Safety items you should have at your home

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When you buy a home apart from all the necessary items for your home it is essential to ensure that you have some safety items at your home. Because you never know when there will be an accident or hazard and when you will need a safety equipment. So make sure you have the necessary safety equipment handy at your home. According to popular  builders and developers in Trichur, here are some of the safety items one should keep in count at their home. They are:

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  • Fire extinguisher

Builders in Thrissur Town

The first thing you should have at home in case of emergency is a fire extinguisher. Not every time you will get the chance to use your blanket to stop the fire. An extinguisher will help you with this. For instance an unexpected fire accident wakes you up in the middle of the night a fire extinguisher can help you extinguish the fire in seconds. So first equipment you need to have in the safety items is a good fire extinguisher.

  • First-Aid kit

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Once the fire extinguisher is made sure in your list of safety items next thing in the list should be a first-aid box/kit. Especially if you have a child at you home you top priority should be having a first-aid box as you never know when he/she will get hurt and if you have first-aid kit handy then all is well! Also the having a first-aid kit is equally good for your other family members as well because an accident is something which can happen with anyone. So second item to be added to the checklist is a First-aid kit.

  • Smoke alarm

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Another item to kept in your home is a proper smoke detecting alarm. Make sure the smoke alarm is set at home in such a way that you are able to get a quicker signal of any sort of smoke. For example, if you are having smoke due

to say a short circuit at your home and you are unaware about the problem the smoke alarm can alert you with it loud noise. But if you prefer soundless alarm then connect  the alarm with your smartphone and there ! you will get instant alert in your fingertips. Either way you can ensure the safety of yourself and your belongings. Smoke alarm checked! Most Villas in Thrissur have smoke alarm or detecting equipment already built in them.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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Similar to smoke alarm or detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are also an important safety item which helps in checking the levels of toxins present in your home. The detector warns you about excess harmful toxin levels in your home and it alerts you with the same without any delay. Premium villas in Thrissur come with carbon monoxide detectors in-built in their homes.

  • Contact list of Emergency numbers

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Apart from the equipments for safety one should also have emergency contacts as part of other items. Because emergency doesn’t come with prior notification If it has to happen it will happen and that too unexpectedly. During such uncalled situations if you have emergency numbers of you parents, doctors, poison control etc no matter what the situation is you will have it in control.

  • Deadbolt locks

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Locks are another important part of safety items that you need give more focus on when you buy or build a home for you. A proper lock is what secures your safety and of you belongings as well. Fix a deadbolt lock on your door which is more durable and strong. So fifth and the most important item to be included in the safety items is deadbolt locks. Many Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur have these deadbolt locks on their front doors.

  • Wi-fi Thermostat

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Having a wi-fi thermostat at your home is good for saving your energy costs, maintaining the heating and cooling system  and by keeping track of your energy use. It is safe for your home heating control even when you are away from home. Almost all the completed Villas projects in Trichur have wi-fi thermostat in already installed in them.

  • Disaster management kit

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Most important item to include in your safety item is a complete disaster management kits. Especially with the current adverse climatic situation every household should include a disaster management kit which includes:

  • Non-perishable food for you and your family for atleast 3 days.
  • Water a gallon for a few days.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • An extra cell phone battery.
  • Candles and safety matches.
  • A battery powered radio for getting weather updates
  • Sensor lights

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Motion sensor lights are another item to be included in your safety items list. These lights can help you in two way,one for you to find your way in the night and two, for keeping a check on unnecessary intruders. Sensor light works like a pro when an intruder is breaking into your home it automatically the light light burns bright and you get instant alert of the intruder.

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters

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Installing ground fault circuit interrupters will help you to safeguard against the electric hazards caused by the electric circuit coming in contact with water. This can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom and if possible laundry room. Make sure you have GFCI in your home. Most premium builders in thrissur have ground fault circuit interrupters installed in kitchen or in the outdoors of the garage.

  • Window guards

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Normal windows are not enough for saving your child from a fall or from intruders. Fix window guard along with your window to make it double secure. Window guards allows you child to hold  on to it to avoid the fall and also steers the intruders away. Premium builders in Trichur come with already built window guards in their homes.

  • Home security system

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Home security systems like burglar alarm system, cctv cameras etc are essential for security of a home. With proper burglar alarm you can automatically know about the unnecessary intrusions. Make sure you install a good quality home security system to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. In built home security system is common in most of the independent villas in Thrissur.

  • Sprinkler systems

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Having a sprinkler in your home is the best way to safeguard you from emergency situations like sudden short circuit, fire etc. it automatically sprinkles water to subside the intensity of the accident and you can move to a safe place with the sprinklers alerting you while your home is been taken care of by the fire fighting department regarding unexpected fire or the electricity department in case of short circuits.

  • Socket covers for plug sockets

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When you have a baby that too a little naughty one keeping socket covers in plug sockets is optimum. Because there is a high chance for kids to play with the uncovered sockets and if accidentally he/she puts their finger in it there is a chance of electric shock as electricity is constantly running through the interior of the socket even if its unused.

Hence these are some of the safety items every home should be stocked with. And people who buy new homes should ensure that they have these safety equipments in handy as you never know when a crisis arise and you will need these items. Because we all know that danger comes uninvited and unexpectedly.

13 Tips to Make Home Child Friendly

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<>best villa projects in thrissur

When you buy a home for you and your family lots of factors are taken into consideration. Like whether it has spacious rooms, modular kitchen, interior designed according to your taste. But there is a very important factor that needs to be focused which is to make your home child friendly. You might be happy to spend more time with your partner and not ready for a kid right now. But future is not predictable and we have to be ready for the same. When we know that our family might grow bigger and beautiful. Make sure your home is also prepared well. Builders and developers in Thrissur provide its customers with child friendly homes. There area few tips we can follow to ensure that our home is child friendly. They are:

Make silly your family

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Making your home child friendly means taking your child’s silly ideas and adding them to the decor of the home to create an amusing atmosphere for your kids and guests. For example, having a small wallpaper of your kid’s favourite animal or tree. After all everyone needs something in a silly way in his/her life and kids are no exception.

Get kids involved in interior designing

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Get your kid involved in interior designing discussions. Allow them to choose the most quirky things to design for instance a set of cushions with the favorite cartoon characters in the living room or their playroom. Also allowing them to select accessories for decorating will encourage them to think creatively and also make them feel important.

Create kids space

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Your kid as fast moving as you are with your thoughts. Just like to be motivated by reading books, encourage your kids to read which is life long gift for them. Create a separate space for your children where they can enjoy reading in their free time. You can place a bean bag or any soft seater along with a compact bookshelf where in your kid can take a book, sit, read and learn. Ongoing and New villa projects in Thrissur focus on creating best child friendly homes.

Give your child his/her own space

A child needs his/her space to be creative in life. Don’t control your child’s creativity. This can discourage them from doing something that is interesting to them. Allow your child to design her room. For example, allow them to draw and paint their room according to their likes. You can also keep separate boxes for their toys, crafts, dresses etc.

