery in peace

Hence, these are some of the ways by which we can make our home pet friendly. People who are planning on having a pet of their own must ensure that there will be sufficient safety, space, etc for your furry friend to feel lively and homely.

Safety items you should have at your home

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When you buy a home apart from all the necessary items for your home it is essential to ensure that you have some safety items at your home. Because you never know when there will be an accident or hazard and when you will need a safety equipment. So make sure you have the necessary safety equipment handy at your home. According to popular  builders and developers in Trichur, here are some of the safety items one should keep in count at their home. They are:

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  • Fire extinguisher

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The first thing you should have at home in case of emergency is a fire extinguisher. Not every time you will get the chance to use your blanket to stop the fire. An extinguisher will help you with this. For instance an unexpected fire accident wakes you up in the middle of the night a fire extinguisher can help you extinguish the fire in seconds. So first equipment you need to have in the safety items is a good fire extinguisher.

  • First-Aid kit

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Once the fire extinguisher is made sure in your list of safety items next thing in the list should be a first-aid box/kit. Especially if you have a child at you home you top priority should be having a first-aid box as you never know when he/she will get hurt and if you have first-aid kit handy then all is well! Also the having a first-aid kit is equally good for your other family members as well because an accident is something which can happen with anyone. So second item to be added to the checklist is a First-aid kit.

  • Smoke alarm

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Another item to kept in your home is a proper smoke detecting alarm. Make sure the smoke alarm is set at home in such a way that you are able to get a quicker signal of any sort of smoke. For example, if you are having smoke due

to say a short circuit at your home and you are unaware about the problem the smoke alarm can alert you with it loud noise. But if you prefer soundless alarm then connect  the alarm with your smartphone and there ! you will get instant alert in your fingertips. Either way you can ensure the safety of yourself and your belongings. Smoke alarm checked! Most Villas in Thrissur have smoke alarm or detecting equipment already built in them.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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Similar to smoke alarm or detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are also an important safety item which helps in checking the levels of toxins present in your home. The detector warns you about excess harmful toxin levels in your home and it alerts you with the same without any delay. Premium villas in Thrissur come with carbon monoxide detectors in-built in their homes.

  • Contact list of Emergency numbers

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Apart from the equipments for safety one should also have emergency contacts as part of other items. Because emergency doesn’t come with prior notification If it has to happen it will happen and that too unexpectedly. During such uncalled situations if you have emergency numbers of you parents, doctors, poison control etc no matter what the situation is you will have it in control.

  • Deadbolt locks

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Locks are another important part of safety items that you need give more focus on when you buy or build a home for you. A proper lock is what secures your safety and of you belongings as well. Fix a deadbolt lock on your door which is more durable and strong. So fifth and the most important item to be included in the safety items is deadbolt locks. Many Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur have these deadbolt locks on their front doors.

  • Wi-fi Thermostat

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Having a wi-fi thermostat at your home is good for saving your energy costs, maintaining the heating and cooling system  and by keeping track of your energy use. It is safe for your home heating control even when you are away from home. Almost all the completed Villas projects in Trichur have wi-fi thermostat in already installed in them.

  • Disaster management kit

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Most important item to include in your safety item is a complete disaster management kits. Especially with the current adverse climatic situation every household should include a disaster management kit which includes:

  • Non-perishable food for you and your family for atleast 3 days.
  • Water a gallon for a few days.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • An extra cell phone battery.
  • Candles and safety matches.
  • A battery powered radio for getting weather updates
  • Sensor lights

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Motion sensor lights are another item to be included in your safety items list. These lights can help you in two way,one for you to find your way in the night and two, for keeping a check on unnecessary intruders. Sensor light works like a pro when an intruder is breaking into your home it automatically the light light burns bright and you get instant alert of the intruder.

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters

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Installing ground fault circuit interrupters will help you to safeguard against the electric hazards caused by the electric circuit coming in contact with water. This can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom and if possible laundry room. Make sure you have GFCI in your home. Most premium builders in thrissur have ground fault circuit interrupters installed in kitchen or in the outdoors of the garage.

  • Window guards

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Normal windows are not enough for saving your child from a fall or from intruders. Fix window guard along with your window to make it double secure. Window guards allows you child to hold  on to it to avoid the fall and also steers the intruders away. Premium builders in Trichur come with already built window guards in their homes.

  • Home security system

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Home security systems like burglar alarm system, cctv cameras etc are essential for security of a home. With proper burglar alarm you can automatically know about the unnecessary intrusions. Make sure you install a good quality home security system to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. In built home security system is common in most of the independent villas in Thrissur.

  • Sprinkler systems

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Having a sprinkler in your home is the best way to safeguard you from emergency situations like sudden short circuit, fire etc. it automatically sprinkles water to subside the intensity of the accident and you can move to a safe place with the sprinklers alerting you while your home is been taken care of by the fire fighting department regarding unexpected fire or the electricity department in case of short circuits.

  • Socket covers for plug sockets

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When you have a baby that too a little naughty one keeping socket covers in plug sockets is optimum. Because there is a high chance for kids to play with the uncovered sockets and if accidentally he/she puts their finger in it there is a chance of electric shock as electricity is constantly running through the interior of the socket even if its unused.