Make them adapt nature into their spaces

best villa projects in thrissur

Placing plants in your home not only is a great source of fresh air but its also a permanent source of positivity in life. Like your living rooms and other rooms, kids room can also have plants that they can water everyday. You can go to nearest garden center and buy a pot together. If you want to save your pockets buy a terracotta pot that can be painted and decorated by your kid. Popular builders in Thrissur town provides its buyers with homes that are close to nature.

Motivate outside play

best villa projects in thrissur

Today’s generation prefers to sit inside their home and play video games. As parents it is your responsibility to motivate your kids to play outside. To make this happen create an atmosphere where kids are pulled from inside to the backyard of your house. You can add some tiny swings, a makeshift climbing walls etc. This is possible if you have more space But if you have less space try placing black boards so that kids can play crosses or anything they want. Best villa builders in Thrissur ensures that there is a play area for kids within their home.

Creative storage spaces

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Clutter makes a home look disinterested. Even if you have kids their toys will be everywhere. Not that its bad but you can organise clutter and make them look interesting. To avoid overflowing spaces in your kid’s room you can build a creative storage space where they can store their toys and games. You can also place empty baskets in the corner where your child can keep his toy cars, building blocks set in those boxes.

Build a tent or fort

best villa projects in thrissur

Every Child loves to hide from his mother or father and play his games. Just for fun and to spend his time enjoying his imaginary home. Buy or build makeshift tent or fort and place few cushions inside them where your kid can spend his day or night in an imaginary fort or tent all for themselves. Villa builders in Thrissur provides their customers with spacious homes were you can build a makeshift tent or fort for you kid.

Say a word

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All your kid needs is an encouraging word from you at the end of the day. Instead of saying it all out loud you can add some kid-friendly word art to motivate your kid. This way your child will love to be in his/her room. And when they wake up in the morning they can get their instant motivation from those word art posters.


Kids like to draw, paint and create their own masterpieces and they like to share their works with the world. Encourage their talent by adding their few masterpieces in large frames. Big frames are ideal to hang pictures as they can be replaced whenever you want. You can keep their painting and other works in the living room display area for your guests to see and appreciate your kid’s talent.

Stain-repellent fabric

Children are messy and there is no end to it. No matter how careful you are, your toddlers will rub his/her fingers on the sofa or the /she might wipe their face with your linen curtains. Use stain-repellent fabrics for your sofa and your curtains. This way you can clean your sofa and curtains when you feel its dirty. Prominent builders in Trichur provides homes with stain repellent fabric curtains and sofa.

Color kid-friendly

best villa projects in thrissur

VApart from keeping all the toys organised, embracing their creations etc. You can also color your kid’s room and other areas of the home where they play with amazing colors like pink,blue,yellow etc. This way their rooms will be lively and bright. For example if you paint the wall of your kid’s wall with a mix of pink,blue, white and yellow your kid will definitely love it.


best villa projects in thrissur

Every kid will be naughty and they keep on running and playing in and around the house and them getting hurt because of that is inevitable. So last but not least, do keep a kid-friendly first aid kit handy at your home. You never know when your kid will get hurt and will need first aid.

Hence these are some of the tips to make you home kid-friendly which you need to keep in mind while buying a home. In future these tips will help all the prospective home buyers to make their homes kid-friendly and cool place for their kids to live. Encourage your kid’s creativity from his/her home as its home where you learn the basics of everything in life.

8 Factors to keep in mind while buying a Dream home


To own a dream home in your native place that too a dream home is something that everybody wishes for. I was also hoping to own a dream home in my native place Thrissur. Known as the land of pooram there is high scope for Real estate in Trichur. Nowadays there are many real estate ventures in Thrissur. So the task before me was a difficult one. There were many pointers that I had to keep in mind while choosing the right builder and developer. They are:

<>Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

1. In Budget

When you plan to buy a home first thing that comes to your mind is the budget. Whether the coat of the home is within your estimated budget. I too had an estimated budget and wanted my dream home to cost within the set budget. It was quite a posh area and most of the builders and developers in Thrissur suggested that my dream home can cross my estimated budget.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

2. Customer friendly builders

After getting my home within my set budget next thing that worried me was whether the builders take my opinions and suggestions regarding how I want my home to be. Most of the builders in Thrissur will have their own set ideas that they input toward their work.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

3. Experienced Builders

One can identify whether the architects are experts in their field based on their work pattern and working ideologies. Many builders have less experience compared to others. It is very difficult to work with inexperienced builders or if they don’t meet your requisites.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

4. Choices among homes

Many properties in Thrissur have very limited choices when it comes to Villas, flats etc. They will have only certain types of home. Today’s generation of people prefers more in life.

5. Interior and Exterior designing

Buying a home doesn’t end with just buying your dream home. It is also about your home being spacious and also having a comfortable interior. Many completed villa projects have spacious villas but it might not be comfortable no matter how hard you try.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

6. After Move-in services

Before moving into your home it is essential to ensure that there is after sale services like repairs and maintenance of electrical supplies, plumbing fixtures, periodical inspection of lifts and other services. Some builders have a very strange policy of letting its client pay for all the services.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

7. Home care services

Most builders close their sale after selling the homes to the client. Most building and developing companies have a policy of move on from one client sale immediately after their flat are purchased to another new sale. Even if we request for their home care services after buying our home they won’t budge.

8. Good Location

A good location for your dream home is the most important thing you focus on at the end of the day apart from all the other factors. If all the basic amenities like grocery stores, hospital are nearby its a perfect location. And if you have kids make sure the location of your home is nearby their school.

Why choose Forms builders?

Keeping all the above-mentioned pointers in mind, I went through several brochures and websites. Finally decided that Forms will be a perfect choice. The reason I choose them was that Forms builders convinced me that “your dream home within your budget is our promise”. And it was worth my investment. They make sure that expenditure of buying a home is within your estimated budget. There are facilities like:

  • EMI based homes
    Where You can buy a home by paying the whole cost of your house in monthly installments.
  •  Area calculation
    we can calculate the area where we are planning to build our home and if you want to convert it into a villa you can calculate the conversion expense and pay the amount accordingly.
  • Home loan eligibility
    You can get homes if you have an eligible home loan. Preference is given to floating loan.

Another important factor is that Forms builders have expert architects and engineers who are best in creating beautiful homes. I was awestruck with their brilliance and their dedication towards customer satisfaction. All their homes are made by architects, engineers who have expertise in their field. They have the best architect designed villas at Thrissur.

Forms builders mainly focus on villas and they have different choices based on the preferences of the people like:

  • Luxury villas with a blend of luxury and comfort,
  • Premium villas that are ready to occupy,
  • Contemporary villas with all the facilities from good flooring to modular kitchen and
  • The Ultra modern villas with extra modern touch etc.

    Each type of villa is unique in terms of its design and construction. Their completed projects of villas in Thrissur have customized interiors and exteriors of homes according to customer preference. They are classy and elegant at the same time. Not all builders not even the best builders in Thrissur town assures you with both before and after move-in all the services like:

  • Repairs and maintenance needed for electrical connection, For example, if there is any faulty line that is interrupting your electrical services
  • Plumbing fixtures in your home like leak problems with the taps, Flush problem etc.
  • Other finishing items like installing new locks, install new switch plates and other devices.