Hence these are some of the safety items every home should be stocked with. And people who buy new homes should ensure that they have these safety equipments in handy as you never know when a crisis arise and you will need these items. Because we all know that danger comes uninvited and unexpectedly.

13 Tips to Make Home Child Friendly

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<>best villa projects in thrissur

When you buy a home for you and your family lots of factors are taken into consideration. Like whether it has spacious rooms, modular kitchen, interior designed according to your taste. But there is a very important factor that needs to be focused which is to make your home child friendly. You might be happy to spend more time with your partner and not ready for a kid right now. But future is not predictable and we have to be ready for the same. When we know that our family might grow bigger and beautiful. Make sure your home is also prepared well. Builders and developers in Thrissur provide its customers with child friendly homes. There area few tips we can follow to ensure that our home is child friendly. They are:

Make silly your family

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Making your home child friendly means taking your child’s silly ideas and adding them to the decor of the home to create an amusing atmosphere for your kids and guests. For example, having a small wallpaper of your kid’s favourite animal or tree. After all everyone needs something in a silly way in his/her life and kids are no exception.

Get kids involved in interior designing

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Get your kid involved in interior designing discussions. Allow them to choose the most quirky things to design for instance a set of cushions with the favorite cartoon characters in the living room or their playroom. Also allowing them to select accessories for decorating will encourage them to think creatively and also make them feel important.

Create kids space

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Your kid as fast moving as you are with your thoughts. Just like to be motivated by reading books, encourage your kids to read which is life long gift for them. Create a separate space for your children where they can enjoy reading in their free time. You can place a bean bag or any soft seater along with a compact bookshelf where in your kid can take a book, sit, read and learn. Ongoing and New villa projects in Thrissur focus on creating best child friendly homes.

Give your child his/her own space

A child needs his/her space to be creative in life. Don’t control your child’s creativity. This can discourage them from doing something that is interesting to them. Allow your child to design her room. For example, allow them to draw and paint their room according to their likes. You can also keep separate boxes for their toys, crafts, dresses etc.

Make them adapt nature into their spaces

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Placing plants in your home not only is a great source of fresh air but its also a permanent source of positivity in life. Like your living rooms and other rooms, kids room can also have plants that they can water everyday. You can go to nearest garden center and buy a pot together. If you want to save your pockets buy a terracotta pot that can be painted and decorated by your kid. Popular builders in Thrissur town provides its buyers with homes that are close to nature.

Motivate outside play

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Today’s generation prefers to sit inside their home and play video games. As parents it is your responsibility to motivate your kids to play outside. To make this happen create an atmosphere where kids are pulled from inside to the backyard of your house. You can add some tiny swings, a makeshift climbing walls etc. This is possible if you have more space But if you have less space try placing black boards so that kids can play crosses or anything they want. Best villa builders in Thrissur ensures that there is a play area for kids within their home.

Creative storage spaces

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Clutter makes a home look disinterested. Even if you have kids their toys will be everywhere. Not that its bad but you can organise clutter and make them look interesting. To avoid overflowing spaces in your kid’s room you can build a creative storage space where they can store their toys and games. You can also place empty baskets in the corner where your child can keep his toy cars, building blocks set in those boxes.

Build a tent or fort

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Every Child loves to hide from his mother or father and play his games. Just for fun and to spend his time enjoying his imaginary home. Buy or build makeshift tent or fort and place few cushions inside them where your kid can spend his day or night in an imaginary fort or tent all for themselves. Villa builders in Thrissur provides their customers with spacious homes were you can build a makeshift tent or fort for you kid.

Say a word

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All your kid needs is an encouraging word from you at the end of the day. Instead of saying it all out loud you can add some kid-friendly word art to motivate your kid. This way your child will love to be in his/her room. And when they wake up in the morning they can get their instant motivation from those word art posters.


Kids like to draw, paint and create their own masterpieces and they like to share their works with the world. Encourage their talent by adding their few masterpieces in large frames. Big frames are ideal to hang pictures as they can be replaced whenever you want. You can keep their painting and other works in the living room display area for your guests to see and appreciate your kid’s talent.

Stain-repellent fabric

Children are messy and there is no end to it. No matter how careful you are, your toddlers will rub his/her fingers on the sofa or the /she might wipe their face with your linen curtains. Use stain-repellent fabrics for your sofa and your curtains. This way you can clean your sofa and curtains when you feel its dirty. Prominent builders in Trichur provides homes with stain repellent fabric curtains and sofa.

Color kid-friendly

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VApart from keeping all the toys organised, embracing their creations etc. You can also color your kid’s room and other areas of the home where they play with amazing colors like pink,blue,yellow etc. This way their rooms will be lively and bright. For example if you paint the wall of your kid’s wall with a mix of pink,blue, white and yellow your kid will definitely love it.


best villa projects in thrissur

Every kid will be naughty and they keep on running and playing in and around the house and them getting hurt because of that is inevitable. So last but not least, do keep a kid-friendly first aid kit handy at your home. You never know when your kid will get hurt and will need first aid.

Hence these are some of the tips to make you home kid-friendly which you need to keep in mind while buying a home. In future these tips will help all the prospective home buyers to make their homes kid-friendly and cool place for their kids to live. Encourage your kid’s creativity from his/her home as its home where you learn the basics of everything in life.