But Forms builders ensures its customers with all these services and also periodical inspection of lifts etc.. Trust me I am more than satisfied with their move-in services. They also believe in making the client’s need as their priority. Their Housekeeping section provides clients with works like:

House cleaning

In case you’re planning to move in with your family and if the home is not clean you can call the housekeeping and inform them and they will make sure your house is cleaned.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Pest control

Mosquitos and bugs are found everywhere. But when it becomes nuisance calling for pest control is the best. If you have pest control nearby then it is a bonus.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


When you move in you make sure to check the plumbing of your home. But even then there can be a sudden stoppage of water flow through the pipe. You can call the housekeeping section and get your problem solved.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Electrical maintenance

Electricity is the one thing that you cannot take any risk. So if there is a slight electric problem make sure to rectify the maintenance by informing the service personnel.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur


If any furniture has to be repaired in your home you can call the housekeeping section and your carpentry work will be done.

Ready to Occupy Villas in Thrissur

Location of the villas is another aspect that Forms builders have given importance to. They have chosen places that are near to the town. Not too near the hustle and bustle of the city.  Also, the basic amenities like groceries, hospitals and educational institutions like schools and colleges are nearby.

Hence, In my opinion, when you are planning to buy your dream home choose the right builder. And I would like to recommend Forms builders because they have the best villas in Thrissur among all the other popular builders you can find. I can assure you that it be well worth your money and wait. So grab the opportunity of getting yourself a dream home for life.


independent villas in thrissur

Buying a home or building one can be stressful which is equivalent to your ideal budget. Kerala known for its beautiful and ideal locations for people to spend their vacations has become an optimum place for Real estate development. Thrissur, known as the land of pooram and cultural capital of Kerala has become one of the most sort after place amongst other places for all the premium builders to begin their real estate ventures.

<>independent villas in thrissur

Who is the best?

When it comes to choosing the right interior designer for decorating your home make sure that you consult with an expert as only a professional interior designer can help in knowing what needs to be added to each and every part of your home and how to beautify it more. Best builders in Thrissur town and their interior designers provide more client-oriented services by keeping in mind the opinions of their clients in designing the interior of the home.

Types of interior designing

There many types of interior designing. Here is a list of few interior designing styles:

Contemporary Interior designing in villas

The Contemporary style of designing the interior of a home is something which is constantly evolving and reflecting the latest trends in them. People go for the contemporary style of designing as they like to adapt to new trends rather than being stuck in the past. Contemporary villas at Thrissur is what more people prefer as they are constructed and designed to assure people that they are protected from climatic adversities like for instance floods.

independent villas in thrissur

Modern influence in interior designing of villas

By modern influence, we mean that the designs are inspired from the modern era when the interior of a home was designed in such a way that it made homes look more classy, elegant, and simple. Even today many villas in Thrissur have been inspired by modern designs and have incorporated them in their villas which make them unique and stylish. Using of pastel colors and adding tiny but grand details in the interior can make a home look one of a kind.

independent villas in thrissur

Interior designing in Luxury Villas

Anybody who prefers a palatial home with more space to move around and those who have enough financial source will opt for the luxury villas in Thrissur. Designing the interiors of a luxurious villa is huge task when compared to a normal home as there is lot space in every part of the house and it has to ensure that they cover all the parts of the home. You can use metallic elements and make your home look more classy. For instance, adding glass doors to your washrooms or any other part of your home to make them look fancier.

independent villas in thrissur

Monochromatic Interior decor

The Monochrome or monochromatic design is nothing but using of a single color palette in various shades. For example, if we use a pale shade of grey for our walls we can add a dark shade of grey on the cupboards to give it a contrast yet stylish look to the interior of our home.

independent villas in thrissur

2018 trends in Interior designing

Interior designing trends are going through a variety of changes. Perception of a beautiful home differs from person to person. In Thrissur and other places in Kerala, interior designing has evolved in the past few years and expectations of the people have changed from ancient royal designs to a fusion of ancient and latest designs together. But with climate situation being the top priority, people prefer more environment-friendly homes.

independent villas in thrissur

Go Green homes

In a time when adverse climatic conditions are huge concern among the people who are looking for homes builders and developers in Trichur are focussing on go green as their prime motto and as part of this initiative, they are developing homes surrounded with more greenery and nature-friendly. This applies to the interior of the home as well. List of  go green ideas that can be followed in the interior designing of a home :

independent villas in thrissur

Living area

The Living area is the part of your home where you would spend your morning time reading newspaper along with a hot cup of tea and also for watching tv in the nighttime. It is ideal to place few compact flower vases in the living area especially in the visible corner that makes your living area more rejuvenating and interesting. This will encourage people to spend more time in your living area.

independent villas in thrissur

Internal courtyard

Internal courtyard is not a recent trend in homes of Thrissur and other parts of Kerala but more of a common phenomenon. Since the time of the royal period, there used to be an internal courtyard in Nalukettu style. Now, most of the premium villas at Thrissur are recreating the famous Nalukettu style internal courtyards where you can laze around and enjoy a beautiful rainy day as people even now love nadumuttam or internal courtyards and spend most of their time there. Blending the nalukettu style internal courtyard with new designs the villa builders and developers give beautiful visual treats and at the same time real health goals.

independent villas in thrissur

Temperature controlling window screens

When you are planning to use window screens in your home use light colored screens which will help in controlling the room temperature and make your room, living area cool. Ready to occupy villas in Thrissur provide you with beautiful and nature-friendly homes.

independent villas in thrissur

Green Kitchen

After living room when you go towards the kitchen near its entrance you can keep mini herb vases which can be also used for daily cooking. You can also paint part of the kitchen with pastel shades of green which will make you feel fresh and also you will be able to cook your food more healthy.

independent villas in thrissur

Dining Area

Once you are done with Kitchen, focus on your dining area where you eat and serve food to your guests who come to your home. You can always place a herb bowl filled with mint to make people who come to the dining area including yourself feel soothing and lets you enjoy your food time.

independent villas in thrissur


No matter how hard you work and roam around elsewhere at the end of the day bedroom is the first place you want to be in just to have your own time and take a much-needed break from your daily routine. It would be ideal to have your bed facing the window so that your sleep will be peaceful. You can also add window screens to your room to make your room cool.

independent villas in thrissur


When somebody comes to your home to meet you after refreshments the first thing he or she asks is for the washroom and if you have kept your washroom neat and also have added some extra bit of finishing touches like orchids on the windowsill will make your bathroom more nature-friendly. Next time you buy a home make sure to keep these pointers in mind and make your home a wonder world.

independent villas in thrissur

Hence many ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur are competing themselves by providing customers with its best-designed homes and encouraging more and more people to buy homes from them. They provide customized interior designs based on the preferences of the client and in coming years more builders and developers will showcase their creativity in their craftsmanship and use new designing technology and transform interior designing into the next level.


builders and developers in thrissur

The busy lifestyle is what we all go through today. Starting a week will be mostly clean but this starts fading as the days elapsed. Getting to the middle of the week you will get to know that you haven’t put away your dry cleaning clothes or you haven’t folded your laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, clean ones in the dishwasher, stack of mail in the hallway, fresh laundry on the bed etc.

<>builders and developers in thrissur

builders and developers in thrissur

By the end of the week, your house will become a full-blown disaster zone. This works a cycle in every week every month. Keep scrolling to our blog to keep yourself free from spending precious weekend tidying up and to transform the state of your home permanently.


builders and developers in thrissur

In The Morning

  • The first step to do in the morning is to make the bed as soon as you get up, making it harder to crawl back into the bed. This will help to kick-start your productivity levels.
  • People in premium properties in Thrissur clean the web side table every morning. If you are placing the wipe beside the table you can make a quick wipe as fast you take the phone from the table. This reduces your work on the weekend.
  • Clean your washroom after your use every morning.
  • Curtains should be cleaned occasionally. Thrissur villa projects clean the curtains to prevent the dull look. Curtains get dull soon so to avoid this you should better clean them. Vacuuming takes a lot of time so it is advised to prefer machine washable curtains for your interiors. This will earn more time for you.

At Night

  • Rehang the dress immediately you wore without throwing them on a chair. If done so they can be worn again before sending to the laundry. Keep the dress to send for laundry and the dry clean dresses separately.
  • Set a laundry basket for each and every person in your house. Because one basket won’t be enough for everyone. Villas in Thrissur keep an extra one in case you want to separate the white ones.
  • As soon you get home in the evening give first preference to wash so that you will have enough time to dry and fold the clothes. Never take unfolded clothes to your bedroom. Don’t allow unfolded laundry for your bedroom. As soon as the drying cycle is done to keep the area near your dryer.


builders and developers in thrissur

In The Morning

  • After taking each shower spray it with a cleaner. Quick clean daily is possible for a shower to let it rinse out.
  • Make sure you hang towels on bars and dresses are on hooks ensuring that your place is clean. Air dry your towel properly making them reuse for two-three times. By providing a dedicated hook for a dress in the bathroom, Trichur builders will make your space feel like a hotel room.
  • For placing towels make a laundry hamper in the bathroom. Don’t leave towels on the floor.

At Night

  • Clear the disorders of the surface. If you are getting busy in the mornings then make a point at night to put away every product that is to be used in the morning.
  • Toilets should be clean in the nighttime itself. The time you take to brush or wash your face is same needed to give a quick scrub to your toilet. A wipe can be used to clean the seat. An everyday routine will help you to keep your toilet in between deep cleans.
  • Completing your beauty routine give your bathroom countertops a quick wipe every night. Ongoing and new villa projects in Trichur make this process seamless by keeping cleaning products in your vanity itself.


builders and developers in thrissur

In The Morning

  • While you mix your coffee empty the dishwasher. Never pile up your plates in the sink after finishing your meals. Arrange the plates ready for next use after each usage.
  • If you notice a splash anywhere clear it at the moment. It is advised to clear it in the morning itself because tiny spills or splashes are more visible in daylight.
  • Luxury villas in Thrissur make the habit of swapping out your dish towel. Change your dish towels before it turns pale. Make a habit of swapping the new one in the morning and tossing the old ones in the laundry basket.

At Night

  • Two types of cooks in this world are those who clean while they cook and those don’t. It is advised to clean when they cook. Before you start cooking make sure you clean your side where you did the preparation works. Also, clean the utensils used for cooking before sit down to eat.
  • Don’t leave the utensils until night. Do it at the very right moment. Never fill the sink and wait to start dishwashing at the night.
  • Countertops and cooking surfaces should be wiped regularly. Stove, microwave,  and kitchen accessories should be cleaned every day before you go to bed.


builders and developers in thrissur

In The Morning

  • Thrissur villas keep baskets in each and every room. A quick walk-through of each space once a day will make your space neat and tidy. If you have responsible authorities collecting wastes from your home then keep the baskets next to your door when you leave and placing the basket to their initial place should be the first job when you entered your home.
  • Don’t mash up the things of downstairs and upstairs. Especially take care of kids, they have the tendency to carry everything here and there. They will mess up the with things on the floor.

At Night

  • During commercial breaks clean down your coffee table and side tables. Make enough time to clean your coffee table in your living rooms.
  • After you turn off your TV fluff your pillows. Fluff your pillows after each use doesn’t leave them deflated.
  • If you are a couple with tiny tots, then give them extra care. They may not be washing their hands after taking meals and they will rub their hands on walls and every place in your home. This will make your home look ugly. To avoid this make sure that your kids wash their hands properly after having their food.


builders and developers in thrissur

In The Morning

  • Keep everything in place. Disorders will affect the complete look of a house. Bags, keys, coat etc should be placed in their proper position itself. Builders in Thrissur suggests that organizing everything in its proper place will make you easy to get out of the door.
  • Recycle the wastes in a proper manner. Doing it in alternate days will prevent the habit of piling up the wastes in the home.
  • If you have pets, then clean your pets regularly instead of doing it once a week. It will help to eliminate the hair bunnies from your house. Brush and clean them regularly.

At Night

  • A mail divider should be provided in the entrance of the houses in Thrissur. So that when you get into your house you can drop your mail in and also after paying the bills you can empty the emails once a week. Most emails can wait for a few days so you can arrange them in such a way in one spot and address it in bulk. It’s better to go paperless and scan everything.  
  • Launder everything immediately and store workout gear. Don’t allow your gym bags to hang around, keep them safe in a place. Dirty clothes should be sorted properly and the rest should be stored away.


new premium villas in thrissur

new premium villas in thrissur

Home is a place where every member lives in harmony. Home is the best place to get relaxed. So it is our duty to make it as much comfortable as possible. Rooms and facilities inside the house will truly depend upon your comfort level and the budget planning. Depending upon the style and year of your home, your home may contain a display of different rooms. Depending upon the space of each room the function will vary. The number of rooms is not the same for all residences. The type of the room will determine how each room should be used for. Here are some rooms that are seen normally in every Thrissur villa projects.

<>new premium villas in thrissur

new premium villas in thrissur


The bedroom is a must in every home. The bedroom is the most private place in a house. Not only it is the place to keep bed. Our clothing plus other items are placed in a private room like a bedroom. Also, all private documents, as well as gold etc, will be safely stored in a place like a bedroom. Nowadays bedrooms are the home to a television and also provide a sitting area depending upon the size of the room.

new premium villas in thrissur

Living Room

Living room or a sitting room is a place meant for relaxing. If it is positioned near the main entrance at the front of the house it is also known as the front room. In best villas in Thrissur, it is a small private area adjacent to the bedroom. Even though a living room can serve a number of function it is used for the entertaining the visitors. A typical living room contains furnishings such as sofas, tables etc.

new premium villas in thrissur

Family Room

The family room is also known as the den. It is visible in almost every home. Entertainment equipment and seating arrangements are the key elements of this kind of room. This provides a space for the family members to gather together for talking, reading, watching TV etc. A family room is an all-purpose room in every home. Generally, villa builders in Thrissur attach family rooms to the kitchens. This room usually contains toys, tools, cupboards. A family room, living room, and a recreation room can be classified on the basis of function, location, and design. Both in function and furnishing the family room is less formal and is placed away from the main entrance. The formal living room is reserved for guests, display of items like artwork, antiques or for special occasions. Situated in the basement area of the house the recreation room is used for games and playtime.

new premium villas in thrissur


The kitchen was a hidden place of the home in olden days. It was just a place considered to prepare meals for family members. Stove, sink, refrigerator, worktops and kitchen cabinets are some of the elements arranged in the kitchen. Now kitchens are the place where every family members join and sit together with full family. Kitchens are made spacious by developers in Trichur for providing space to incorporate every family members. Tables are also placed in the kitchen to create a seating arrangement for having food. Cooking and storing food items is the main function of the kitchen. In terms of religious aspects, some prefer to build the kitchen on the basis of Vastu Shastra.

new premium villas in thrissur

Dining Room

A dining room is a place where we consume food. In modern times people fix the dining room near to the kitchen making it easy to serve the food. The dining table and the dining room will be arranged according to the number of members in the family. For the nuclear family, small round shaped table with considerable chairs is prefered whereas a joint family prefer a long rectangular figured table with equalising chairs. Formal dining rooms incorporate decorative light fixtures centred over the table.

new premium villas in thrissur

Laundry Room

Here we wash and dry our clothes. In older homes, a typical laundry room is seen in the basement of the house. But in modern houses, the laundry room is found on the main floor or second floor or else in the upstairs near to the bedroom. This is done for the convenience of the family members allowing for easy laundry completion. A washing machine, clothes dryer, laundry tub etc are a few types of equipment placed in the laundry room.


This is seen in new premium villas in Thrissur. A mudroom is a home’s second entrance. Even a small mudroom can help the home in many ways. It overall enhances the cleanliness of the home. It is a hardworking space. This room will be seen between the back door and the interior of the home. Messy outwears are placed and stored in this area. To maximize the space hooks can be placed in multiple rows on the walls. The dirty clothes for laundry can be thrown to this area so that it won’t affect the beauty of the entire house.

new premium villas in thrissur


The number of the bathroom will depend upon the size of the house. One, two, three, or four a home may have the number of bathrooms as per the house budget and the size. Old homes share only one bathroom that should be shared by all residents of the house. But today all newer homes possess at least two bathrooms in a house. This can be made in different patterns. Some houses in Thrissur incorporate a toilet as well as a bath in a bathroom whereas some prefer toilet and bath in separate rooms. In olden days toilets are placed outside the house but now for the convenience of the people, they placed inside the house and also inside the bedrooms.

new premium villas in thrissur

Study Room

This room is meant for students who are going o school or colleges mainly used to complete their paper works, projects, studies, computer work, reading etc. Later spare bedrooms were taken as a study room as per the spot requirement but for ultra modern villas in Thrissur have rooms specifically designated as a study.

Kids Bedroom

If you have enough money then find some space for your tiny tots. Kids are the gifts of God. Treat them with the best facilities. A bedroom designed especially for kids will look great in every aspect.

We, FORMS builders one of the best builders in Thrissur are the complete solution provider in the building industry. In every phase of construction, we ensure environment friendliness. Forms Lavender, Forms Eternia, Forms Oakwood, Forms Ebony wood, Forms green court, Forms park, Forms Imperial Villas, Forms Emerald, Forms garden etc are the Ongoing and New Villa Projects in Thrissur. We provide the home you had dreamed off. Our interior designers provide a versatile range of options for your home interiors. We help to transform your house into a fine living environment. We claim to work together as a team to ensure success. Our sales services ensure complete repairs and maintenance like plumbing, electrical, finishing items etc that perfectly suits your home. Periodical inspection of lifts, firefighting equipment responsibilities too is sometimes taken by our sales service team. Until the resident’s associations take over they see to the upkeep of the premises and all amenities. We also undertake home care services ensuring a complete support to our customers. Our Home care services include house cleaning, pest control, plumbing, electrical maintenance, carpentry and masonry works, electric bills, telephone bills, association dues, property tax, cable bills, internet bills etc. we make you free from all hustles and provide you with a standard luxury living standard.


ultra modern villas in thrissur

Year dot kitchens was a private space meant only for ladies. It was positioned at the back of the house where meals are prepared, dirty plates are washed etc. but in 2018 the kitchen has a much different role. Today, the kitchen is the one and only one place that brings every member of the house together. A day start and in the kitchen. This is the focal point of the home. At the very center of the house, the kitchen is flaunted. Modern technologies and social dynamics had contributed greatly to the emergence of the modern kitchen. The bigger kitchen can incorporate every member of the house in a comfortable way. Here is the list of top kitchen modern designs we expect to see in 2018 and continue afterward.

<>ultra modern villas in thrissur

Mix And Match Finishes

ultra modern villas in thrissur

According to the houses in Thrissur, the days of monochromatic kitchens had gone far behind us. 2018 is all about mixing and matching colors. Same texture and pattern are not seen anywhere now. Multiple colors in the kitchen have become a popular trend for homes in Thrissur. For example, painting walls in creamy off-white tone and dark charcoal tone are something seen more today.

All-violet Everything

ultra modern villas in thrissur

Ultra Modern villas images in Trichur shows ultraviolet as the color of the year shaping to a major trend in every aspect. Bold colors like ultraviolet are used more in 2018. This emits a feeling of opulence and elegance.

Effective Storage Solution

The unnecessary waste of space is the biggest vexations with kitchen cabinetry. The way in which the drawers and shelves are structured will leave a lot of wasted space. Organizing the space according to the need is the most important fact. Kitchen storage is the functional foundation of the kitchen. You will be faced with discouragements if it is ineffective. Developers in Trichur found better solutions within the cabinetry. Appliances include pull-outs for spices, drawer dividers for utensils, roll-out trays for pots and pans, wastebasket cabinets for garbage. New kitchen storage options are seen in 2018 focusing on daily lives making it more effortless and cooking more fun.

High Contrast Marble

ultra modern villas in thrissur

Ultra modern villas in Thrissur prefer high contrast bold veining marble to make it more attractive. It is perfect to create intense drama. These marble countertops will remain stronger or years to come.

Wood Counters

ultra modern villas in thrissur

These are yet another trend in 2018. Wood counters will add warmth to the kitchen supplementing old-world charm and a less realistic esthetic. These will bring an effect of furniture that usually enhances an area which looks like an area just a place to cook.

Dark Countertops

For new premium villas in Thrissur, dark countertops are the order of the day. Thrissur villa projects are fascinated with slate tiles that come in dark green, black, and multi-colored rust tones. Combining textures like the basal slate is the most popular design of 2018.

Blue And Green Cabinetry

ultra modern villas in thrissur

This creates moody ocean-inspired shades. Blue and green were the favorite choice for cabinetry in 2017. To bring a modern trendy approach they are mixed with different colors.

Combining Rustic And Modern Trend

ultra modern villas in thrissur

Best villas in Thrissur play ardent, pastoral finishes like lustreless brass and silver sinter off clean, modern stainless steel. It looks marvelous when the natural stone is used in a honed finish.

Instant Pots

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t done yet. Multi-use cooker can be used to cut down the working time. It can be used for everything from whipping up chicken alfredo to cheesecake. Like this product will not only reduce the workload and working time but also provide enough space in the kitchen. Three in one or four in one appliance will be great in every year to come.

Transformative Taps

Hiding modest outlets are the innovative techniques used to transform plain water into sparkling water. It even looks like a perfectly brewed cafe. Variety of taps will bring change to the kitchen. Every little changes will finally bring effect to the total kitchen.

Green Silestone

Similar to outdoor features tiny kitchens are adorned beautifully with greens. Bringing a sense of greenery to your kitchen creates a pleasing effect with eco-friendly concepts. Under the smoke and kitchen smells you will feel relaxed on absorbing the fresh air from the green plants.

Pet-Friendly Spaces In Kitchen

ultra modern villas in thrissur

If you are a careless person kitchen can be little risky for pets and tiny tots. Majority people will ensure different ways to babyproof the cooking area. But they won’t think much about pets. 2018 brought some great ideas for pet-friendly kitchen. Flooring pattern should be incorporated into pet-friendly space. The feeding station is a great idea. This should be set up in a corner where you can include everything necessary for a pet to survive. Best builders in Thrissur design a doggy bed for your dog, slide at the room corner fro cat etc are some of the ideas to make your home pet-friendly if you have extra money to spend.

Single Level Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

No longer kitchen islands are considered something small to crush into space. Now, they are the focal points of the kitchen also known as the hub of the kitchen. Since we are familiar with less wall cabinet space single level larger sizing serving multiple use are seeing everywhere in kitchen design.

Builders and developers in Thrissur make kitchen trends the jack of all trades. The specialty of this is along with the storage solution cabinets the upper part of it can be used as a casual dining or drinking bar. Now, it’s a trend to extend the kitchen island to the living space with open plan designs. As it is multi-functional this method will provide more space in the kitchen without jumping up space in the kitchen.  

New Style And New Preferences

Gray-toned appliances in a dark brushed metal finish are the hottest trend we are seeing for 2018. In market stainless steel remains over some time so it not surprising when a different finish come into existence. In fact, villa builders in Thrissur comment homeowners are ready to experiment with a wider range of tones around the kitchen these days. Dashing colors have been implemented to various equipment other than all-white applications with separate single wall ovens. This is more expensive than commercial ranges and even take up more space. Homeowners just want relaxation from more and more common commercial range look but aesthetics is the major issue faced here. French door wall oven is good to use if you are limited on aisle space. Not only stylish appearance but also this Bluetooth equipped oven can be controlled from your smartphone.

Hope this blog makes you aware of various kitchen trends of 2018. We will come up with the flooring concept adopted in homes for making it pet-friendly. Stay focus on our blogs and update your knowledge about the changing concepts of the trendy world. We, Forms builders ensure the ever best designs and construction methods at an ideal cost. Feel free to contact us for further information. We are indeed to raise a hand for you at any time. Connect us at our official website or drop us a message on 9847033279.ances. Commercial range equipment is fading nowadays.


luxury villas in thrissur

“A home is where one starts from” everyone wants to have a house they wish for, house with the best facilities available and the best materials used to create a new villa project in Thrissur.

<>luxury villas in thrissur

Ready to occupy villas in Thrissur are available in the market, Thrissur real estate has boosted up these days that there is much property for sale in Thrissur. The construction of these new villas, flats, and properties have attracted more buyers.

With these many buyers in the market, one cannot just simply build same kinds of villas around the area, even though if all the villas have luxury products and modern technologies still either the budget or the design may not suit the same to all the individuals. So associated with the taste and preference of other individuals, one must construct a villa.

Best villas in Thrissur offer you many facilities, to have a beautiful house and a much better family time. A unique house with all the quality facilities and well maintained are the factors that determine if your house is actually your dream house or not.

The following is the top 9 Qualities of an ideal villa:

1) Well Ventilated

luxury villas in thrissur

The more ventilated office will provides much airflow inside your house. Fresh air can provide you with a better chance with a cool and excellent ambiance, problems like suffocation or eat will not exist. Today, the air inside is more polluted than air outside. Therefore a good ventilation system will help to expel pollutants, bacteria, moisture, and foul whiffs such as body odour. A good ventilation will help to reduce the risk caused by condensation. If your indoors are paired with bad ventilation then you are in a danger to cause allergies, headaches, asthma, rashes, and sinusitis. This all health issues can be regulated with the help of a good ventilation system. Ready to move villas in Thrissur take proper care for ventilation facilities. It is advisable to have well-ventilated rooms in the home as well as the workplace.

2) Ergonomic Design

luxury villas in thrissur

Ask your architecture to provide you with an ergonomic design because overall design is the most important aspect to be noticed if you are planning to buy a ready to occupy villa in Thrissur. By having a well planned ergonomic design in terms of landscaping, architecture, interior design, furnishing etc contemporary designed villas in Thrissur would be spacious and will look huge, this will build an overall atmosphere and experience of living in luxury villas in Thrissur. Make sure to appoint an experienced architecture, so that you get an exact and well-planned work. Our Trichur luxury villas are truly a display to behold with a singular character expressing itself in the overall pleasing structure.

3) Quality Proof Material

A quality proof material can provide you with a better chance, to have a suitable and durable house. If you use a cheap quality material for your house eventually your house may start breaking and look pale after a period of time. By using more quality materials you can have a better chance to have a really durable house for a long time. It will stand tall for a much longer period with the same quality as before.

4) 10-12 Feet Tall Roof

Nowadays all the house have a roof height of 10-12 feet. If you have a house with the roof height of 10-12 feet, your house will look adequate. Lesser than 10 feet your house may look small and if it’s more than 12 than it will look over capacious. Other than its outfit features, tall roofs are good in considering natural systems like prevention of overheating, remove stale air etc.

5) Spacious Living Room.

luxury villas in thrissur

In most houses in Trichur living room is at the heart. Having a spacious living room can provide you with a better chance to accommodate your sofa set and your dining table. Not only furnishings but also living rooms are the open space to accommodate your guests and the place to spend time with the family. Having a spacious living room can provide you with a beautiful look for your house. A living room should be spacious clean and tidy, as it would be the first room your guests would see.

6) Kitchen

Make sure you have a spacious kitchen to accommodate all your vessels, accessories, utensils and other kitchen appliances. As the kitchen is a place to bake and make all those delicious food, so if you have a full packed kitchen with a little space it won’t help you or provide you with a good ambiance. In today’s world, everyone’s day starts and ends within the kitchen, so it is necessary to make it even larger for smooth goings. Builders in Thrissur highly concentrate on kitchen plans because it is well notified by the customers especially women.

7) Quality Fitting And Maintenance

luxury villas in thrissur

You can use a quality fitting tile, bricks, slab, and many other options if you wish. If you use quality fitting for your house, there are fewer chances for those products to pop out or get loose which provides you with a professional finishing and better durability. The standard of maintenance is the most concern of the best villa builders in Trichur. Forms builders thoroughly understand the commitment of time, energy and funds which it takes to maintain luxury villas in Thrissur.

8) Location

With all the above facilities satisfying villa may appear dull due to lack of quality location. Majority of customers are looking for a calm and peaceful environment to stay and rest comfortably whenever they want. If you have a well-packed pocket then it is advisable to choose a location near peaceful and beautiful rice fields, on elevated mountain areas, near beaches, and coastlines, the area nearly on a hillside or cliff side.

9) Staff & services

Without a qualified and dedicated staff to run the facilities a luxury villa is not true luxury. This is necessary to create the environment effortless relaxation which is the hallmark of a good guest experience. Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur is staffed with housekeepers and maids, chefs, villa manager, handymen and landscapers, securities, drivers, fitness trainers, spa therapists etc. The staff must be devoted to the care and the satisfaction of the guests to avail the best possible stay. The staffs must be friendly and personable in communication to the guests and assiduous in their work. They should communicate well with the guests in their preferred language or in common language English.

Forms builders are the ultimate solution provider in the building industry who maintain uniformity and constant improvement in quality. With higher environment friendliness in construction for houses in Thrissur, we ensure higher value for money for the customers. Our mission is to provide quality beyond the expectation of our customer. Thrissur is well famous for Thrissur Pooram, owning a land or villa in the land of Thrissur make you celebrate each and every moment of your life. With an experience of over 25 rewarding years our incomparable works. Our high-quality material clinging to the time frame is the proven formula of our reputation. Refer this blog in detail if you are planning to buy a villa in the God’s own country, Kerala.

How To Choose Right Curtain For Your House?

Best Builders in Thrissur

When it comes to curtains there are so many options you can select with like fabrics, finishes, colours, curtain rods etc. curtains are often cheap, making it easy to get the right ones for your rooms and space. It won’t much issue in replacing it if it doesn’t function well. Rather than windows curtains had evolved into other types of interiors too. Now, curtains have become an essential part of your interiors. Rod for the curtain is equally important. If a light rod is chosen for heavy curtain it has the possibility of falling down. It is quite necessary to have a stronger rod or pole for a heavy curtain. A variety of ready-made or curtain cloth material is available in the market. By adding your own decorative ideas you can stitch the curtain according to the required size.

<>Best Builders in Thrissur

Complement your kitchen, bedroom, front yard, and balcony providing an eye catchy look. You must sound a little knowledge of interiors to choose the right curtain design for your interiors. With the approach of technology, all the latest designs and curtain trends are available on the internet. You can easily choose your curtains while sitting at home no need to run here and the for your product. If you are a creative person you can make curtains by combining a few curtains this will bring uniqueness to your product. To give altogether a new look some curtains are stitched from the leftover fabrics of various designs. Now, check in detail with the various modern curtain designs you can select for your house.


Pinch Pleated Curtains

Even though it gives formal finish than rod pocket or standard gathering they give the curtains a decorative finish at the top. They work with most fabric types. There are five types of pinch pleats, they are two finger pleats, three finger pleats, four finger pleats, and five finger pleats. As the size and fullness of the pleat increases, and so the fabric and cost to make the curtains also increases.

Best Builders in Thrissur

Hanging Curtains

Hanging needs are different for different curtains. Curtains like box pleat or cased heading include curtain tape which runs along on a track whereas curtains with loops, tabs, or rings need to hang on a curtain rod. The length of curtains will make a big difference in building a formal or informal look. Curtains longer than windows will pool on the ground this is known as puddling. This creates a formal and grand look when done properly for architect designed villas at Thrissur. To create a crisp and tidy appearance curtain can be hung to a few centimeters above the ground. Windows will look even larger when you hang curtains above the ground.

Pelmets and Valances

These types are a decorative framework at the top of window casings used to conceal the curtain fixtures. They are a box and flat like in shape. They are made from the clipboard and covered in a decorative fabric. They are used when you hang multiple layers of curtain rods. Valances and pelmets are made purposely for the same principle for new premium villas in Trichur but valances are much softer in appearance with a gathered heading.

Best Builders in Thrissur

Rod Pocket Curtain

Normally squeezed stitching like the pocket is done at the top of the curtain. This is done with dual colour. A light shade floral designs and a dark shade will be apt for these types. Thick and long fabrics are chosen by contemporary designed villas in Thrissur for this types to prevent the direct sunlight.

Eyelet Curtain

This type of curtain seems to be elegant and sophisticated. A coloured lining is present at the top of the curtain and the rest of the portion will be plain or else the whole curtain will be completely plain with some dark colours. This type of curtains includes a silver ring at the header that the rod weaves through and it is ideal for light to medium weight fabrics. As kids bedrooms are easy to open, close and easy to maintain this kind of curtains are much suitable for them. They are the best option for the bedrooms of ultra modern modern villas at Trichur as their no-fuss design is very contemporary.

Tab Top Curtain Style

Tab top curtains are similar to eyelet curtains, they too have fabric loops on the top. They can only be hung on a wall. As they hang evenly and have a repetitive folded appearance they are suitable for all weights. As its top is rolled over and is tabbed with a button in front, that is why the name tab top. Usually, the majority of this type of curtain will be plain. Being simple in appearance it delivers a sober look.

Sheer Curtain

This type of curtain allows a little privacy while still filtering in light. Ongoing and completed villas in Thrissur hung these as secondary curtains. That means there will be two curtains, the primary curtain can be used to block the light. The sheer will allow light still minimizing visibility into the room. It often has a tab top design but can be custom made into other curtain styles. When the curtain top is encased in the pelmet sheer can be made more formal. It is suitable for almost every room.

Modern Custom Curtain

They generally reflect modern designs and are considered in ultra modern villas at Thrissur. Pinching pattern, half-open type etc are a few modern types commonly used. There are lots of modern curtains types available in the market. Eco-friendly materials are used for modern curtains. Bold patterns with abstract elements are very popular. Modern designs can create a powerful impact on rooms depending on the style of the room.

Strip Curtain

This is a new trend for homes in Thrissur for 2018. This emerging curtain trend has a great dependence on the future. With a mix of multiple colours, this kind of curtains allows light to enter into the rooms. This colourful type curtains no doubt will surely have high demand in the future.

Transparent Curtain

As the name suggests it is a rational curtain pattern having transparent nature. With light shade floral designs or some other designs, this transparent curtains deliver powerful and impressive effect overall.

Metallic Curtain

With metallic foil of silver and golden attraction, this kind of curtain is used mainly in parties to attract the attention of the crowd. Its shining gives a new life to the whole room. Sometimes glowing bulbs are added to the top of the curtains to make more shining.

Crocheted Flower Curtain

This is an uncommon type curtain pattern which is used very rarely. It is a unique concept. In white or some other rods colourful flowers may be attached together to bring the floral beauty for villas in Kerala.

Multicoloured Curtains

Multicolour curtains are very popular nowadays in many houses in Thrissur. These curtains can add spice to the balcony areas. These are astonishing and eye catchy trends which can snatch your heart. Dark and light combinations will be perfect for multi coloured types.

Shower Curtains

Basically, for private areas, this sort of curtains are used. This will completely cover up the area of the shower. Beautiful scenery images can be chosen for this purpose. Fill the showering area of the bathroom in your home with such curtains to bring a totally unique attire.

Forms builders are the best builders in Thrissur you can blindly depend upon. Get suggestions and feel to contact at any time for your construction or design purposes.

How To Choose A Good Sofa For Your Villa

architect designed villas in trichur

Sofas are the essential part of all living rooms. No house won’t be there without a single sofa. Sofas should be chosen first before all decorations. Decorations can be made around the pattern matching with sofa. As inspiration for a room showpiece sofa in a vibrant luxury fabric. A colourful sofa is the focal point of the room.

<>architect designed villas in trichur

Beautiful ongoing flats in Thrissur favours sofa matching the wall to unify the room and make the room look larger. This has become a creative idea for a harmonious colour scheme. But this is actually not much favourable. Because if you are buying a sofa considering the wall then changing wall colour in future could be complicated. Choosing any other decor will be beneficial in the case of selecting a sofa. This is the major reason why neutral sofa colours are the most popular in most homes

The most common approach is to choose a sofa that complements the other decor and is not the centre of attention nor camouflaged into the wall colour. This is why neutral sofa colours are the most popular in most homes in Thrissur.

architect designed villas in trichur

Which colour is best for your sofa?

After deciding the colour, next plan is to decide the theme that is light or dark. A right sofa colour has a big effect on the floor. Traditionally sofa is large and most fabric they have the ability to absorb light. It can even make the room considerably darken. A dark sofa in a dark room will disappear into the room. Villas in Kerala provides a metal or light wood legs to create visual space between the sofa and the floor. Or using lighter rugs under the front of sofas can separate the dark colours and make the sofa colour pop. For kids and pets, light sofas are a perfect choice and washable slipcovers are a stylish compromise for such sofas.

As sofa trends change over the years neutral sofas are easy to decorate around. Beige, taupe, cream, and grey are the common options for neutral sofa fabrics. Without adding new colours a textured beige fabric with flecks of monochromatic colour can create interest among sofas in Thrissur villa projects. Grey colour is considered as sophisticated, comfortable, cool or crisp. With stylish and attractive pattern neutral sofas quietly complement all other decors.

architect designed villas in trichur

How to add finishing touch to your sofa?

Don’t feel obligated to purchase a matching love seat when you buy a new sofa. A set of upholstered chairs are best to compliment the new sofa. A set of chairs give more opportunities to add colour from your colour palette and more options for furniture placement. When coordinating new sofa with your room decor Thrissur villas always emphasize pillows and throws as the finishes.

Types Of Sofas

# Sectional Sofa

It is a multi-piece sofa with three or five pieces arranged in a number of configurations. Due to the rapid growth of sectionals there are many styles, designs and materials to choose from. Some are large while some are small which fix large and small rooms as well. L-shape and U-shape are the two common configurations preferred by Thrissur builders in sectional sofas.

History of the sectional sofa

In the 1950’s the sectional sofa became popular and evolved into its present form and in the arrival of mid-century furniture design, the sectionals were built in the Victorian era. The sofas in the early Victorian era were primitive that is pushed to form a larger sofa.

# Chesterfield

It is known for quilted or tufted style. Only on the back and arms, some have tufted with designs while others include it on the seating bench section as well. With current sofa trends homes in Thrissur continues to be a popular style nowadays.

Origin of the Chesterfield

It is believed to be a sofa licensed by Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the 18th century.

# Lawson-style sofa

Comprised of pillows separate from the frame its signature design element sofa style is designed for comfort. To create softer and more cushioned sofa with large cushions are the reasons why luxury villas in Thrissur use this design. Recently it is a popular sofa design available in varying sizes, shapes, and colours. This has the technology to move the large pillows around for ultimate comfort.

History of the Lawson Sofa

This is relatively a new design created for financier Thomas W. Lawson in the early 20th century.He later designed a sofa that was modern in design and comfortable.

# Mid-Century modern

Since 1940 mid-century modern furniture ruled supreme. Now it is making a come back and seems that it will stay as it has now passed the test of time. This style is all about minimalist design and clean lines. This is good looking and provides a more comfortable way of sitting. When coupled with right home decor it will look fabulous.

# Contemporary Mid-century Modern Sofa

The term modern sofas are the common term used to refer to contemporary mid-century modern furniture. Mid-century modern furniture is different from contemporary furniture. Contemporary is based on a particular design style used for the current furniture like contemporary camelback or contemporary chesterfield.

# English Sofa

In relation to a high back, the English sofa is known for low arms. It is cushioned all over including arms with tight upholstery. So low as to appear to be armless some English rolled arm sofas have arms.

# Bridgewater Sofa

Comfortable and casual is what a Bridgewater is. The arms are lower than the sofa back and are slightly rolled to the side. This style fits for most features of the room and is seldom going to be the standout feature of the room.

# Camelback

The camelback sofas descend in a continuous line into the arms of the sofa. Designs are also provided with two arches on the back. This is also recognized for exposed wood legs and also exposed wood on top of the back and arms. Contemporary camelback sofa designs are more comfortable.

# Cabriole

With continuous design element, the arms of Cabriole sofa are often curved inward creating a long line from arm to arm. These sofas are more often substitute ornate for more comfortable features such as more cushion throughout. They are known for an exposed wood trim along the top of the back and arms. Contemporary cabriole sofas in the classic cabriole design without the wood trim are also available in the market.

# Chaise Lounge

They are still popular in today’s massive master bedroom suites. As it found as a patio furniture item typically found poolside the chaise lounge is extremely popular.

# Sleeper Sofas

Ranging from pull-outs to futons to daybeds there are many sleeper style sofas. Different categories of sleeper sofas are:

Pull-Out Sofa Bed

pull out sofa bed is the most popular form of the sleeper sofa. They are readily improved from twenty years ago. These well-designed beds of houses in Trichur offers a great sleeping solution for guests.
The speciality of this sofa is that the sofa back remains upright while the sleeping surface folds under the belly of the sofa from where it is stored and pulled out.


It is a sofa/bed combo. To create a large, flat, cushioned sleeping surface the back of the sofa can be folded downward. It is the couch made up of pieces that rearrange into a large flat sleeping surface with mattress comprised of the sofa cushion.

Convertible Sofa

A convertible sofa doesn’t have a mattress. Depending on the quality of a mattress this makes more comfortable than a pull-out bed.

Day Bed

Daybed can be a great place to kick your feet up for a nap. It looks similar to a chaise lounge except the daybed has backs on each side. The only drawback is that they don’t accommodate tall people unless you don’t mind resting your legs elevated.

Bunk Bed Sleeper

This is not a common sofa design it is a clan to a concept of sofa. For most houses in Thrissur, kids love this mostly because they love heights as well as anything that transforms. It is a great solution for cabins and vacation homes and also where extra sleeping accommodations are needed for kids.